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Comelec sucking Dick’s carrot

A joint congressional committee can suspend the operation of a law? What the FUCK is that? Since when has a small committee (made up of no more than fifteen people) had the power to practically overturn the wisdom of the entire Congress (more than 200 worthies and not-so-worthies) and in effect say ‘don’t worry. we’ll let you break the law.’

I understand that ole’ blue-boy-dick is desperate to have the elections automated, but COME ON. He’s willing to sanction violating the law for that? Well, the truth is, he won’t be breaking the law himself. He – and his cohorts in the Joint Congressional Oversight Committee – managed to bully the Comelec into doing that, so I suppose that explains alot of things. And those morons at the Comelec let him do it. What a bunch of sissies!

And automation isn’t even worth all this trouble. Seriously.

I know that conventional wisdom has it that we should automate to solve a lot of electoral problems. But really, the main argument for that is that other countries do it, and their electoral systems are peachy-keen. Bullshit. That’s a fucking non-sequitur, Dick-face.

Electoral machines are just a subset of just one aspect of election management – the electoral body. At least four others have to act synergistically with this aspect to deliver clean and credible elections: the political players, the electorate, civil society, and the law.

Without question, the electoral body must be beyond reproach; but the political players must also have the commitment to stay within the system. This doesn’t mean just being willing to fight passionately to win, it also means being willing to admit defeat when defeat is apparent or (and this will hurt) when accepting “defeat” is essential for the greater good, even when it means getting it up the ass. Political players must also be committed to playing clean – eschewing violence and the temptation to win through spending. Political players must also be willing to accept the fundamental fairness of the electoral system and the electoral management body even when such an acknowledgment can bring adverse results. Filipino politicians are deficient in all these requirements. So, even if you have the best automated election system money can buy, they can still make the elections seem as dirty as a hell.

The electorate too plays a crucial role. They must be strong enough not to sell their votes or prostitute their interests. They must engage the politicians and hold them accountable for their failed promises and unproductive terms. And the electorate must not be too gullible – they must not be led around by their noses by politicians who feel the need to undermine the electoral system for their personal benefit, such as to bolster their agitation for re-counts and what not. Even with perfect automated elections, an intrinsically flawed electorate will deliver poor results.

Civil society, for its part, ought to bridge the gaps between the electoral body, the political players, and the electorate. They should keep the electoral body honest, the politicians accountable, and the electorate well-informed and knowledgeable. Without a vibrant and principled civil society, not all the automated systems in the world will make a dent in a flaw electoral system.

So this whole fetish for automated elections as the solution to all our ills is just retarded. And it’s a shell game – an exercise of pure misdirection. Politicians like Gordon hold it up as the solution because doing so gets them off the hook; they don’t need to change the cynical way they treat elections and the electorate because they’ve convinced the voters that the problem lies elsewhere. But it’s not just them. The other aspects are equally to blame. Harping on automation gives civil society and the electorate an excuse for not performing their respective roles properly mainly because alot of the burden is shifted onto automation.

This responsibility dodging is particular galling when we realize the law (and therefore Congress) is also at fault. Our election laws are a mess. They prohibit things that cannot be controlled, they allow things that should be prohibited, and in at least one instance, Congress totally diluted a law to let future members of that august chamber to sidestep pesky legal requirements. Did you know that failure to report election expenses used to be a crime? If you didn’t report, you wouldn’t be able to claim your seat in Congress or wherever? Sensible law. But Congress took that law and de-fucking-criminalized it. Now, if you win and fail to report your expenses, all you need to do is pay a fine. A few measly thousands. As a result, candidates spend like crazy because they can get away with not reporting spending anyway. Each candidate then ends up trying to outspend his opponent. And where does that money come from? Vested interests naturally. Interests that come collecting later on, taking payment in favors, juicy contracts, and raw influence.

By making automation the magic-pill, Congress gets to sit on its ass for another three years and not worry about electoral reform. Instead, they have more time for junkets and mistresses and investigations that go nowhere.

And like I said, automation is just a subset. As such, it is entirely replaceable. The actual means of voting and counting can be practically anything, and a system in which all the other aspects are performing well, will churn out good elections.

If you think about it, and not get blinded by the shiny metal counting machines, automation only makes counting go faster. The theory, I suppose, is that if counting is over in a blink, then there won’t be time to screw with the results. True enough, but counting isn’t the only time its possible to steal an election. Scaring voters into voting for a particular candidate will do that; keeping the polling places empty through fear is another. And besides if fast is the main thing, there are other ways of speeding up the results – not all of them requiring automation.

Which is why there are some countries where voting and counting are manual but the results are a thousand times more credible than ours. That’s because in those places, all five aspects of clean elections work like they ought to. But don’t let Dick-face catch you saying that. Because for him, automation is the only thing that’ll work. Hah!

And because of that fetish, he has sanctioned a move that, for all intents and purposes, is nothing but a get-out-of-jail-free card. And those stupid morons in the Comelec are swallowing that bullshit like it’s fucking caviar.

Wake up, assholes!

That get-out-of-jail card is a fake! It’s a carrot Dick-face is dangling in front of you so that you’ll walk off the cliff without fucking worrying about the plummet to certain jail time. Think about it, you suicidal motherfucking lemmings! No one, not even a committee of Congressmen can impose a suspension of a law, without a whole new law. A fucking resolution is nothing but a piece of used toilet paper. No court of law will accept that a crime isn’t a crime, just on the say-so of a few power-mad morons. You stuppid cows will be so fucking impeachable if you go through with this, like this. And if I have to file the fucking complaint myself, so help me, I will.


Conspiracy Corner: In all likelihood, this is just the Senate’s way of getting back at the Supreme Court for Neri. Think about that. Because the Court clipped the Senate’s wings, the Senate led committee is now trying to clip the Court’s power to punish you stupid morons by saying that – by waving their magic wand – they are going to make your crime a non-crime, thereby stripping the Court of its power to sit in judgment of you. It’s probably as simple as that: an abominable power-play.


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