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A crime with no criminal

Te said the dispositive portion of the ruling did not mention anything about liabilities of the government officials involved in the DAP.

So sayeth GMA news. And with reports coming out that this decision is supposed to apply only proactively, I guess that means we have another crime with no criminal.

So also said the anti-GMA luddites about the Ombudsman’s decision not to prosecute anyone for the fiasco that was the 2004 automated elections project.

It’s pretty funny because a lot of those luddites now bask in the glow of the yellow sun. It’ll be interesting to see the pretzels they twist themselves into in trying to explain why this decision of the SC now is acceptable, while that of the Ombudsman back then wasn’t.

It should be doubly interesting because now, what’s at stake is actually a constitutional issue. With the voting machines in 2004, it was really just about the COMELEC buying machines and the retarded opinion that it would herald the end of the world.




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Comelec sucking Dick’s carrot

A joint congressional committee can suspend the operation of a law? What the FUCK is that? Since when has a small committee (made up of no more than fifteen people) had the power to practically overturn the wisdom of the entire Congress (more than 200 worthies and not-so-worthies) and in effect say ‘don’t worry. we’ll let you break the law.’

I understand that ole’ blue-boy-dick is desperate to have the elections automated, but COME ON. He’s willing to sanction violating the law for that? Well, the truth is, he won’t be breaking the law himself. He – and his cohorts in the Joint Congressional Oversight Committee – managed to bully the Comelec into doing that, so I suppose that explains alot of things. And those morons at the Comelec let him do it. What a bunch of sissies!

And automation isn’t even worth all this trouble. Seriously.

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Automated Elections

Well hell. It looks like the Comelec is finally getting off it’s butt.

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