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Something smells fishy

I truly wanted to give Dyesebel a chance. All day, I obsessed about the damned thing; couldn’t wait for it to come on. And when it finally did, here’s how it happened.

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Ok. So this is like the umpteenth version of Dyesebel, and I think Marian Rivera may be the prettiest yet. The girl actually has me considering turning lez. I admit, tho’ that I’m not really too knowledgeable about the Dyesebel mythology. A quick check of wikipedia, on the other hand, reveals that I really don’t need to worry about it. Apparently, Dyesebel is just a variation of the Hans Christian Andersen tale.

This is as close as we can come to a canonical version of the story:

Dyesebel was born of a human mother who, during her pregnancy, obsessed on mermaids. Wanting to hide their deformed daughter – after an unsuccessful attempt to ditch her – the couple move to where they can raise her in secret. Dyesebel eventually meets up with other mermaids and – at some point – with a sea-witch called Diangga.

Dyesebel also fell in love with a human man, Fredo. After an idyllic time during which she is somehow able to hide her nature, Fredo’s ex captures Dyesebel and dumps her in a carnival. Eventually, Dyesebel is rescued and gets her reward – feet.

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