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Vox Populi

A collaborative blog has always sounded like a smashing idea to me. I’ve tried to start one up called the Republic of Pundits, and it’s still around. I’m still working on it, trying to sort out the tech side so it’ll be just as easy for members to update their posts on the Republic as it is to update their own sites. It’s slow work, especially since I’m not exactly a tech virtuoso. Ok, so I really really stink at it. AFter all, my shtick is that I write.

So, when I was offered the chance to join a collaborative, I jumped at the chance. And now, that collaborative is up and running. Yay!

Filipino Voices, the collaborative launched by Nick ( includes in its roster of writers Schumey (The Philippine Experience), Dean Jorge Bocobo (Philippine Commentary), Manuel Buencamino (Uniffors), Lester Cavestany, Cocoy (Big Mango), Patricio Mangubat (The New Philippine Revolution), Arbet (AWB Holdings), Butch (The Warrior Lawyer), and the blogs The Jester in Exile, the Nutbox. If I missed anyone, I’m terribly sorry. I’ll fix that tonight, and put in the links then too.

Oh, and I’m in it too.

SO there you have it, folks. This is probably as good as step as any – and better than most – to get us closer to publishing the vox populi . Wish us luck!


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Watch the Guild

Once in a while, the intartubes give rise to some awesome stuff.

Presenting  … (ta-daa!) …

The Guild!

Then meet me at Cheesybeard’s. I’ll give you +25 XP.

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