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No apologies

That’s the treacherous thing about calling the Filipino people your Boss, and continuously making such a big deal of it. First of all, it’s plain rhetoric, ok? A figure of speech, a manner of speaking. But when the shit hits the fan, it becomes a bludgeon that can be used to beat you over the head with.

Now this:

You set yourself up for this, boss.

Should he apologize? Of course not! He’s the fucking president, isn’t he? And look at what happened to the last bitch who tried to do that? HAH! Her apology turned a bludgeon into a thousand knives. And that’s what’s gonna happen here too, if Aquino apologizes.

The apology will be considered an admission of guilt and the rabble will just use that as another rallying cry for his ouster. Filipinos – or at least the spinners amongst us – aren’t a particularly forgiving lot. With those people, it’s always a bait-and-switch. Like Frank Drilon telling GMA to apologize then later joining the chorus ridiculing the apology as being too little too late.

Look. Thanks to the Supreme Court, we all know that the DAP is unconstitutional. Thanks to Renato Reyes of Bayan (or Akbayan or Anakbayan or whatever permutation of Bayan there might be), we know that the President signed off on it. Edwin Lacierda even confirmed it – just like Toting Bunye did with those Garci tapes. So, yeah, that’s pretty much an airtight case for the President’s involvement in an unconstitutional act.

Do we really need an apology?

What would it serve? To soothe our ruffled feathers? HAH!

How sincere can that apology be when the official party line is that all those acts were done in good faith. How can the President be apologizing for DAP when his mouthpieces maintain that they didn’t know they were doing the wrong thing?

And speaking of good faith, that defense smacks of bad faith itself.

First of all, the Constitution is considered written into every single fucking law, rule, contract. Everything, in other words, that this benighted government does. And that self-same Constitution is clear as day about the limitations of the President’s powers to realign funds. Doesn’t it beggar the intellect of people to ask us to accept that they honestly thought they weren’t doing anything wrong?

Hold up. It might actually be possible – considering that they’ve surrounded themselves with yes-men (Is this Constitutional? Yes sir! err… what are we talking about sir?), stacked the Supreme Court in their favor, AND pocketed more Congressmen than you can shake a stick at! Given all that, it probably isn’t impossible for the President to have received bad advice.

HOLY SHIT! That means HE isn’t responsible at all!!!

See, toldja he didn’t have to apologize.

And besides. Kris Aquino.


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A crime with no criminal

Te said the dispositive portion of the ruling did not mention anything about liabilities of the government officials involved in the DAP.

So sayeth GMA news. And with reports coming out that this decision is supposed to apply only proactively, I guess that means we have another crime with no criminal.

So also said the anti-GMA luddites about the Ombudsman’s decision not to prosecute anyone for the fiasco that was the 2004 automated elections project.

It’s pretty funny because a lot of those luddites now bask in the glow of the yellow sun. It’ll be interesting to see the pretzels they twist themselves into in trying to explain why this decision of the SC now is acceptable, while that of the Ombudsman back then wasn’t.

It should be doubly interesting because now, what’s at stake is actually a constitutional issue. With the voting machines in 2004, it was really just about the COMELEC buying machines and the retarded opinion that it would herald the end of the world.



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