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And so abs-cbn starts to reap the fruits of the kidnapping.

ABS-CBN aired the videos late Sunday in a documentary titled “Kidnap,” partly to help police on Jolo island identify the kidnappers of news anchor Ces Drilon and two cameramen, who were released last month after ransom amounting to millions of pesos was paid.

Excuse me? They aired the videos to help the police? What the hell kind of bullshit is that? They aired the video because it helps their bottom line to do so. Please. How could airing the video help the cops? Were they supposed to tape the airing – complete with commercial breaks – so they could have something to go on in their hunt for the kidnappers? I’m willing to give abs-cbn the benefit of the doubt and assume that they showed this footage to the cops as soon as possible. And they should’ve stopped there. But in their arrogance, the abs-cbn bosses just had to claim noble motives to mask the mercenary underpinnings of this airing, didn’t they? What a load of crock.


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After the release of Ces Drilon, it seems that a frenzy of accusations and recriminations has been unleashed. First, it was made to appear that the kidnappers released Ces out of the goodness of their hearts; then it was for livelihood projects; then it was ‘revealed’ that ransom had actually been paid. Then, Loren Legarda came  charging in, all ready to claim credit for the release alongside that Isnaji character. Then, with Loren’s smug face still on the headlines looking about ready to french that seedy mayor for giving her another fifteen minutes in the limelight, Isnaji gets implicated and, in short order, arrested. Loren, meanwhile, seems to have shut up – a little too late: now she has her Lucida endorsements and this embarrassment hanging over her head. If there is any intelligence in this world, then she’s already lost her bid for presidency even before she files her certificate of candidacy. 

But at least she can take comfort in the fact that there is very little brains in this world – especially come election time when there are only stomachs – AND the fact that the elections are more than a year away. Knowing the Filipino penchant for moving on (and no, I’m not choking on the irony), she’ll prolly still have a good fighting chance come 2010. 

Which brings me to this idea I had: Someone should start a memory blog that does nothing but list everything that every potential presidential candidate has done since 2007 and right up to the filing of candidacies in 2010. That way, no one forgets.

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