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Land Reform

Seriously. What is the argument for land reform?

The Inquirer’s Juan Mercado published a summary of angry reactions from – apparently – land holders and those comments beg the question: shouldn’t land reform, as our law defines it and puts it into practice, be revisited at least?


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  1. brianbro says:

    They create a diversion by going after smaller lands, sparing the bigger ones. Middle class resents it and go over the side of the wealthy land-grabbers.

  2. cvj says:

    As shown by our neighbors’ examples, addressing land inequality is part of Step 0, i.e. the foundation for subsequent efforts at industrialization. If you’re wondering why no matter how we seem to imitate the policies of the more successful countries with less successful results, it is in a large part because we skipped completing this step, so land inequality remains. Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan, China, you name it, whether Communist or capitalist, economically successful countries had in their early history, a step where they addressed land inequality.

  3. UP n grad says:

    I still recall where Teddy Locsin and Satur voted against the last CARP-promulgation because the government-sponsored version proposed to give ownership of the land to the landless farmers (while Locsin/Satur wanted State to own the land and for the farmers to be eternal tenants).

  4. UP n grad says:

    By the way, in the 21st century, retail, not farming, may be a more efficient way out of poverty. The profit-margins are higher, money-velocity flows faster and the footprint, capital and education-requirements are lower.

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