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Heart Evangelista’s tits


Now that Heart Evangelista has gotten herself engaged to perpetual man-child Chiz (even his nickname is lost in a timewarp) Escudero, the chances of the rest of humanity ever seeing her tits have plummeted to almost zero. Such a shame, considering how seemingly well formed her chestal assets are.


Oh well.



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Let the bosses speak up then

The limitations on the term of the President of the Republic of the Philippines are enshrined in the 1987 Constitution as a repudiation by the Filipino people of the idea that no President is so good that he should not be replaced when his term ends.

This is important because the mandatory replacement of Presidents after six years protects the Filipino nation from the depredations of would be tyrants. It ensures that the font of leadership is continuously refreshed and therefore kept clean, reasonably free from the taint of vested interests and despotism, no matter how benign it may seem at the moment.

To eliminate those term limitations, while it may permit a good President to seek a fresh mandate, would be to render the nation vulnerable to whims and caprices of a bad President in the event that such a one ever manages to occupy the highest public office. In essence, therefore, eliminating those limitations is tantamount to sacrificing long-term security for the mere possibility that the present occupant might do more good, and banking on the hope that he won’t eventually turn bad himself.

Today, we face those limitations face the strongest and most credible threat ever brought against it. It is true that others may have sought to eliminate those limitations before, but never has that move been endorsed by anyone as influential as the current President.

And it is precisely under these circumstances that the Filipino people must be most vigilant. To his credit, the current President has won the respect of many for his stance on corruption and his reformatory zeal. Neither his accomplishments however, nor his perceived incorruptibility are reason enough to sanction a virtual return to monarchy.

If the President is sincere in his desire to see his reforms continued – and there is no reason to believe otherwise – there are avenues open to him to accomplish exactly that without riding roughshod over the Charter.

He has repeatedly said that he will listen to the voice of his bosses. This petition seeks only to offer him the true voice of his bosses – the Filipino nation that is composed not only of those who believe in him, but also of those who feel that the opportunity for change should not be undermined.




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Follow me?

I’m writing on now. It’s a new thing. I just can’t abide by the interface on, so…

I’ll still be posting here from time to time tho. But, have you seen all these ads? They’re not mine, I have nothing to do with them, and no, they’re not making me any money.

See you at that other place. 😀


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