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Which type of Filipina is sexiest?

I’m pretty conflicted about this article from the Huffington Post. On the one hand, it’s a kick to see that Filipinas are considered the fifth sexiest women in the world, ranking after the British, Colombians, Russians, and Brazilians. But on the other hand, I have to wonder, which Filipinas they’re talking about?

For those of you who don’t know or are too chickenshit to admit, there are several kinds of Filipinas, depending on how much foreign blood has been introduced into the mix.

A basic Google Image search ought to illustrate.

First, you have your Basic Malayan – the type I like calling Pinays.

Very beautiful I think, and that pug nose can be quite adorable at times. Nice doe eyes add a hint of oriental mystique, and of course the hair. Now the big boobs in the picture aren’t exactly a common occurrence, but admittedly, when they do happen, they look very nice.

And then there’s the Filipina-Chinese. Let’s call them the Shobes.

Heart Evangelista would fit in this category, but I’m not using her as an example simply because she is a celebrity. And well, celebrities do take extra care of their appearance so, she would hardly be representative of the average Filipina. SO yeah, this chick.

The thing with most Filipina-Chinese is that they tend to have cute rounded cheeks. They rock the look, though.

There are also the Bonitas, Filipina-Spanish. Take a look at this stunner.

While profiling looks is probably one of the least politically correct things to be doing, the physical differences in the appearances of these three broad (and admittedly arbitrary) categories of Filipina women are striking enough to be noticeable. I think these pictures make that pretty obvious.

Bonitas tend to have sharper, more delicate features, such as patrician noses and thin lips. Pinays have fuller features, especially noticeable with the pouty lips and pert noses. Bonitas have rounded eyes, while Shobes and Pinays normally have chinky peepers.

Bonita faces have more angular planes than do the typical Shobes and Pinays. Shobes have softer features, tending to be heart-shaped and Pinays tend to have the oval to oblong face shape characteristic of Malays.

Body-wise, I think Shobes have the best figures. Boobs not to big, tending to be long in the torso, and tall. Bonitas and Pinays are more likely to be petite, with Bonitas being really slightly built while Pinays are more on the robust side.

ASIDE: before you go ballistic on me for doing this kind of comparison, remember I’m only talking about averages here. There are outliers for all three types I’m describing, naturally.

So there you go. I wonder what type of Filipina they considered when they ranked us as the fifth sexiest. What do you think?


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BBC hearts Filipinas

I’m not even going to pretend that I understand the context of this clip from the BBC. I’ve no idea what ‘mating the filipina maid with the northener’ means, except that it seems to be a dig at this northener for not being able to get interested in a sexy girl ‘presenting her rear’ (which is zoologist talk for the kind of sexual body language that features giving prominence to the rump). This interpretation – which again is arrived at without the benefit of context – seems to be borne out by the fact that the angry man’s friend seems only too eager to get with the filipina at the end of the clip. Apparently, he was turned on.

SO now the question is, was this clip particularly degrading to Filipinos?

I suppose if you consider the overt sexuality of the french maid stereotype as offensive to French women, this BBC sketch could be offensive.

Ah, but then we don’t worry about portraying the Chinese as drooling and devious cheats in our sitcoms, do we? Good god. Can you imagine what would happen if the Chinese were to suddenly take offense?

And what about portraying Indians as smelly usurers? Or Muslims as traders in ridiculously shitty products (like the wristwatch that’s so water proof that when the water gets in there, it never gets out).

Apparently, our sensitivities run only one way, and our sense of irony is as dead as a doornail. Classic pikon, as they say in the playgrounds. Can’t take as good as we can dish out.

Mesself, I’m seeing another dimension in all this: a victim-mentality. The predisposition to see everything as potentially victimizing us; the belief that we are in a constant struggle to prove our worth, and that the abuses visited upon our nationals are unique to us – that other nationals are not subjected to the same kinds of abuse. Want to talk about Filipinas being considered whores? Let’s talk about Russian mail-order brides and exported prostitutes. Let’s talk about the Chinese whores brought into this country by the boatload to work in brothels in Manila. 

The point being that we are not being singled out by the universe for abuse. It’s just the inferiorty complex talking.

So get a grip, Riza.

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