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Revilla for President

Ramon Revilla for President in 2016!

It’s not as impossible as you might think.

1. Who’s to stand against him? Mar Roxas? As it is, Mar Roxas may have some sort of appeal to those who fancy themselves the intelligentsia, but even then, I suspect only as a kind of ‘lesser-evil.’ Let’s face it, coming off of a series of fuck-ups, Mar isn’t exactly a sterling example of presidential calibre.

2. Jejomar Binay? A definite possibility, but I think that Jojo might be intelligent enough to understand that he might not be winnable, and that the game plan in 2016 of rooting out as many Liberals as possible will only be workable with a united opposition. So, I think there is a better than average chance of Binay stepping aside for Revilla at crunch time. He will probably run as Veep again, but with some sort of internal arrangement that he actually runs the show. Don’t be so shocked. Noynoy Aquino and Mar Roxas had the same arrangement.

3. Peter Cayetano? He’s a hard sell as president. Many upper middle class people are leery of him because of his known penchant for turning on the people who’ve supported him. They have a word for that in Filipino. His crusader antics might play well with some people, but come the time for choosing sides, I think most will opt for a more predictable person.

4. Grace Poe? She’s not likely to run, despite the fact that she’s now being touted as the great white Liberal hope. She reminds some people of Cory Aquino, I guess, but she’s still playing coy. I suppose when she starts reminding herself of Cory Aquino, that’s when she’s gonna run. But her biggest problem is that she has no constituency to speak of. Remember that the only reason she stood out in 2013 was because she was in a crowd of bland people, and there was Nancy Binay to act as the dark mirror of her. Standing on her own, I don’t see that she has anything that will make her a prime candidate.

5. What does Bong Revilla have going for him? He has a definite constituency – his regional/provincial base. There’s a lot of magic that can be worked with something like that. For one thing, it’ll provide a bailiwick where results manipulation can easily be disguised.

6. The Estrada machinery can very easily be enslaved to Revilla’s run. In 2010, Joseph Estrada came in third, remember? A known philanderer and a convicted plunderer, who went back on his own word not to run for office, despite a clear constitutional prohibition from Presidents seeking re-election, Erap still placed third. What does that say about voters? They. Don’t. Care.  With a following like that, placed in the service of Revilla, that candidacy has a big hope of actually pulling off a win.

7. Dissatisfaction with the current administration. Despite spin and a few Twitter hacks, no one is overjoyed with how this administration is performing. The buzz on the streets now is about as discontented as the buzz during the tail end of the last administration. It’s just that the PR boys now are much better at managing their boss’ press releases and public relations. What do you expect from a makati-based, industrial strength PR firm?

Oh and, PNoy didn’t win because of himself. He won because Gloria sucked rocks.

8. Voters are stupid. They will vote for whoever their “liders” tell them to vote. That’s because they are uninformed and unimaginative and fucking lazy. Yeah, Revilla has that going for him. All he really has to do is bring some really entertaining celebrities out on the stump with him and he’s got it made in the shade.

9. What does he have to look out for? COMELEC.

Is this what you want? If it is, then just keep doing whatever the fuck you’re doing now. And if Bong Revilla wins in 2016, then you will have gotten the President you deserve.


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Mar Roxas is a moron

“Putang ina! … Patayin ang Gloria-forever Cha-cha na ito!” 

Real classy, moron.



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Kevin’s Mar-lurve

Heh. And I thought I was early. Kevin Ray Chua totally beat me to the punch, bitchez. Check out his Mar Roxas fan site! You have got to admire this fella. Only 17 and he’s already blazing the way in terms of campaigning on the intertubes. Comelec had better sit up and take notice of this dude. I mean, as far as I know, campaigning over the net isn’t covered by that anachronism – the Fair Elections Act.

Now me, I’m no Roxas groupie. In fact, I’ve said some mighty unflattering things about him. But that doesn’t mean he’s not an option. Like I’ve always said, everyone gets to make her own decision. And Kevin Ray’s site is as good a place as any – and better than most – to start making that decision.

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More entries to the race

Remember when Mar Roxas and his Liberals threw their hat into the ring? Yeah, well it’s the NP and Lakas’ turn. Oh sure, they’re all saying it’s just exploratory talks, but the mere fact that they’re exploring the possibilty of a team up at all makes for some pretty interesting news.

NP, in fact, doth protesteth too much.

However, this does not mean that the party’s being critical of the Arroyo administration would be compromised, Cayetano said.

“Any party that seeks to be in the administration or to capture the presidential, house, or local posts need to beef up its membership with strong politicians. But at the same time, we want to make it a party of the masses, of Generation X’ers,” Cayetano said.

“We have to be cautious. We take a lot of stance that is opposition although NP is a mixture…we won’t compromise just to get them into the party,” he added.

Of course not. Ehem.

Cayetano also says they want to focus on performance and principles, “not on politicking.” Good to hear. Now it would be better if he actually lived up to that brave declaration. Unfortunately, this possible team-up with the administration coalition whose “performance” he has criticized endlessly since he got it into his brain to run for Senate, and whose leadership he has derided as lacking in “principles” smacks of nothing more than simple politics. As he himself said: “Any party that seeks to be in the administration or to capture the presidential, house, or local posts need to beef up its membership with strong politicians.”

Oh well, it’s not like we could have expected any better from someone whose most indelible contribution to the intellectual treasury of the nation is the belief that it is the accused who has to prove his innocence.

In any case, since the NP will inevitably field a candidate, I suppose this is as good a time as any to start tracking developments in the NP bid for the presidency. Of course, at this time, only the party can be tracked since Villar hasn’t been as forthcoming as Roxas in the “i wanna be prez” department.

The same goes for LAKAS and Kampi, I guess. But I am absolutely clueless who these two groups will be backing. With the way Gloria has totally lost the perception game, I find it difficult to imagine anyone willing assuming the mantle of her successor. I’d support DND secretary Teodoro, though … but I don’t think he’s thinking of going that far just yet.

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