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I’m too sexy for you

You prolly hear that all the time from model-types. Or maybe from the girl in your high school that neither you nor your cronies could touch with a ten-foot boner. But before you sneer at your soon to be ex-girlfriend saying she’s too sexy for you, hold up! She might just be stating a biological fact.

University of Texas psychologists Kristina Durante and Norman Li found that women with high concentrations of the hormone oestradiol were likelier to flirt, kiss and have a serious affair outside an established relationship.

High concentrations of oestradiol are associated with big breasts, facial attractiveness and low waist-to-hip ratio, with the result that men solicit such women.

In a study published in the British journal Biology Letters, the duo described the behavior as “opportunistic serial monogamy” and not related to one-night stands.

Instead, they suggested, such women were more probably being prompted to trade up in their relationships — to find a better partner.

So it doesn’t really matter if you’re an awesome listener. Her DNA might just be looking for a better deal. Try not to take it too personally.



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15 Responses

  1. rom says:

    jester: feeling alluded to? hehehe. 😀

  2. brianbro says:

    Bull SHIT. It’s ugly women who’re usually unfaithful dahil insecure. Most beautiful women I know are uber-faithful.

  3. brianbro says:

    And really if this oestradiol makes a pretty face and big breasts then why do most pretty faces have small breasts?

  4. cvj says:

    I like the dotted ‘i’.

  5. UP n grad says:

    brianbro: your observation —-that .. most pretty faces have small-breasts — probably is a simple extension of the phenomenon that in the Philippines, most females have small breasts!!!!!

    Texas college-campuses…. different story.

  6. brianbro says:

    Rom incorrectly interpreted the findings:

    “The women with the highest levels of oestradiol scored the highest across the board, and reported a greater likelihood of having a serious affair.

    They also reported a greater number of long-term relationships in the past.”

    Ibig sabihin, if you’re not willing to go to the next level then she has other men lined up. Ganun yun, di naman sinabing unfaithful. That’s the ticket, cthe capacity to commit.

  7. Jeg says:

    I see a market for pocket oestradiol detectors. Maybe in a cellphone.

    Go ahead and make one, Nokia. Just dont forget where you heard the idea first. Cou-pay-me-ough!

  8. brianbro says:

    Jeq, what are you blind? May indicators yan: pretty face, waspy and big-breasted. Lose your low-tech eyes.

  9. Jeg says:

    Pfsh. Marketing will take care of that. There are a lot of stuff we dont need but buy anyway. Gadgets! More gadgets! Mwaahahahahahaa!!!

  10. brianbro says:

    Rom just got an invite from ANC. Did she read it? Now, Rom, don’t make more enemies.

  11. rom says:

    brianbro: who me? make enemies?

  12. midfield says:

    Am too distracted by the pic 🙂

  13. feedme says:

    you killed it for the geeks, sweetheart. how about a post on alpha-males and their DNA?

  14. GabbyD says:

    i’m worried about causation. the linked article suggests the hormone is responsible for attracting men. however, it could just having attractive that attracts men.

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