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Why the government?

Mar Roxas, in his pre-mature campaigning teevee spot, sez we should nag the government some more for cheap medicines.

Why the government?

Why not nag the drug companies?


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  1. UP n grad says:

    One of the presidentiables should take as a platform a Get-Well-Now/Pay-Later-Plan where Filipino-citizens (depending on collateral provided and their creditworthiness) borrow money from ????? to pay for medicine and medical services. The government should guarantee up to P200,000-per-citizen in such health welfare loans; money to be raised by adding an extra 1.5% onto VAT, and, of course, the ability of the government to collect on such citizen-loans.

    Similar to Study-Now/Pay-Later-Plan for college/university student loans.

  2. Anthony says:

    Well, it gives the government that nice fluffy feeling of being needed.

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