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The Gospel according to Tracy

I’ve noticed that alot of the people who read this were pointed this way by other blogs that posted the original screencaps which were murder on the eyes.

That was part of my original intent as well: to facilitate the reading of Tracy’s notes but – and this is important – I labored on this transcription also because I felt that there was a lot to be learned from her writing. Which is why after reading this – or before – take the time to read about Tracy’s travails where I try to put everything in perspective. 

As always, everyone is free to come to their own conclusions, but let’s at least try to see the thing from all possible angles. That would only be fair.

And no, it doesn’t matter if you felt that she wasn’t fair in her blog. Our fairness should never be contingent on how fair others are.


tracyTracy Isabel Borres’s Notes

(Transcribed from the screencaps posted by Ocnarf on his multiply page)
(First saw mention of these notes on Plurk)


I am NEVER doing that EVER AGAIN!

Sun 11:32 pm

I owe so many people stories about my weekend so I figured, instead of having to keep on retelling this, remembering my last 3 days, I should just …

OhmyGod, that was the most miserable weekend of my life.


Week before immersion

-Naive silly girl thought going to live with the Aeta’s (sic) would be an adventure.

-Daddy wasn’t so happy with the idea.

+Lectured me about how I should avoid talking about politics when I was there (Uhm… why the hell would I do that?! With the Aetas?! What the hell …) and how to act if I came across the NPA.

+he kept bugging me to pack his Swiss knife. Actually HOVERED until I put it inside my bad (sic) when I was packing. Jesus.

+Mother dear was SLIGHTLY better.

+No annoying ridiculous lectures BUT she brought me to my doctor and insisted that I have all my shots practically all in one go. So yeah. I’m now immune to everything from MNR to Typhoid to all the Hepas. The only vaccine that wasn’t given was the HPV one because I really don’t think I can get cervical cancer from indigenous interaction.



– Arrived an hour and a half late drunk as hell HAHAHA

+I still managed to somehow remember unpleasant things to take note of, such as how … I don’t what it was that we weren’t supposed to do but it involved something like unintentionally giving these signals that Hey! I want to marry you! WTF WTF WT. It was like Holy Week in SUbic again when I glamorized wanting to go to a strip club thinking it would be something like the movie Closer, but as we were driving near the strip joints I was slowly realizing thow ugly everything was. I got seriously scared.


Thursday night

-Did not sleep AT ALL because I was too freaked and for the longest time I was just seriously curled up in a ball in my bed to condition my mind to survive the ugliness. (I sent freaked messages to CAN.)

-Only started to pack past midnight.

+Ehe! Thank you Risa but I used your picture in the Theo book as my reference as to what to wear, what bag to bring, and how big the bag could be. Heehee!



-Left 4:30AM

+@ hours bus ride

+2 more hours or so in a ‘special’ jeepney that can drive through the lahar and cross rivers.

+approx. 30 minute hike STRAIGHT UP the mountain. Surprisingly the hike wasn’t that long nor was it that difficult. It wasn’t a Patag Yoga Experience and I didn’t have Dudie, Mark, nor Paolo to hold my hand and keep from dying but thank God I didn’t see any snakes.

-Finally up there ….

+Our OSCI person Dudj announced that each one of us will be living in his/her adopted Aeta family.


*Better Translation: OHMYGOD I’M IN HELL.


+No proper plumbing. I did NOT bathe AT ALL during my entire stay there! I kept my hair up and would only sponge my arms and legs and then constantly re-apply Off. Besides! How could I have bathed when we weren’t even allowed to take off our clothes? I’m sorry if I equaste taking a bath with nudity!!!

+THERE WERE SO MANY CHILDREN!!!Seriously!These people have no concept of family planning whatsoever! Even worse, SO MANY DIRTY KADIRI CHILDREN!!! Like in my family, I had this killer horror little Aeta boy with constant UHOG in either only red shorts or an oversized shirt with NOTHING UNDER who was CONSTANTLY WARBLING TO HIMSELF OR SINGING WITH A SIBAT!!! OH.MY.FUCKING.GOD. All the kids there were either coughing, wet with their sipon, with SORE eyes, some gross thing in their eyes or some festering wound or unsightly skin thingy!!! @#^!@%@$!!! I seriously did NOT WANT ANY OF THEM TOUCHING ME.

-I think I got sort of hit on by a drunk Aeta??

+______, WTF, IKR. Anyway, story is, I was lounging outside with my sister and her friends and there was this guy there too. I had no clue as to what they were saying but occasionally the creepy guy would ask me questions and they would all laugh. Lalala I wasn’t paying much attention but then I started to hear my sister, her friends, and the guy start to bicker. My sister would say “Sige sabihin mo nga sa kanya sa Tagalog!” then he would say “Ikaw! Sabihin mo sa kanya!” Then my sister would tell me “Sila ang wag mong pakinggan! Wag ka maniniwala sa kanila.Until my sister and friends told me “Alis na tayo ate! Lasing sya!: and when I asked what he was saying they were like “Uhh … mabait ka daw ate. (giggle) Wag ka nalang maniwala sa kanya.”



-Trek to where they farmed (Gasak)

+It was kind of funny because my sister ran back up the mountain to get the umbrella. So I was trekking the lahar with an umbrella. How very me. HAHAHA

+I fell asleep thrice on a rock while waiting for them to cook the rice and then the sigarilyas. OhmyGod I actually tried and now know what the hell sigarilyas in Bahay Kubo is. It tasted funny.

+There was this tiny lake-ish with tiny waterfalls and smart idea of mine I decided to try to take a bat there. So smart. It was freakin’ cold and Ic ould dip in deeper than my waist so i ended up walking back home with my DENIM PANTS and undies soaked. Good job me.

-Took a  nap for not more than an hour when my sister woke me up to trek again, this time to the hot springs.

+OHMYGOD first semblance of actual civilization!!! The hot springs were in the middle of nowhere and walking through the lahar and crossing rivers that amusingly got hotter and hotter. The umbrella serve a dual purpose of not only protecting me from the sun but also shoving the plants away.

+It was this open developed pool-like area where the water of the springs were redirected. THERE WAS AN ACTUAL TOILET. I PEED FOR THE FIRST AND ONLY TIME. Oh thank God!!! 

-By the end of the day my foot was over scrubbed with lahar and rocks. I swear they should market like a Lahar Body Scrub only with moisturizer.It was like grey sand.


+Fabulous idea of holding a community night!!! YAY!!! WOW!!! Yeah. Right. No electricity duh so there was this huge bonfire which only made me cough and hurt my eyes. But OH.GOD. My sister sat me down on some chair and CHILDREN STARTED TO FLOCK AROUND ME. They were all so close I tried so hard not to breathe deeply so I wouldn’t smell them. Plus IT WAS DARK SO GOD KNOWS IF THER ALL CLEAN OR NOT OH GOD.

+Also funny children … but the girls even Friday afternoon kept going near me trying to get me to talk.And whenever I would say something they would giggle and say “Ate maliit po boses nyoo, Parang ibon.” WTF … so that night while I was being suffocated by a flock children this girl goes “Ate taw ka nalang! Parang boses ni Dyesebel!” WTF WTF …



-Some sharing thing then I went back to the house and faked eating

+Did NOT AT ALL eat during the immersion. Like per meal I would only probably total half a spoonful of rice. But to make it seem to them that I was eating, I would smoosh the rice and push it to the edge of the plat to make it seem like there’s space where rice used to be and like mess it up with sabaw. I just couldn’t eat their food even if they don’t give me anything gross, mostly veggies. But everything made me barfy and even the rice tasted funny! So whatever food I stuffed in my mouth I would just hold my breath and swallow. I hated meal time because I always felt bad. Tatay would always tell me “Pasensya na blahblahblah” so I would keep insisting that I really don’t eat even in Manila but nanay’s cooking was really good… I felt really bad!!!

-I packed then slept again and by the time I woke up were about to leave so YAY! Tatay gave me bananas and papayas and talbos ng saging to bring home to Manila and for the last time my sister helped me down the mountain.


+Inside the jeepney a bunch of Aetas rode with us and TWO OF THE KIDS HAD SORE EYES!!! The mother carrying a baby with weird stuff in her eyes was squatting across me and SHE FREAKIN’ PICKED HER NOSE AND I SWEART TO GOD I THINK SHE BRUSHED HER FINGER AGAINST MY LEGGINGS. OH, FREAKIN’ LORD.

-So we finally reached McDonald’s and I soaped myself so many times and everyone I think knew that I was the one who had the hardest time and they all laughed when they saw my McDonald’s tray. I won’t mention everything that I ate because Meling might un-friend me.




+Some lolo selling whatever elbowed me in the face then chose to hover right beside me! I mean seriously, I love you lolo and I respect your livelihood but gawd! Can you please not count your money right next to me?!! Gawd lolo go hover somewhere else.

+Good for nothing bus did not drop us off directly at the station Cubao so I had to walk! Who knew that stupid papayas were so heavy?! Ugh.

-Mum and daddy picked me up and mum met me half-way while I was walking towards the car. First thing she said when she saw me? “OhmyGod!” Wow. Either I looked that ugly, miserable, or both. Then inside the car dad tried to joke and told me that I smelled like an Aeta and laughed. I said I know its disgusting and he shut up. I was so in grumpy child mode.

-I don’t think I ever loved the shower that much … I shampooed and scrubbed my hair and my body until they hurt … apricot scrubbed myself … totally over perfumed. Hygiene I love you. And I just had a two hour full body massage while listening to a mix of Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, Kings of Convenience and Postal Service. Music FINALLY.

Seriously though, the only thing that kep me sane was the really pretty view being on top of a cliff and all and how everything was so airy and spacious. Life there is so monotonous and droll and time was soooo sloooow, but so weird I got kind of jealous at how simply happy they were. I was jealous at how uncomplicated everything there was. (Yeah, yeah I realized a couple of things but that’s reserved for my actual reflection paper because that’s not what you guys are after haha) But honestly sorry St. Ignatius, I was NOT immersed. If anything, the trip was like a test of true patience for me and how well I could mentally block everything. Like aside from being the girl in our group who is known for her amazing bladder and colon control skills, I’m like also the girl who can keep sleeping anywhere and everywhere. It was like my spacing-out skills at its finest.

Ugh. I swear though. Ive developed like penis fear (my parents should be so thankful) from all the naked dirty children. And if for the next couple of days I see children, even cute white ones, I swear I will kick them. Same goes for animals. Not even my potential fluffy bunny. Or if I hear some dialect (no offence Marc and Dianne I loff you!!!), I will throw a hissy fit. 



Gawd. I’m so glad to be back home. Hug me. =(


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  2. toinkz says:

    o eto hug ko sayo,,,nasa loob ng garapon…
    kawindang ka ate…
    ibang level…
    ang yaman kasi eh…

    good thing, di ikaw yung nasa kalagayan nung mga AETA, na siyang original na mga tao dito sa PINAS,,,dahil kung hindi, ano ang mararamdaman mo na merong isang Tracy “Hug Me” Borres, na walang ginawa kundi punain ang kung ano mang likido na lumalabas sa ilong, mga kung anong something sa balat…


    swerte mo neng…


    good for you…

    good for you…

  3. TakeyoudowN says:

    My friend sent me a link to this horrific essay about your experience in the mountains.
    I pity you. A disgrace in the community and for all humanity.
    I want to see you face first in the ground, then you realize that everyone is equal. What do you think of yourself? You are better than all of us? You may have studied in prestigious schools, but I doubt your parents taught you anything that you could have used.
    By the way, those people don’t have BMWs, iPhones, and the like, like you do…
    But I bet they can’t bear the fact that they can make out in front of a crowd in Embassy Fly, with a guy’s hand up your crotch.
    Haha! Yes, I saw that! Now tell me, what do I FUCKING THINK OF YOU?!?!

    You use the word “LORD” and “GOD” too much… What a pig.

  4. periwinkle281 says:

    why do you have to write such a terrible essay? and to think that you are an atenean…

  5. Secret says:

    You are an asshole… If not for your parent’s hard work, you’ll be eating shit too… I hope that someday that you become poor and live the life they are living… Bitch… And you are not even pretty…

  6. UP n grad says:

    to periwinkle281 and others: A particular good can come out from Tracy writing that essay.

    In their own communities invisible to metro Filipinos, Aetas live in distressing unsanitary conditions. Tracy has done her part — reminded us of tulo-uhog kids and lack of toilets

    Cast a stone, then what’s next? Do you wail against politicians? Do you figure out how to help? Don’t have to go to the mountains, either because In metro-Manila are Aetas (plus Moros and Tagalogs, Pampanguenos and Bicolanos) who live in similar conditions. Didn’t you notice?

  7. Bencard says:

    you may be right upn, but my problem is the degree of condescension in which tracy tries to communicate her experience from that cultural “immersion”. is this a new version of ‘noblesse obligee’?

    i know, tracy is no cindy mccain or angelina jolie, let alone a mother theresa. but the former two, who both live in real wealth, beauty, and fame which tracy can only dream about, confronted head on such ugliness and miseries in the world we live in, touch them, and took a part of them to become one of theirs.

    i’m not closing the book on tracy, though. obviously she’s young and has a lot of living to do yet. this could be an epiphany for her, a beginning of a consciousness that life is not all about material wealth, physical beauty, health, wisdom, social adulation. it’s also about poverty, ugliness, disease, stupidity, discrimination and ostracism, among others.

  8. Disappointed says:

    Hope this reaches the writer:
    APATHETIC and PATHETIC. What a shame. Konting hiya naman. I have no problems with details of your kaartehan but please, how dare you insult them.

    Ang kapal ng mukha mo. Yun lang.

  9. anya says:

    Are you really an Atenean? How come your sister came with you? Are you twins?

    I don’t think you deserve to graduate. I hope that your theo prof will read this idiotic essay of yours and fail you. If you didn’t like the idea of “immersion,” you should’ve just done all your bitchy complaining to avoid going to the Aetas or gracefully accepted your “F” since you were absolutely useless to the program.

  10. rom says:

    Anya: By “sister” she mean the daughter of her host family.

  11. admu grad says:

    this essay is sick. shame on you for even calling yourself an atenean.

  12. brianbro says:

    “is this a new version of ‘noblesse obligee’?”

    Point is, there is no noblesse oblige,” which can be a blessing since noblesse oblige is pretentious and patronizing. IT IS CONDESCENSION.

  13. peter north says:

    i hope she gets to my house and taste my homemade juice

  14. Reezen TOT says:

    if anyone here would like to know her side, kindly check my site.. It’s better to hear the other side of the story as well…

    please understand and don’t be judgmental as well…

    We are of course human, capable of flaws beyond expectation..

  15. Jill Reyes says:

    What gradeschool/highschool did this bitch go to?

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  17. kantob0y says:

    To Reezen TOT:
    — quote —
    “dark quirky humor of mine”
    — end quote —
    sounds either she’s making an excuse or… how would you say it… “nagpapakitang tao?”

    — quote —
    “a post meant to be comical (exaggerated rudeness and ditzy-ness, although still not with some truth to it of course)”
    — end quote —
    would you really joke about something that is not really funny to you in the first place?

    think about it…

  18. […] irrelevant rant I’m going to post here, I suggest you read Smoke’s transcript of the Tracy Borres post, Smoke’s reply, and her take on Tracy’s reply.  More required reading comes from […]

  19. John says:

    Hi! would like to say that it would’ve been better if the insults were kept minimal but also, that I admire you because you admit that you are in fact wrong with some points of your opinionated world… Also… I admire you because you envy the simplicity of their life… some people do not see that, they just see like ugly, but you also saw some good to the experience and though you are maarte to some, you are definitely a smart maarte…

  20. Reezen TOT says:

    thanks for the point out kantob0y

    that’s what she has replied to me.. any how, for her friends, that blog might be dark and quirky and comical to them (I dont know them so you might want to ask her yourself regarding this.. )..

    I really find the blog offensive as well.. Such bile remarks had already came from me regarding the said blog. And I don’t want to add more insults to her because enough has already been said..

    I am not a close friend of hers. The reason I made my retraction was that it seems that I am becoming the type of person that I hate most, being biased and prejudice at some point. As of right now, I do believe she has learned her lesson regarding the blogs she will post and the people she needs to trust. Everyone has witty, dark, etc humors that they do blog on their sites. It’s either they become infamous or be a saint about it.. I am not saying that we should pity her for this..

    Just a reminder though, we do have our own mishaps as well.. We might joke somethings that might come off offensive to others without knowing it..

    I’ll let you be the judge on this issue.. I have already made my judgment as well..

    I respect your opinion and I do hope you respect mine as well..

  21. anon says:

    and also, it really feels good to condemn others, while ignorant of your own evils…

  22. anon says:

    at least she doen’t hide her sentiments, unlike other hypocrites out there (no, i’m not condoning her, but i would like to point out that ateneans are good at “faking social norms” while away from society and with their group of evil friends they do and say all sort of bad things, so i wouldn’t be surprised to hear a group of friends trash-talking about their experience with the poor people)

    and take note that some ateneans/parents are to blame for the situation the aetas are in now (yes, i’m refering to some corrupt people our school have proudly produced)

    and if i’m an aeta? i wouldn’t hesitate to kill this bitch

  23. AdMUAlumna02 says:

    I totally hear you sistah!! Don’t mind the haters. I think they’re a bunch of hypocrites who would soon have their day when someone would wipe their slimy boogers off of them too.

    Its your blog, go ahead and write whatever you want – no one should have the crassness to criticize your personal opinions.

    You should have taken that guy Tejada, dude!! He lets his students make up alternative programs so you wont have to stay with strange people in strange places. That’s how I dodged mine! Lucky me =) Got to stay in Manila and my squeeky clean home and everything…

    Here’s some unsolicited advice coming your way though -> If you wanna avoid having these nobodies trash your site like this, next time just restrict your articles to those who know you better and those who would respect your personality more. If you really don’t care, good for you!!

    Call me jaded or whatever, but honey, in the real world, you really dont need to eb down with sigarilias and buses and all that crap anyway. Proof: I bet you still aced your “Reflection Paper”, right??

    To the haters… look… Ateneans did not get the rep of being senyoritos y senyoritas and apathetic or what not for nothing. Ganun talaga eh, deal with it. If you can’t, sorry ka na lang.

    Right, Tracy? HUG HUG HUG

  24. BrianB says:

    See, I told you people. This is the most effective stance Tracy could take. Stand her ground as a snob. And what you gonna do about it, huh? Sigh, sigh…

  25. rom says:

    BrianB: well that seems to me to be symptomatic of a failure in Atenean instruction in this specific case.

  26. BrianB says:

    You thing admugrad02 is a real wholly other person and not Tracy herself, one of her friends or even an instigator. Ateneo is the most hated school in R.P. already. What are they going to gain by backing her up?

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  28. cda002 says:

    BrianB, how exactly did you conclude that “Ateneo is the most hated school in R.P. already”? A nationwide poll, perhaps? Or simply just your meager point of view? A little tact, please. The internet is a public domain, after all.

    It is completely baseless to generalize the entire Ateneo population on the actions of one. If it is of any indication, the fact that this issue has hit the student body so hard is a sign that other Ateneans are affected as well, and is not simply just a congregation of A/B socialites focused only on their iPods and lofty lifestyles, as far as stereotypes go.

    It’s always easy to give a point of view from the top of the hill, but what Tracy needs to see that it is always lonelier at the top. If she refuses to take her immersion experience as significant, that is her choice; after all, if her hands-on ordeal still cannot change her outlook, what can?

    Going beyond all this bickering I think it better to simply learn from Tracy’s debacle, and acknowledge that there are indeed individuals who refuse to extend themselves beyond their cocooned lives and zones of comfort.

    Sabi nga nila, what is ideal cannot exist without the acknowledgement of its opposite; Tracy, through her words and actions, has just painted us a grim picture of how far-reaching the ignorant thoughts of a single Filipina youth can go — what more the ignorant thoughts of thousands (or millions) more?

  29. rom says:

    cda002: welcome to the smoking room.

    If she refuses to take her immersion experience as significant, that is her choice; after all, if her hands-on ordeal still cannot change her outlook, what can?

    Is this what immersion means to you? We dump students into these real-world conditions and leave them to their own conclusions; and if they refuse to step broaden their outlook, we shrug our shoulders and say ‘well, we tried’?

    do we stop, then, with acknowledgment that there is a socio-civic troglodyte amongst us and go on with our lives? I would’ve thought that Tracy’s honesty would have singled her out for something like mentoring or something that would at least give her the opportunity to grow up out of her – as you say – cocooned mindset.

    Instead, all I’m getting from you is a sense of resignation. Is that how ‘hard’ the Ateneans have been hit?

  30. ordinaryobserver says:


    You obviously are a failure of Atenean education yourself. One of the main thrusts of the Ateneo is to produce men and women FOR OTHERS. We may enter into the institution as senyoritos and senyoritas, but the whole point is that we come down from the hill no longer as the self-centered snobs we were.

    Admittedly, a lot of us don’t really do much for the less fortunate. But the four or five years (minimum) that we spend in Ateneo should at least allow us to sympathize if not commiserate with those who are marginalized. Maligning those who already have so little does not fit anywhere in an Atenean education.

  31. cda002 says:

    @rom, glad to be in the room.

    Not that I am implying a resignation, if anything I’m hoping that people actually change the way they look at things and become anything but. I simply find it distressing that some are hoping that tracy would change her outlook, simply by bombarding her with put-downs and decrying the massively sheltered lifestyle she leads.

    Point being is that the only way tracy’s take on things is going to change is if she changes herself. Even if the whole world presses on to shape the mind of a single person, all would go to waste if that person refuses to acknowledge his/her malign stand on things. But that does not mean we should stop trying, after all. Her honesty does bring a smidge of good into all this, making people voice out at the very least.

    Regardless, please do not be mistaken — ignorance clearly is not the answer.

  32. rom says:

    cda002: i agree about the put-downs not being useful – but seriously, can you blame them? that’s what happens on the ‘net. cyber-disinhibition and all that. still, like I said, we agree.

    on the other hand, I don’t agree that the ateneo is so powerless with regard to one student’s point of view. at the very least, if the ateneo is serious about it’s mission to produce men and women FOR OTHERS, then shouldn’t it public disown tracy’s rant and – should she refuse to acknowledge the error of her ways – disown her as well? Or at the very least sanction her in some way.

    I cringe to think that, taken to its logical conclusion, your point of view will result in tracy getting off scot-free.

  33. cda002 says:


    haha. i cringe as well at the thought of tracy fading into the background without anything done to address this. glad to see someone agree, though. and it is, of course, normal human tendency to come up with put-downs, it does in fact show that they are affected.

    in a theology class earlier we did come up with a common stand on this issue (the stand itself being pretty obvious), though i would think it odd (yet somewhat intriguing and amusing) that an entire university publicly denounces the actions of a single student. it is, however, in some of our hopes that tracy’s take on this can actually change without any rashness on our part.

    perhaps a viable approach to all this would be to lessen the calls for lynching, and simply send her to undergo countless hours of guidance counseling? joking aside, however, we cannot simply let this issue fizzle out, like ms. tracy hopes it would.

  34. cda002 says:

    @rom: to address my train of thought/ logical conclusion, i guess where logic ends, faith begins — (cliché, sorry) but we can hope that something changes along the way,

  35. Anonymous says:

    Expected behavior was expected.

    Failure bitch is failing.


    On a brighter side,

    bitches like these should go back to the kitchen.

  36. anon says:

    not because you entered ateneo means u’ll end up being men and women for others or being a better person, even slightly, afterall, the teaching methods of ateneo doesn’t have the same effect on all persons… think of those corrupt officials ateneo have proudly produced who did more harm than this bitch…
    that’s my main criticism of intact nstp jeep and praxis!
    we can say that the program itself is based on assumptions and out-dated methods!!! there’s obviously generation gap! tsktsk, the admin should do better at forming good persons… but even so, i still doubt the admin of ateneo… are they even good in the first place? back to the program, take note that it can have many kinds of effects on students, not just the “assumed” effect of making people compassionate! some might even become more attached to the material stuffs due to the suffering they see, and thus be more evil! honestly, with all the issue affecting tracy now, who knows, she might even become worse than what she is now due to the criticism and hypocrisy of other people!!! are there someone who would try to talk to tracy and make her become a better person? so far from what i see, people just either supported her actions or condemned her, which were not really that helpful at all…!!! even if she is hated, at least Christ believes that people can repent and change…

    even if there’s “some” truth to your first paragraph, and i totally agree to it, still, you’re worse than a maggot. you shud have talked to tracy privately to make her learn something and change for the better, but you openly supported her! damn you!
    if revolution or riots would occur, i wouldn’t be surprised to see your corpse lying around the city square!

    @UP n grad
    so basically you’re saying that the end justifies the means?

    failing someone just on the basis of their morality clearly shows that you think yourself as a vigilante, you fool!!! if everyone thinks of something is right and others are wrong and without understanding or forgiving, people would be killing each other all they long!
    and the wrong thing with praxis is that it has an effect on grades and transcripts!!! this program can make more hypocrites and “plastics” than genuine compassionate people!!! i understand that many wouldn’t go to praxis if not required, but its better to form “compassionate people” from “less compassionate people” than trying to make “apathetic creatures” be more compassionate, it’s futile!!! at least have a psychology interview to see who’s fit to go to these programs, and for those unfit, at least make another program that can gradually change their views, not something drastic that might produce negative results!!! please admin people, think before implementing something!!! old fools!!!

  37. anon says:

    tracy is the biggest example to show that ateneo’s intact nstp jeep and praxis programs all failed!!! even if it’s an isolated case, i would say those who still went back to their areas are also isolated case! yeah, osci people are good at advertising, but their not good at brainwashing people into becoming better persons!!!
    basically these programs can be modeled on brainwashing since we want to make bad people become better people, and careful planning and individualistic preparations are needed!!!

  38. cda002 says:

    @anon, the thing is, a large amount of people would not really willingly go into praxis. sometimes the only way to make them experience life outside is to do what ADMU is doing now, which, i presume is the result of countless revisions as well. we can’t blame the system all the time, they’re trying hard too.

    paano pa kaya yung mga di nakararanas ng praxis/jeep/immersion sa labas? we should be glad that ADMU is attempting to change things. it’s easy to bash the system, but unless you have a better, more practical and feasible idea in mind, it’s best to work with what we have, even though it’s not perfect.

  39. de mon yo says:

    see you in hell…… soon…..

  40. anon says:

    and………… i think posting her full name and picture is not a good idea? you’re partly to blame if something happened to her…

  41. anon says:

    but are you sure they’re doing more good? take note that an evil person can make the efforts of ten good persons futile!
    and as i mentioned, the program should be personalized, individualized, that is tere should be assessment on one’s views in life before determining which area are assigned to them… this can mean more logistical hard work, effort, research?, money, but if they have the good intention, at least support it with right action… the result is important, not just the goal of the program

  42. anon says:

    @cda002 quote “the thing is, a large amount of people would not really willingly go into praxis. sometimes the only way to make them experience life outside is to do what ADMU is doing now, which, i presume is the result of countless revisions as well. we can’t blame the system all the time, they’re trying hard too. ”

    my reply: yes, countless revisions, but looking at the revisions, are there any drastic changes? or superficial ones? i would like to repeat, the admin itself is like an institution, very old, and what they think works for people of their age doesn’t mean it will work for us… well, osci has staffs who were young, but with the bureaucratic structure of our university, and some unknown personalities lurking around, its hard to really change it to suit the needs of changing culture…

  43. anon says:

    @cda002 quote “paano pa kaya yung mga di nakararanas ng praxis/jeep/immersion sa labas? we should be glad that ADMU is attempting to change things. it’s easy to bash the system, but unless you have a better, more practical and feasible idea in mind, it’s best to work with what we have, even though it’s not perfect.”

    as i said, we don’t know the end result, we can only guess, and time will tell… as i said, kulit, that a person can become more attached to material stuffs because of experiencing the hardships… ok sana kung maging mabuti sila, pero inaassume natin na magiging mabuti sila kapag nagpraxis sila, which is NOT ALWAYS TRUE, partially true at best… un kasi prob ng admin, inaassume na magiging mabuti tayo sa mga pinaggagawa nilang mga programs. if they could make education student-centered, why not make the programs the same too? as i said, again and again, at least survey individual students, and send them to the best possible place, not just something random draw lots shitty stuffs.

  44. anon says:

    quoting cda002 “it’s easy to bash the system, but unless you have a better, more practical and feasible idea in mind”

    my reply: that’s why i went through all those stuffs, and that’s why im giving my feedbacks, to help them decide on the future course of the program for the future kids!!! just because we dont have something feasible yet doesn’t mean we have to continue doing something… it might even do less harm to stop something… but as i would say, more studies please, i don’t want stuffs to be built on assumptions just like what those old geezers did…

  45. cda002 says:

    @anon, you do have a point, in tailoring venues for students. but that would take an immense amount of resources, and i really doubt a 100% epiphanized student body arising from praxis/immersions would be possible.

    though a question arises: how do we gauge what constitutes a “good” area for students? malamang mas gugustuhin ng mga students ang malapitan/ live-out areas, so does that mean we have to grant them these otherwise “easier” venues?

    once again, good point raised, pero mukhang matagal-tagal bago mangyari ‘to.

  46. anon says:

    why not integrate it with our yearly guidance interview? psychologists can understand us and they can determine our present views in life, and with that, determine if we’re fit for hardcore area, or should go for a tamer area… it would seem unfair to others, but people are obviously different…(i dont want to argue the issue of equality, im talking of difference)… students have their preferences, and it should be weighed in too, but the observations of the psychologists shud be given priority in determining our area… afterall, everything we do is built on our assumptions of what the future would be with our respective actions, but the future is unpredictable, and so is the result of the program, but we can approximate the program to the ideal one by occasional significant changes dependent on feedbacks and result, and with the issue of tracy, it seems that change is really needed with our present system…

  47. wonderling says:

    This girl is all noblesse and no oblige.

    However, I agree with the earlier post that it’s her CHOICE as to how she wants to take the experience. If there’s anything I love about my Jesuit experience its their emphasis on choice, our free will to believe what we want to believe, be it the existence of god, our social responsibility, etc. That’s what sets them apart from other Catholic orders.

    Now just because she has free will doesn’t mean she’ll exercise it wisely. She’s a sheltered, bratty, poor example of Manila elite. Fortunately, there are legions of people in her social class that actually care about the less fortunate.

  48. anon says:

    what i also want to say is that, if someone is a senyorita, assigning her to a “yucky” area would produce unpredictable results, either she would see the suffering of others and be compassionate, or loath them and be more materialistic… in this case i think its better to put them in a more “tame” area while gradually teaching them why we should be good to others… like in a lab, you cant do an experiment without knowing the theories first.
    for those already good, i think the present program is tailored already for them… so that’s where my conclusion that they made assumptions came from…, that they assumed people going to praxis will be better when it might have been because of the good-nature of the people going there and returning…

  49. anon says:

    yes, at least learn the basic principles of brain-washing, if there’s one… hahahaha, it might be helpful to brainwash people into becoming good persons…

    (joke, dont argue with me bout this, i know the ethical/moral/theo issues with brain-washing)

  50. Bobby Galentino says:

    To peternorth: if you’re only giving her juice im gonna give her milk. i’ll drop bombs for my aeta homies.

    to tracy: 3 pm tomorrow som smok look for the devil. i’ll be waiting and wearing red.

    ps you look like an elf, scotch tape your ears backwards. you look like prinsipe K from okay ka fairy ko. even better you look like ramplestilzkin

    My GOD, don’t get me started with the chin. even manny pacquiao can’t know you down poor manny.. i thought he was the pound for pound champion

    you talk too much. Preach your GOSPEL in OSCI and lets see if you can whine like a brat.

    To daddy borres and mommy borres: your daughter has been caught many times in Guilly’s Island, tomas morato doing the horizontal mambo.

    Christmas will never be the same in casa borres…

  51. UP n grad says:

    Some senyorito- or senyorita Ateneans (Tracy an example) when sent into a community where living conditions are worse than Makati, leave the immersion program feeling supremely bitchily superior. To teach humility to such Ateneans, the Ateneo should sponsor immersion trips to places distinctly superior to metro-Manila. The Ateneo should find summer-jobs (and obtain visas) to give some Ateneans the option to work as hamburger-flippers at the McDonald’s outside Versailles or at the various McDonalds (or even Red Ribbon) in California .
    OR, the Ateneo should do immersion-programs for Aetas to spend two weeks in metro-Manila, Tracy won’t volunteer, I don’t think. I actually am nebulous as to whether or not Bobby G or wonderling will volunteer as the Aetas’ tour guide buddies for two weeks.

  52. BrianB says:

    Hey enough with this Noblesse Oblige. No one in this country is Noblesse.

    UP n, I believe most snobs in this country act the way they do precisely because they know they cannot act that way in other countries. It is this fact, that they only think they are superior to other Filipinos and no one else, that offends me.

  53. green archer says:

    wow! tracy trully offends me! What a PROUD ATENEAN! Is this what you learned in the ARRNEOH? i TOO HOPE SOMEDAY YOU BECOME SO POOR AND BE THE ONE LOOKING UP LONGINGLY AT THE RICH PEOPLE! You talk about DIRTY DIRTY CHILDREN! WITH UHOG SORE EYES AND ALL! They DISGUST YOU HUH? YOU MY DEAR DISGUST ME! The kids were admiring you and i can only imagine the expression of your face while among them Aetas! DIRING-DIRI KA! You think they did not feel that? TSK TSK SHAME ON YOU! SHAME ON ATENEO FOR SENDING YOU! YOU HELD YOUR BREATH SO YOU WOULD NOT SMELL THEM! PU…… INA MO! BULOK ANG PUSO MO!

  54. ordinaryobserver says:


    Like I said, she and admualumna02 are failures of the “supposed” objectives of an Atenean education. But I never said she was they were the only ones. Truly, only a handful of Ateneo graduates ever devote their lives to full service of “the other” (Tony Meloto and that guy who started Synergeai come to mind).

    And I quite agree that the system of Atenean education doesn’t really promote social justice. In fact I think it only helps to perpetuate the status quo. I mean how can it when care and concern for others is compartmentalized into one or two subjects in the college level? Not to mention INTACT which, I think, only serves to support the “them-us” mentality that is already prevalent in those who enter the Ateneo Come to think of it, it’s pretty gosh darned counter productive.

    Which is why I’ve come to liberalize my definition of a man or woman for others. For me, for as long as you can commiserate, if you can put yourself in the shoes of the other, then that is already a marginal success. If you actually do something about it, then you should be canonized.

  55. Animo Aeta - Ateneo Lok-bu says:

    Aeta’s have more compassion than any Atenean..

    Blog reminds me of an ANC commercial about jeepneys smog-belching, and some atenean kids yaya texts to make sumbong the offending jeep to another Lopez-owned “foundation”. How lucky that the atenean’s yaya had a cellphone and load to make sumbong! screw the hoi-polloi and their only means of transport! sumbong them! and lock them up with the aetas and the lolos!

    I only surmised the kids were atenean kids because anc is run by another disconnected atenean..

    screw u tracy and your atenean kind.. I spurt my miso-laden diarrhea on you, That would put it to good use

  56. Animo Aeta - Ateneo Lok-bu says:

    and what’s with the “THE” ateneo?

    can you please kiss my ass with that bul-crap?

    you a-holes can’t even relate to anyone outside your campus, may pa “the-the” ateneo pa kayo…

    pwede ba, wala naman maganda o gwapo jan, and honestly, YOU’RE NOT THAT SMART..

    plus, you suck at basketball, you’re just well funded,

    by that playah-lovah

  57. cda002 says:

    @animo aeta: this isnt an ateneo-bashing blog, and neither is it about the school’s basketball team, its students’ intellect or their hopelessly-elitist take on things. if by now all you’ve planned to accomplish is to lambast ateneans over the actions of a few, you’re not impressing anyone. for everyone’s sake, take your sordid mess of comments somewhere else.

    @ordinaryobserver: glad to see that some people here try to keep their civility, unlike others. i agree on the ‘compartmentalizing’ way the school has approached this whole thing, but connecting to what anon said, truly tailoring the module for ateneans is indeed very difficult. the school, however, does offer quite a lot of subjects on social justice, puro electives lang nga.

  58. rom says:

    cda002: I don’t know, my friend. It seems to me like what animo aeta is doing isn’t that much different from what tracy did.

  59. rav4 says:

    I’m from the “other” school myself but have a lot of Atenista friends. The school should not be blamed for one students falure. I know for a fact that a lot of Ateneans have gone into worthy projects or work for foundations with wages well below the minimum all because of the experience they gained from the immersion, tulong dunong, gawad kalinga, musmos etc. Maybe it’s the upbringing in the home and the friends she has that shaped and molded her perception of what society should be?

  60. Animo Aeta says:

    Coming from a fellow Holier-than-the-rest-of-us cda002 atenean, its about time your pontificating and “our blue shit don’t stink” attitude is called to task so give me a god dam break

    let me ask you this – What, in any of what I said, do you find objectionable? Or incorrect?

    Is it a matter of opinion? Well then, right back at cha!

    Don’t Cha wish your boyfriend was hot and green like me?

    Tracy shoulda been Butt-Fucked by some Lolo Aeta,


    (dats in my NOT SO humble opinion, for you less than earthly Shateneans)

    Come on back down to earth,

    This is not so different from what Tracy did? Hey, bitch, I’m reacting, not PRO-ACTING

    Your school sucks, your breeding sucks, you have no compassion, no sense of being a humble filipino, no right to blog without expecting this reaction,

    so as they say in israel,

    Kissen Mein Tuchus!

  61. Animo Aeta says:

    by the way, my apologies,

    you’re right, this isn’t an anti-ateneo blog

    its a god-dam anti-aeta blog

    and anti lolo,

    and anti-poor,

    anti-fricking every body else but ateneo

    so forgive-fucking me ayt

  62. rom says:

    Animo: are you calling me a bitch?

  63. cda002 says:

    @rom: yes, i think he/she is.

    @animo aeta: haha. someone sure is pissed. emo points to you, führer. while the rest of us are trying to make sense out of all this, your verbal fodder only accomplishes– well, nothing really. good luck, though. i’m sure you’ll get far.

    anyway, thanks to the owner of this blog for providing some venues for some (civilized) release on such an issue. 🙂

  64. benj says:

    The girl found it to be a harrowing experience. If she found it to be that inconvenient then we should respect that. Her downfall is that she expected that her multiply page wouldn’t go viral.

  65. […] Tracy Borres is now the flavor of the month as far as viral blog posts go – and this is in the worst way possible.  Borres is the alleged author of a now-controversial entry that  discussed in detail the experience of going on an immersion program. Screen caps of the essay appeared on a certain Franco’s Multiply account and have since been a lightning rod for comments and blog posts. […]

  66. rom says:

    benj: how much she hated it, that’s her call. how she expressed it to her friends – stupid – but that’s still her call. having it exposed, not her fault. But now that it has been exposed, shouldn’t she at least be shown the error of her ways by those who style themselves her mentors? and should she refuse to acknowledge error, shouldn’t her school – which definitely styles itself to be the diametric opposite of the behavior she exhibited – take steps to ensure that it does not appear to condone her acts? last time I checked, students can be expelled for going so completely against the schools mission and vision.

    acts have consequences. she should learn that at least.

  67. boo you says:

    here we go again. insulting a whole school on the account of a single girl. all colleges will have girls similar to Tracy. it was just unlucky of her to have a “friend” start spreading her blog entry in the web.

    to those who are just using tracy’s honest ALTHOUGH very mean blog as a window to insult ateneans or ateneo in general:

    guess what? it shows what kind of person you are as well.

  68. looped says:

    i have yet to see a comment showing GENUINE concern for the whole situation with the Aetas and the student’s attitude towards her immersion experience. Some have used this blog entry as an opportunity to bash Ateneo, and I think it’s not a fair thing to do. Why do some just focus and capitalize on someone’s wrongdoing(s) and not propose a solution instead?

  69. rom says:

    looped: making it right proposes a solution to Tracy’s situation. But I suspect that you’re talking about a solution relative to the Aetas – their poverty and circumstances.

    If you are, well then, you wouldn’t be alone. People normally call for solutions to the greater problem in situations like this, lamenting that the stupidity of one person should not distract from the need for a more meaningful solution to the bigger problem.

    I say, sure, let’s not forget the Aetas. But in keeping our mind on the Aetas, lets not sweep Tracy under the rug either.

    And as for bashing Ateneo, well, has Ateneo done anything to address the situation? Or is it acting like the Philippine government it is so quick to condemn, by simply sitting by and waiting for the next big scandal to take people’s minds off of this one?

  70. UP n grad says:

    Twenty minutes of my time, and this is what I found about those willing to help the Philippines based on comments from Tracy.
    (1) Tracy says “…. too many kids” among Aetas, which is easily extensible to “…too high a reproduction rate” for a Filipino nation. Filipinos interested in this issue can send peso-donations to: FRIENDLY CARE FOUNDATION, INC. (Friendly Care Clinic, FCFI and Friendly Care). A cut-and-paste of things they do include: set up in 1999 in response to the need to bridge the gap between high-priced health services and the often inadequate government health services. Through its network of clinics, FriendlyCare provides quality, affordable health and family planning (FP) services to low-income Filipinos who can afford to pay a modest fee for these services.

    FriendlyCare’s for-pay health services subsidize its FP efforts. Nevertheless, demand for FP from the indigent sector remains high and cannot be ignored. The Philippines’ total fertility is among the highest in Southeast Asia today where 4 Filipino babies are born every minute. FriendlyCare seeks assistance to support its indigent program to be able to provide surgical sterilization to those who wish to avail of the service but cannot afford it.

    (2) Tracy says “… tulo-uhog; eye-infections among kids”. Probably also happens in Metro-Manila, so donations can be sent to UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS HOSPITAL, STS. COSMAS AND DAMIAN INDIGENCY TRUST FUND
    Medical assistance for indigent UST patients

    Medical Missions for selected communities in the Philippines

    Community Care Missions aims to establish a sustainable community care that deals with the sick and the needy. Currently they are involved in conducting medical missions for selected communities in the Philippines. They have already conducted successful medical missions in Limay, Bataan and Bagac, Bataan and are looking forward to bringing quality health care to other areas in the Philippines. In these days of rising prices, affordable health care seems out of reach for many people. Let�s help Community Care Missions in their efforts to cater to the health needs of indigent residents in the Philippines.

    (3) ADMU is part of the problem. Then a solution is to support the scholarship programs of De La Salle, UP-Diliman. There is also:

    Scholarship for Deserving Indigent Students

    Buyt even better, send your pesos to help upgrade the teaching corps.

    Bato Balani Foundation, Inc.
    Promoting Excellence in Philippine Education (Project PEPE)
    Project PEPE involves continuing education and scholarships for teachers and school administrators. It also offers interscholastic academic and sport competitions as well as improvement of e-learning capabilities in selected campuses. Envisioned to be a nationwide campaign it has been launched in the Emerging North Batangas Metropolitan Area, with 44 schools initially invited to participate in the program.


  71. UP n grad says:

    And then, there is:

    Community Initiative for Rural Development

    Help the group’s effort in addressing prevailing conditions of some Aeta communities in the Pampanga area. AWECA�s program called Community Initiative for Rural Development (CIRDEV) has the following components:

    1. Capability-building
    2. Socio-Economic Intervention
    3. Advocacy/networking
    4. Research and Development
    5. Institutional Building

  72. benj says:

    Rom, it just shows that no teaching style is 100% effective. It would be naive to believe that interactions with the have-nots and the underserved inspires the haves to be all socially-responsible and selfless people. Ateneo was playing the numbers game here- the likelihood of a positive outcome was in their favor anyway.

    I’m sure the response to this will be similar to a bell curve.

    Most students would get something out of the experience but will not necessarily apply it to their day to day life. These people in the mean of the population probably found the immersion a bit uncomfortable for their own liking but chose to be polite/mum about it.

    In one hand, you will have a handful of people who will be totally moved that they will try to establish NGOs later on in their lives to help vulnerable populations. Ateneo will also benefit from their association with these type of alumni.

    The other extreme of course is the Tracy Borres type. Ateneo will get some shit piled up on them for this snafu but this will all clear up once everybody realizes that she’s more of an anomaly as opposed to the norm.

  73. rom says:

    benj: on the contrary, I imagine everyone would have a similar reaction to being plopped down so far outside their comfort zone. I have no quarrel with that.

    But we can all NOT be self-less and still not be as offensive about it as Tracy has been. And that’s what I’ve been trying to get people to see.

    Solving the problem of the Aetas is an entirely different track and should be undertaken regardless of whether or not Tracy sounded off. That’s a given.

    Ateneo’s teaching methods are, of course, not 100% effective. But then again, whose is? Just as you can’t legislate good behavior, trying to teach it can be dodgy as well.

    What Ateneo can do is to send the message that it will not tolerate Tracy’s offensive act as it reveals intolerance and contempt for those she lived with.

    What tracy can do is to apologize for mouthing off that way. If she does it and she means it, well then, excellent. But if she doesn’t, then Ateneo ought to sanction her.

    Otherwise, it’ll be perfectly alright for everyone else – Atenean or not – to immortalize their hate and intolerance and contempt for their less privileged countrymen in blogs. It’ll be okay, for instance, to call gays immoral sub-human sodomites; or to say that the poor have no right to live because they contribute no good to society.

    Oh sure, there is freedom of expression and all that. And certainly, Tracy and those who think like her will prolly keep on thinking and talking like that. But they must know that their acts have consequences.

    Ateneo makes a big deal about standing up for what is right. And therefore it cannot sit idly by and wait – as you seem to imply – for this thing to blow over.

    If it does, it would be undermining it’s own moral authority. Not that that will amount to much more than a hill of beans, but as insignificant as making a stand may seem to some people, NOT making a stand will definitely have a greater – if insiduous – effect on the morality and civility of society.

  74. blah blah says:

    Ang masasabi ko lang sa nagsulat ng “essay” or whatever na yan:


    yun lang….

  75. agree, rom.

    the thing is, this is not rare, even in urban areas. i grew up in baguio city and i heard the same spoken of cordillerans. when i moved to laguna, i heard similar ethnocetric comments by supposedly educated folk about my being from northern luzon.

    i don’t know, but perhaps it’s a bias that folks inculcate among the kids? not only in so far as ethnolinguistic groups are concerned but also socioeconomic strata?

  76. sd says:

    Pinoys can sometimes be more arrogant than Americans or even Europeans.

    Well…think of it this way. If another thermonuclear war breaks out, or World War 3 sends our civilization back to Stone Age within our lifetime, we would live like Negritos too.

    Wouldn’t that be nice, we’d all become almost equals. Money will be rendered obsolete, and our status cannot bring food to our table. Those who can forage gets the veggies, those who can hunt get the meat and the p*ssy.

  77. sd says:

    Perhaps this blog entry was hacked or the picture is not Tracy herself. Believe, she’d be mightily embarrassed on Monday.

  78. Masked Executioner says:

    Well, well, well… What do we have here, a prissy miss in a rich family, dissing an indigenous tribe? Well, she could have either the cold heart frozen by the finery of the land and as such, can’t even bear to thrust herself in filth, or the closed mind tighter than the noose of the gallows.

    My verdict in summary : Prissy miss has no manners at all. Fucking bitch.

  79. cvj says:

    Granting that the Jesuits mean well, they should seriously look into the psychological effects on those being immersed. My observation is that a disproportionate number of elitists (and social darwinists) across generations come from the Ateneo and it might be partly due to these immersion programs. Perhaps there should be some psychological profiling of students before having them enter into such unfamiliar environments.

  80. just asking says:

    I feel so bad. i’m from Ateneo which most of you have wholeheartedly bashed. Why mock the school so much who obviously intended well because one person’s 19 years of upbringing was not challenged nor moved enough by the program? One girl’s blog leaked out and the entire institution is crucified.

    I’m not all over ateneo but still I am offended. the generalizations are too much to handle. I teach kids from the urban poor 3 times a school week and just reading all these comments from people who’d automatically think i’m an asshole who can’t relate to people outside my campus? and asshole who you’d want to spew your diarrhea on? oh sorry maybe i’m not worthy. I would very much appreciate if you look me in the eye and tell me and all the hundreds of people in my school who give up gimicks, time and money to teach kids of the urban poor in person. If you all stopped bashing people here and started acting, maybe things could have been better.

    I may not be from a school who is better in basketball but please. Think before you speak. Tracy is not Ateneo.

  81. cvj says:

    Tracy is by no means an isolated case, there are other examples. There is something in Ateneo’s education that produces elitists and social darwinists. The Jesuits should at least investigate whether immersion, in particular, and its educational program in general, awaken contempt for the poor in some of its students.

  82. sadness says:

    this really saddens me. i went to the aetas myself and found that they are smelly and disgusting. but cmon… making fun of them isnt the answer… if she really was changed by the immersion experience then she wouldnt have had the heart to even say these things.

    and people tell me that its just for people not to laugh at her. coz if she shows them that she had a horrible time and hated every minute of it that then she’ll be a NORMAL atenean? sad sad sad…

    it surely isnt an isolated case and that saddens me. i hope this opens people’s eyes to who they are and who they should be. im no preacher but i hope people see the truth in this.

  83. em says:

    i think tracy has always embraced her inner mean child. it’s just her immersion reaction we see…but maybe if you know her pretty well, you would acknowledge the fact that she’s generally outspoken about her opinions whether it’s this certain thing or that irregardless of how offensive it may sound off to her non-friends.

    i really don’t think it’s in the school so much so as how her parents brought her up. reading her blog, she’s being reinforced more by her parents’ reactions towards the immersion.

    it’s hard to change a bratty kid’s way when she’s already an adult already…

  84. Bencard says:

    cvj @ 11;17pm, it’s not only ateneo, i think. it is every school that has snobbish elitest s.o.b’s and bitches. as the saying goes, there’s snake in every forest.

  85. BrianB says:

    Social darwinists, CVJ? Or maybe just middle class who don’t want to pay taxes.

  86. […] you are still curious what this brouhaha has to tell, you can check on this, this, and  this. You be the judge. Personally, I know some Atenean friends who went to the same […]

  87. Iamstorm says:

    I take issue with Tracy’s sentiments – and just because they were meant for private contacts only doesn’t mean we can simply excuse that kind of thinking – not because she says the Aetas are poor and dirty and sickly and smelly, but with the WAY she says it. Aetas are poor and sickly and smelly and dirty – that’s reality. I’ve read some people who’ve had similar immersion experiences say that they washed their hands thoroughly and bathed for an hour after getting home and all that – and I understand that. Most of us here were brought up to look out for our hygiene, and most of us have grown used to our comforts. But to talk down and look down on these people just because they had the misfortune of being poor and destitute and don’t enjoy the things we have is just crass and insensitive. To say that this is just “dark humor” is a poor excuse. Ateneo should act responsibly and address this issue and not just brush this under the rug.

    I think that bashing is not productive at this point. I remember – and many others do – the case of Malu Fernandez, and I don’t think it’s fair to bash Tracy that way. She’s still young and selfish, so I think she deserves some slack – unlike Malu, who grew up only to still act and think like a juvenile – and I can only hope that she really learns from this. Still, she deserves a good shake or slap in the face for these elitist remarks. And from what school she comes from is irrelevant – I’m sure every school has at least one, UP included (and I’m from UP). She deserves a reprimand because she’s a bitch, not because she’s Atenean. (Although I realize some others will say that she’s a bitch BECAUSE she’s from Ateneo, but I disagree.)

    Kapag wala pa rin siyang pinagkatandaan pagkatapos ng insidenteng ito, saka ako pupulot ng bato.

  88. philipp says:

    ang ARTE MO!!!! pucha ka… mga ikaw ang walang alam sa mundo! bobo at walang kwentang tao!

  89. philipp says:

    WALANG KWENTANG TAO…… kawawa nman..

  90. glenda p. says:

    nasabi na nila lahat ang gusto ko sabihin…
    kaloka ka ate!
    nakakainis na nakakatawa talaga ung blog entry mo…
    ok lang yan,,,,hahahaha…sikat ka na ngayon!

  91. […] to the public. The screenshots of her facebook page are quite small and hard to read, but luckily the Smoke blog diligently converted it into plain […]

  92. Trosp says:

    How about this one…

    For me, what this student has done was a stupid mistake – thinking aloud. I, myself is often guilty of that but I just keep it to myself. But then, I’d like to know how do you see the below. Supposed to be, this blogger is an intelligent person, matured, Fil-Am, and if I’m not mistaken, an executive in US. Just bear with me in our exchanges of emails. He is the most active Tracy basher).

    (I t all started when I call him names like bastard and stupid for being sleazy with his posts on Palin candidacy. And his reply as posted on houseonahill blog which I’ve reposted in his blog because of his Bidets issue that he posted).

    (Some of the caps are mine)

    knock! knock! knock!

    moonbats flying in the nite! AHEM! Did I hear somebody call my name?! GOT PASSPORT, READY TO SHOW IF NECESSARY, INCLUDING DIPLOMAS. Any takers???

    pissed be with you




    pissed be with you


    (You’ve posted them as comments on a houseonahill blog and not just some sort of journal in a Facebook).


    Pots calling kettle block or a case of hypocrisy?


    When I posted that in his blog (under his moderation of course), he emailed me this:

    From: OFW []
    Sent: Monday, December 15, 2008 1:58 AM
    To: pensortijas@gmail dot com
    Subject: Re: [reyna elena dot com] Please moderate: “Bidets in the Aeta community”



    One of these days, I WILL OUT YOU.

    I expect your response.


    And this one before that…

    From: OFW []
    Sent: Sunday, December 14, 2008 8:15 PM
    To: pensortijas@gmail dot com
    Subject: Fwd: [reyna elena dot com] Please moderate: “Bidets in the Aeta community”

    Oh, I put your comment on spam.

    And the following exchanges of emails…

    From: Pen Sortijas [mailto:pensortijas@gmail dot com]
    Sent: Monday, December 15, 2008 10:17 PM
    To: ‘OFW’
    Subject: FW: [reyna elena dot com] Please moderate: “Bidets in the Aeta community”

    Yup. You are correct. You will not see my mail in your inbox anymore. But those things that you’ve emailed could go a long long way in the blogsphere to unmask you and your sleazy blog.

    I’ve to reformat my PC tonight since you have contaminated it and I have to ask our parish to exorcise it tomorrow.

    From: OFW []
    Sent: Monday, December 15, 2008 10:44 AM
    To: Pen Sortijas
    Subject: Re: [reyna elena dot com] Please moderate: “Bidets in the Aeta community”

    You’re damn right. Exactly how you wrote your stuff against! Please don’t email me no more. I honestly don;t want to hear from you.

    His last communication with me –

    From: OFW []
    Sent: Monday, December 15, 2008 10:22 PM
    To: Pen Sortijas
    Subject: Re: FW: [reyna elena dot com] Please moderate: “Bidets in the Aeta community”


    No worries. You can send them all to the internet however you want. You might be interested with my next entry. It will be about you. I will social climb with you hahaha! You don’t have to unmasked me, I don’t think i blocked you.

    Welcome to my blog. In my entry, feel free to comment because I was befuddled with the similarity you have with Ellumbra.


    Bigotry, Hypocrisy, Blackmail?

  93. Uber-1337 says:

    What do you expect from rich spoiled brats? They live in a world shielded from the real one with walls built by their parents’ or ancestors’ hardwork (or pangungurakot/ pagnanakaw). Everything is spoonfed to them and their basis of respect is a person’s networth or net salary, looks, and/or influence. Honestly, i still havent found a “filthy rich kid” who doesnt look down on ordinary people.

    She’s just being honest and im quite sure that she wasnt alone with these comments of hers, though her “dark humor” excuse is a lame one. Using parallelism, it’s like committing a crime is a-ok as long as no one saw it.

    Anyway. She’ll just spread her legs to a man who has the money and resources that will make her eyes’ pupil form a dollar sign, get married, and raise another generation of brats who’ll look down on people. And just brag to her friends, kids, and acquiantances what a “web phenomenon” her blog entry was.

  94. Jon says:

    What a dimwit, f*ckup spoiled shit! excuse my french but you are one stupid individual!

  95. Smeger says:

    now you got your fame of shame tracy! i won’t condone your feelings towards those people that you have interacted on your immersion but somehow learn how to be conscious and sensitive on what you do, such as posting experiences on the web. yes, you may not expect all the people to read your blog and you might intend it just among your ‘circle of friends’ but then again, it’s the WORLD WIDE web baby. think about that. again.

    i would be honest i haven’t been in a situation wherein i can meet the original filipinos in their but at least have some respect. they may have been socially challenged but shouldn’t it be us who have understand and adjust to the situation? so we would know the difference of our lives and THEIR lives? hence, the purpose of IMMERSION?

    one thing you are right though. Saint Ignatius, this POOR GIRL has NOT BEEN IMMERSED.

  96. Rens the sinner says:

    Wow.. Wasn’t that a good immersion. You learned how to despise people for being poor just because you’re one of the lucky rich kids who can go to a prestigious school. Looks like you learned a lot of shit huh. Tss..

    Can’t you just keep the insults to yourself and let other people feel pity for those people….

    I can’t call you stupid,cause you’re from a prestigious school where smart kids go to. But hell, you ARE STUPID as shit. Damn..

  97. AdmuAlumnus05 says:

    Wow. Just wow.

    Most, if not ALL of the Ateneans I know who immersed in my batch felt like we were dropped far far away from our comfort zones, but I didn’t realize an Atenean would react like this.

    Talk about riding high on a white horse. This bitch totally missed the whole point.

    I’m an Atenean, yes, I know of the hate and the rep we have, but wow, just wow. No matter how hard I try to grasp it, I just feel sick reading this.

    I’m not saying only Ateneans have people like this. Surely, no matter how hard the other schools deny, they have their own bitches as well. It’s just sad that this person’s so clueless about the people that are actually, well, more Filipino than most of us are.

    Are we all innocent of looking down on other people? Of course not. We all have tendencies to do so. But more often than not they’re triggered, not driven. The entry this Tracy made is a driven one. She could have stopped when she said the first few negative things, but she went all the way to totally drive the point home. To me, private viewing or not, it’s a shame to call her a fellow Atenean.

    I’m not one to wish harm to other people, but to rephrase what Achilles said in the movie Troy. “When this goes back to you, I will metaphorically look down on your corpse and smile.”

    Shameful. Utterly shameful.

  98. AteneoBoy says:

    Ey Tracy!

    Lets immerse in each other’s liquids you *itch. I bet it’ll be better than HELL…

  99. bok says:

    y’know what, whenever i am seeing or hearing a people like you, i cannot helpp but to think of how you were brought up by your parents…all i can say is…youre a fruit of a FUCKING TREE..get me!!!

  100. nomad says:

    i pity her for what she did.

  101. hawk says:

    in LESS harsh words, i am opposing to everything she said to the aetas.

    wanna know why? because i spent more quality time with the aetas than her! it is because of that “teaching program” we had for the aetas that i realized that they were equal (or EVEN BETTER) to us in skills, intelligence and everything. only problem they have is that their community is not that well developed that they can’t be like us. that THEY DON’T HAVE THE MONEY.

    there was one kid who was really my favorite during my stay and he was great in the arts(i had to be biased since i was an arts student)!!! if only someone would sponsor him to take visual arts school, he’d be great like those of the botong or even juan luna-type of artists. at a young age, you’d see the potential of a great person. and i can say each and every one of them are so gifted that we MANILA PEOPLE would be idiots standing next to them.

    i only pray that st. ignatius would slice your leg with his sword and not be able to walk again unlike him, who was hit by a cannon ball but managed to be healed by GOD. damn you demon-whore for insulting our aeta brothers and sisters.

    sana, malaman ng mga tao kung ano ang ginagawa talaga ng gobyerno. sana, hindi malayo ang nagrerebelde sa gobyerno sa “true goals” nila at huwag sana mauwi sa terorismo kapag wala nang nakikinig sa mga daing nila. sana magbago ang lahat ng pilipino.

  102. alyssa says:

    hahahhahaha! you know, i have fairly just one idea of you. you’re so ungraciously absurd. to hell with your apricot scrubs, girl. i truly pray they won’t ship you off to Africa. i mean, i understand inhibitions, because this place is so very diff from your world. yun nga lang i don’t appreciate the very detailed (and very blasphemous) blog. they’re Aetas, what did you expect? some trip to the mall? of course not. sana you had prepared yourself better (and not in a drunk stupored way), and probably by understanding their situation BEFORE you came (more important than packing your swiss knife dear), you’d have prolly seen and felt better about the entire thing, not bathing included. poor girl. you’re really smart, i could tell, but you’re none the wiser.

  103. Fauxx says:

    “it doesn’t matter if you felt that she wasn’t fair in her blog. Our fairness should never be contingent on how fair others are.”

    hm. she’s fairly ugly.
    my point of perspective.

    “I labored on this transcription also because I felt that there was a lot to be learned from her writing.”

    i.e. Attention whoring from an easy target.

  104. | Dee | says:

    damn you girl..

    how dare you say that to aeta’s..

    dapat ikaw na umintindi sa kanila..

    it seems na ikaw pa ang nakakahiya than them..

    hope you’ll enjoy the karma that god will give you..

    damn you BITCH…

  105. mountaineer...... says:

    hahaha..wala taung magagawa ganun xa eh…

    dpt may nakakita sa kanyang N.P.A ng may mangyaring maganda sa kanya ng ma kidnap xa.. kazo ung mga N.P.A ay ung nag climb kami sa isang bundok eh aku ung tailman kaya aku lng ang nakaka salubong sa mga N.P.A.. hahaha sobrang bait ng mga N.P.A di katulad ng babaing yan sobrang…ah basta.

  106. The Punisher says:

    Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!
    How bad… So sad…
    I never imagined that i would meet a girl who belittle other people just because of their economic status…
    YOU make me sick to my stomach and to think that you are an ATENEAN…
    Remember… this blog won’t be recognized as your own, but it will reflect on the name of your school…
    Meaning… All those who study in Ateneo will have a very, very, very bad reputation, and its all because of your foolishness…
    Remember… YOU just got lucky because YOU were born in a wealthy family… What if the tables were turned and you were one of THEM???
    You know what they say, KARMA has its own way of hunting its prey down… And that would be YOU!
    For sure your family is very ashamed of YOU…

  107. rex says:

    why dont we just hook up and have an explicit affair? that’ll definitely straighten you up!! hehe

  108. Wena says:

    sorbang mang-insulto ang author ng essay na ‘to… totoo ba ang mga nangyari o gawa-gawa mo lang, para lang maka-attrack ka ng commenters?

    shame on you, girl!

  109. butog says:

    magandang araw!!!!!!!

    Kapayapaan ni Apo na Malyari naway sumaiyo Bb. Borres!!!

    ako si butog isang tribong AYTA na kasamahan ng mga taga Sta. Juliana na niyurakan mo ang karapatan…. alam mo ba Bb. Borres DISCRIMINATION yang ginawa mo sa tribo ko… bakit mo ginawa yan? porke ba tribo kami at ikaw ay hindi? o baka naman di ka raturuan ng mgandang asal ng iyong mga magulang? naturuan ka nga ba ng GMRC? Sabagay tribo lang kami pero may sa Batas na kinalala ng karamihan…….is that the kind of education you get from your school?
    Yang ginawa mo ay paglabag sa Karapatang Pantao ng mga Katutubo under the RA 8371 o Indigenous Peoples Rights Act (IPRA). MAtapos magamit ang komunidad at makakuha ng GRADE….ganun nalang ang ibabato mo……..
    Nahihiya Ako sayo Atenista ka pa naman Bb. Borres… BAkit kaya may mga taong grabe yumurak sa kapatan ng mahihirap lalo na sa Tribo? why???????
    SAna maintindihan mo ako..nasaktan ako ng ginawa mo….tribo ko pa naman….SAlamat sa mga Discrimination na ginawa mo sa Tribo ko…….

  110. brianbro says:

    Jesus Rom, blog about this. This can be groundbreaking re race relations among Pinoys, and I’m only half kidding. Well, really, I’m quarter Spanish, quarter chinese and a quarter kidding.

  111. brianbro says:

    Rom, telling you this is a worthier cause for bloggers. Send it to the papers.

  112. Just give Tracy a chance to explain. =) She’s not accustomed to that kind of environment because she was probably born with a silver spoon in her mouth and she doesn’t have much interaction with any other people besides the rich ones. 😀 Let us condemn the action but not the person. I believe that she’s no aware of the gravity of her mistakes and is really really sorry for what happened.

  113. ivy says:

    she did explain. check out this link (

    the one good thing about her is —aminado din naman siya na spoiled siya eh.

  114. I understand her says:

    Shes just being honest about what she experienced. Kung hindi ninyo masakyan eh di wag. Nakakaaliw nga eh. Masyado naman judgemental ang mga comments ninyo. Live and let live.

  115. rain says:

    i feel sorry for tracy kasi daming oa na nag react. i mean sa tingin nyo ba yung mga nagreact magiging at home kaagad dun? iba kasi yung environment nya kaya sya nanibago saka opinyon nya yun. Yaan nalang natin. hindi naman sya santo. at lalong hindi tayo santo diba?

  116. yeah says:


    You guys should really stop EXAGGERATING and giving this girl a bad name!

    If there was anyone stupid in here, its those idiots who make such a big deal out of someone venting from an undesirable experience.

    Go Tracy!

    And to you oversensitive extremist “im poor so what” makamasa people: suck it up.

  117. duh says:

    haaay….socially class one but seems not educated..(tracy) what did ur education do to you?

  118. Mark says:

    tsk tsk tsk sana di ka na lang sumama! kakaawa ka naman! magpasalamat ka at hindi ikaw ang nasa kalagayan ng mga aeta…. ang mga taong kagaya mo ay dapat itapon sa ibang bansa (like Iraq or Africa, para mas malaman mo talaga ang kahulugan ng buhay)..

    napakassosyal mo nga pero ang itim naman ng budhi mo….

    mas maitim pa sa balat ng mga aetas….

    remember, Karma’s a bitch and it’s just around the corner…

  119. pink says:

    I think that tracy did go overboard with her criticisms but i dont think she deserves all the bad things people are saying about her.

    This blog was meant to be viewed by people who know her. Writing about your experiences and feelings is what blogs are for. People who actually know her might find this blog funny. I don’t think that she wrote this to deliberately hurt people she was just sharing her feelings and experience to her FRIENDS.

    So to the person who actually leaked this blog i think you did more harm than good. To Tracy you are young and you have a LOT to learn. Don’t let people put you down. But i do hope you learned from this experience (immersion and scandal).

    Stop judging Ateneans not all Ateneans are like that! This is a personal essay which doesnt have anything to do with the school.

    lets not be hypocrites. We might not write an essay like this but let’s face it living with the Aeta’s is no vacation. It is HARD especially for those who are used to the comfortable city life. let’s cut Tracy some slack.

  120. rain says:

    yup maybe theyre just jealous because tracy had it easy growing up. kasi lahat naman tayo may tendency na magrant tungkol sa bagay bagay masyadong naging big deal lang yan kasi nalaman na taga ateneo sya. dun na nagsulputan tuloy yung mga taong nag sasabing matapobre etc sya. pero sa tingin nyo ba yung mga nag ccomment na yun hindi ginagawa yung ginawa nung tracy? i dont think so. ganun din sila. ganun sila mag rant sa mga katulad ni tracy. what makes them any different fom her?

  121. Mila says:

    hahaha! hindi kaiinggitan ang mga taong tulad ni tracy na halos minumura at kinukutya na ngayon.

  122. rain says:

    same thing goes to her so called friend na nagkalat nun. private nga yun for “them” tapos kinalat. Most likely insecure sya dun kay tracy. Poor soul.

  123. maka-pilipino says:

    PUTANG INANG GAGOng tracy ito! kung makapan-lait ka ng mga pilipino. ang mga katulad mo and dapat inaalis dito sa bansang ito.

  124. flipmodej says:

    Hatred aside, I’m more indifferently bitter for her. I feel she deserves all this criticism about what she wrote simply because you’d think someone of her stature would have the sensibility to convey her thoughts. From this we all learned that people are human and that there are many Tracy’s in this world from different points of the economic spectrum as well.

    If anything, I put blame on her parents. This girl seems to be overtly sheltered and despite her lifestlye, I’m surprised they don’t expose her to more things that tell about what the country is about. Like there is life outside of Manila that is just as difficult without having to rely on modern day stuff.

    If she’s any smarter than what is suggested of her, I’m hoping she learns from her rude awakening and completely think things through before making a statement. Otherwise the ‘hypocrisy’ of the others who have commented would have to be correct due to her natural born stupidity.

  125. mich says:

    You bitch, you think you’re above it all? Reality check : you are not! You are DELUSIONAL!!!! Think you should consult a psychiatrist cause you seriously have issues.

    PS: It’s MMR vaccine not MNR plus they give that at birth . GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!

    PPS: You are not any whiter than those people after what you have written. You’re like the devil incarnate. Bitch you ain’t even pretty. Had I seen you before you entered Ateneo, I would’ve mistaken you for my yaya.
    You’re a boil on the butt of humanity.



    SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. individual. says:

    a bondegious pathetic unsocialzie individual,.
    your inner sense lacks compensation towards the unfortunate ones,,
    what if you are in their position,. “HELL” like what you said,.
    did it even cross your mind how they are living their unfortunate lives.??
    may god understand this pathetic individual..
    i feel very sorry for you..
    even if you expound,.
    i will not waste my time hear your expostulation,.
    what you’ve done is not an essay,.
    its a shitlist,.
    complaining so much but you cannot see the flaws of yourself.

  127. TheForce says:

    Ganito ka pala pinalaki nang magulang mo. Mabango ka nga, pero mabaho ka padin. Kahit ano pang mamahaling pabango ang gamitin mo. You just made us puke. WTF. Pasalamat ka nga at hindi ka pinanganak na nasa kalagayan nila. Kaw sana yung uhugin at kadiri na nilalait mo gaga. Ibang level ka nga, dapat nga nag pa HPV ka nlang. Sana ni rape ka nlang doon at ginawang kare kare puta ka.

  128. Flipmodej says:

    @UP n Grad

    Thats an awesome idea! Have the students arrange their visas and have them work overseas in more ‘humbling’ areas if the Philippines doesn’t seem their liking. I reccomend they go to NYC, but have their housing in the Bronx to see how they communicate with foreigners who know how to fight back, if they though the Aetas had no spine. Or a bad neighborhood in the D.C. area or Detroit slaving away on AMERICAN minimum wage!

    If they really wanted a humbling experience, they should have done what my cum laude in high school did: Leave everything he ever had and go to a mission in some destitute world that needs his kindess, wisdom and patience. The kid is pasty white as fuck, tall and lanky so its not hard to miss him in the locale.

  129. rain says:

    arent you guys doing the same thing she “did” to the aetas?

  130. On the Other Side says:

    Everybody’s a little bit racist. Listen to it. Live with it.

  131. GET OVER IT says:

    Get over this, people! You’re out-dated. You’re fighting over a fight that is long over. There are more things in this world that we need to worry about.

    The simple fact that you might (only probably MIGHT) have a better reaction than she does is enough for you to stop blabbing and minding other people’s business.

  132. admugrad of 2003 says:

    Even if she has her own reasons, everything that she said’s WAY TOO MUCH.

    I know all of us turn out to be a lil bit racist at times. But not this much. I know this girl grew up in a good wealthy family, but if all of the rich daughters and sons of this country will turn out to be having this kind of attitude, then I would wish no one will be rich in this world. Let’s just admit that she’s kinda wrong in doing a move for making this blog so let’s just let it be.

    I know she’ll realize everything soon.

    She’ll realize that sometimes, we MUST deal with other people’s lives, and that we SHOULD NOT LET ourselves be locked up to the world where we grew up…

    This blog really made me feel bad and sad.

    Manners really are being overruled by WEALTH.

    Which is not good.


  133. Sad says:

    @ admugrad of 2003

    Yup, this thing’s really sad. I knew this from a friend. She posted a blog entery about this girl. And I never knew that I would meet a person like her. 😦 This is really bad and rude.

    I tried to understand her when my friend is still telling me the story. But when I read this,

    I can’t say or think about anything but how was she able to be so rude. 😦

  134. keendwaah says:

    what she said was freakin rude. im from ateneo de davao and st.ignatius won’t be happy for her rudeness..we were taught to value cura personalis or caring for others because we are not ateneans just because we have luxurious things,but we are ATENEANS because we live for the greater glory of God and His people.i hope she realizes that.

  135. Lex says:

    i totally agree with tracy. she has to stay strong and stick to what she believes in. hygiene is very important. i was in ateneo too and for our immersion we had to go to a squatter area. i tried to blend in and dressed in a hiphop outfit with a fubu jersey and everything but everything there was really dirty. when i got home i was so itchy and it felt so good to take a shower. good job tracy. don’t let the haters bring you down; keep up the excellent essay-writing.

  136. Rap says:

    woa a friend gave me the link to this fabulous post. I loved it! Kitang kita sa tulis ng baba mo ang pandidire. More more wahahahaha!

  137. FlipmodeJ says:

    @Lex: “keep up the excellent essay-writing.” Yeah, I bet she’d get a high five from her idol stephanie meyer for having such an accomplished writing style. Your post reeks of trolling because either its too dumb or someone is forcing it. Try harder next time.

  138. FlipmodeJ says:

    @On the other side:
    “Everybody’s a little bit racist. Listen to it. Live with it.”
    Oh like Michael Richards huh with “NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER!” Thing is even if I do cross the line with my bigotry at times I still try reach out and let my intentions known. I take responsibility for whatever spews out of my gob. People should take responsibility for even little shit like that because that is how the real world operates.

  139. unidentifiedwalkingobject says:

    I feel pity to this person who is just so ignorant of the harsh realities of Philippine society. She is so occupied in her wonderland.

  140. gagaeyes says:


    andaming hipokrita dito!!!

    eh kayo kaya mag-immersion dun sa pinuntahan ni tracy? tingnan lang natin kung di rin kayo magrereklamo. andaming arte nyo, pero pag andun na kayo sa sitwasyon, ganun din iisipin nyong mga hipokrita kayo. AT maliligo rin kayo ng todo-todo paguwi nyo sa bahay nyo.

    at wag nyong idamay ang mga magulang nya. eh kung anak nyo kaya mag-immersion din, di nyo ba papaimmunize kung meron ka namang pera? at di nyo rin kaya sasabihan ang anak nyo na dalhin ang swiss knife nyo, lalo na kung babae ang anak nyo at di nyo alam kung talagang 100% safe sya sa pupuntahan nya?

    she was just being honest about her opinion and wrote it in her blog. kasalanan nya bang naging honest sya sa naging experience nya dun? she meant every word she wrote, but she didn’t mean for her post to be read by hypocrites like you. and oh yeah, she had one bitch of a bitter friend who, like the coward that he or she probably is, did a despicable thing by making tracy’s post public. that was another fault of tracy! by the way, i’m betting it’s a “she” because only a spiteful and probably jealous woman can do such a wicked thing and betray her friend.

    let the public crucify tracy because the bitter friend doesn’t have the balls to do so. the bitter (and coward) friend wanted people to bark, and the hypocrites like most of you did bark! woof! woof! woof! can you just imagine this bitter friend smiling in evil triumph because she got people to dance to her tune and lambaste tracy because SHE didn’t have the guts to say “fuck you, tracy!” to her face?

    at least di naging hipokrita si tracy sa post nya, di gaya nyong mga self righteous, maka-dyos, at maka-pilipinas na mga hipokrita.

    here’s a point to ponder…

    kung may isang batang lumapit sayo na musmusin, na may uhog, na may sore eyes, na nangangamoy ang sipon na tumutulo sa ilong, at may mga sugat sa balat…di kaya pandidirihan nyo rin at iwasan nyo? di kaya iisipan nyo rin ng masama? at di rin kaya kayo iisip na baka mahawa din kayo?

    pinoy din yung bata, di ba? isa sa atin, di ba?

    kayong mga hipokrita kayo, the next time you see a kid with the description above, hug the kid tightly, ha? kiss him din to show him na pinoy ka at pinoy rin sya. kasi mga pinoy kayo, di ba? mahal nyo ang kapwa nyo pinoy, di ba?

    kasi ako, i honestly won’t do that. malakas ang self preservation ko. siguro kayong mga hipokrita kayo, kaya nyo yun, kaya gawin nyo. yun lang, tingnan lang natin kung magagawa nyo talaga.

    and ikaw, mich, you do know that you ARE no better than tracy, right? kasi ikaw at karamihan sa inyo dito, eh, puro kayo opinion at puro kayo satsat, pero wala naman kayong ginagawa para sa mga aeta. you’re not really defending the aetas; you’re only expressing and defending your shocked sensibilities. your ignorant comments will not really do anything constructive, and constructive is what the aetas need. not your scathing comments about someone who wrote with all honesty about her experience during her immersion.

    woof! woof! woof! so kahol, mga tuta, kahol!

  141. famousanne says:

    Swerte mo tracy.. ganyan ang estado ng buhay mo..
    pero i’m telling you, MADALING MAUBOS ANG PERA at ang karma nasa tabi tabi lang yan..
    so, GOOD LUCK!

    **sarap mong kurutin ng niper 😀

  142. The Humble says:

    @GAGAEYES: ano masasabi mo kay butog na isa mga naapakan ni tracy na tga ateneo na hindi man lang marunong magsabi ng sorry na isang napaka simple at napaka iklong salita? ano po, GAGA?

  143. Rick says:

    Huli yata ako sa balita… napag alaman ko lang ito dahil sa huling isyu ng matanglawin… at napukaw ang aking ulirat…

    Ka awa-awang bata… anong uri kaya ng sibilisasyon o lipunan ang humubog sa kanyang katauhan o kaisipan (kung tao pa ang pananaw meron siya)? Isang patanay na ang pamatasan ng Ateneo may may malaking gagampanang tungkulin upang maibsan ang kalabisan ng kahayopan ng mga kalereng burgis…

    Ito ang klasik na ehemplo ng anathema o kakaiba o “set aside” sa anima ng ateneo. At malamang di lang ang naturang bata ang may natatanging kaisipan… at di lang din sa Ateneo.

    Ang pagkukundena sa kanya ay hindi makakatulong sa kanya at sa lipunang kanyang ginagalawan… ayon sa isang makatang Heswitang si P. Allejo: “sanayan lang ang pag patay” … sa ganitong kalakaran at kaganapan ng mga may ganitong uri kaisipan, hindi malayo ang katayan!

    “Patriotism is another person’s terrorism”

    Neng, free your mind! Salvation is at hand!

  144. Rick says:

    at para kay gagaeyes… will, ang kanyang mga saloobin ay tama para sa lihis na landas… neng appeal to pity yan… puntaryahin ang tunay na isyu… cguro naman hindi sa naturang nilalang namumuhi ang mga tao dito na nag kukumento… kundi sa maka burgis na kamalayan…

    sina bi mo na : ” she was just being honest about her opinion and wrote it in her blog.”

    True na sana eh… pero ito yong pinaka pathetic na comment na nabasa ko dito…Ang daming mga komento laban sa mga pinoy in world stage… ano ginawa natin? nag react at gumawa ng kaukulang hakbang… para bang ganito, ayaw natin pa-api… pero pwede tayo mang-api… ayaw natin pa baboy, pero pwede tayo mang baboy ng iba… ayaw natin mahusgahan… pero tayo pwede mang husga… Hindi yata dapat pang blog ang naturang opinion… o baka gusto lang nyang sumikat…

    In lieu of public opinion and freedom of speech o malayang pamamahayag… may duty and responsibility ang bawat manunulat na ginagampanan… ang kanyang opinyon ay bukas para sa lahat at malisyoso…

    Neng, pwede siyang kasuhan! Dahil sa kanyang pagiging walang pakundangan at mga mapanirang mga pahayag. subukan mong basahin ito:

    kaw rin… free your mind! Salvation is at hand!

  145. Junghooks7 says:

    gaga eyes:

    I respect your– wait, you have no opinions worth respecting. Did you feel better writing that great wall of text that covered very little of what you really wanted to convey?
    TL;DR – I am going to use reverse pscyhology to prove how the people are hypocrites because everyone is like tracy when reality hits them outside their posh upbringing.

    KEY WORD BITCH, UPBRINGING. Mga magulang ang nagtuturo sa mga anak nila ang mga ugali nilang nakukuha. Mukhang hindi sanay si tracy makakita ng ganitong grabeng bagay. At sa halip na isipin nya ng mabuti ang consequence, pinilit na lamang gawin at kapag dumating na uminit ang situasyon, idadaan nalang sa sori at pagiging ignorante? As much as there are people like her who view her world differently, there are MANY MORE people who see that kind of world on a day to day basis. How lucky your free thinking makes you feel dignified yet ultimately you don’t even remember your roots. Did the story about the kid take you 5 minutes to write? Take your own advice. We could use more mother theresas according to your arguments.

  146. sakira says:

    Arrogant ignorant Elitist Atenean. Typical. Kick them half-breeds out of the country. They don’t like locals anyway.

  147. ihatethisgirl says:


    i know i’m late. Late na ko sa balitang to. Ngayon ko lang to nabasa, pero sobrang nkakalungkot. Nkakagalit.
    Bakit may mga taong ganyan? Sana yung mga pandidiring nramdaman mo teh, naitago mo nalang. Pinaglantaran mo pa eh. F*ckshit. Nakakahiya ka. Ikaw na mayaman, brat, spoiled! You shouldn’t have joined in that program in the first place. Eh puro kaartehan lang pla gagawin mo eh. Ang kapal lang ng mukha mo.. kahit sino kpa, wala kang karapatan manapak ng ibang tao. Kala mo ba malinis ka? Maganda ka? Eh ikaw na yata ang isa sa pinakamaruming tao sa Pilipinas eh.Gano ka man kganda, kung ganyan ka, wala din. Ang mga aeta, ganyan man sila.. sila naman may puso. Eh ikaw? Parang bato ang puso mo. Ayy mali pala. WALA KA PALANG PUSO. Kung magkakaron man ako ng anak na kagaya mo, naka. Nakakahiya. Yuyuko ako sa sobrang kahihiyan. Sana marealize mo yung mali mo.. Kasi sobrang sama ng ugali mo. Sabihin na natin na hindi kita kilala, pero sa pinakita mo sapat na yun para ipakita ang tunay mo na kulay. Kulay na itim. Sa essay pa na ginawa mo, andaming pngalan ng Diyos ang ginamit mo. :/

    Ang Karma, dadating yan. Hindi man ngayon, balang araw.
    You should’ve think first before you act.

    P.S. Wag natin sisihin ang ATENEO sa ipinakita nitong babae. Kasi wala na yun sa skul. Nasa tao na yun. Tigilan na ang pangungutya sa skul. Yung tao ang mali.

  148. Community Development Student says:

    Gusto ko lang po sabihin na bilang isang estudyante ng Community Development, kami nakikipamuhay sa mga kasamahan nating Aeta. Hindi namin iniinda ang mga uhog nila at kawalan ng kubeta. Sa kubeta, kahit bigyan natin sila ng napakagarang banyo o kubeta, hindi pa din nila gagamitin iyon dahil hindi yun ang kinagisnan nila tulad ng nakagisnan mo. HIndi tulad mo na napakagara ng pamumuhay na nakakapag body scrub ka pa.
    At wag ninyo sasabihin na wala kami ginagawa para matulungan sila. Dahil sa araw araw, tinutulungan namin mag organisa para maipaglaban nila ang kanilang karapatan na patuloy na isinasawalang bahala ng mga taong katulad ninyo.
    Ang hinihingi sayo sa immersion ay maintindihan ang bawat aspeto ng buhay. Mukha ngang nakita mo yun. Nakita mo kung gano ka payak lang ang pamumuhay nila kung ikukumpara sayo. Oo, tama ka nga na opinyon mo yan at isinulat mo lang yan dahil yan ang inisip mo. Ngunit sa susunod, isipin mo din ang mas malalalim na dahilan kung bakit ganyan ang kanilang pamumuhay. Kung ano ang pwede mong gawin para mas mapabuti ang kanilang buhay. Siguro matapos ang buong kaguluhan ukol sa blog mo, maiisip mo din na madami talaga ang maiinis sa kaartehan na pinakita mo nung nagpunta ka sa mga Aeta. Nagpayong habang nag-hike. Nakakabastos sa parte ng host community mo. Nakakabastos lang. Sana inisip mo din yun.

  149. ItsAdriantoyou says:

    I know this is very late…but I love it… more power to you. I love it when people don’t hold back and tell it how it actually is. There’s not need to sugarcoat shit.. shit is shit. I applaud you for being honest and open… the world needs more people like you. One thing I learned from studying in Ateneo years ago is to be honest and open about my thoughts and feelings, and it’s great to see that you have the same qualities.. which is excellent. Tell it like it is… always. Don’t let the haters change you and your attitude.. you are who you are.. and your feelings, thoughts, and opinions are yours and yours alone, and never, ever be afraid to express them. Keep up the great work.. I’m looking forward to the next story…

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