I write better when I smoke. Don’t ask me to reduce it to a science.


An on-again, off-again project for me, creating a kind of vampirology has been one of my fondest dreams. My recent brush with twilight – and my disappointment at its vampirology – ensured that this project is now ‘on.’ 




When Bram Stoker visited the Carpathian mountains as a young man, he liked to spend the evenings at roadside inns, drinking in the commons and listening to the tales being woven. Stories of trees coming alive at night to snatch unwary coachmen off of their carriages; of wolves so large that one could take down a full grown horse; and of bats that flew in through open windows and left dead babies in their wake.

At first, he listened intently – enthralled. But after some months of these stories, Stoker felt they no longer excited him, and he would retreat into the dark corners of the inns and drink his beer in silence.

On one such night, he found that his favorite dark corner had a new occupant. A thin man with stringy hair and a gaunt look about his eyes.The man introduced himself as Jonathan, but confessed that he had forgotten his last name.

Intrigued, Stoker brought Jonathan a beer and asked him to tell his story. When day broke, the man named Jonathan had disappeared and Stoker lay on the floor dreaming absinthe dreams of man who climbed walls like a lizard, commanded the obedience of wolves, and feasted on blood. A veritable dragon – Dracul.


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    Unless you’re spoiling for a fight, assume that the writer has some basis for what she writes. Don’t make like a lawyer and ask retarded questions in an attempt to lay the foundation for whatever point you’re trying to make.
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