I write better when I smoke. Don’t ask me to reduce it to a science.


Once in awhile, I strike out on the intarwebs to find some new voices – well, new for me anyway. Here’s one that I found, in the category of excellent reads: Doinee

Over the past couple days, a Shepherd Boy from a nearby town has been seeking help for an as yet anonymous, unconfirmed child in dire danger of hypothermia. What is confirmed, however, is that Shepherd Boy only got into sheep herding technical school because he believes a child sleeping in the cold will be comforted by silver and gold.

Upon hearing news of this cold child, Warm Mighty King, a true bureaucrat, relegated his proposed anti-proactive plan of action to his subjects and, more audaciously, people everywhere asking them to pray and listen to what he says.

It was revealed only later that Shepherd Boy allegedly received the information he in turn presented to Warm Mighty King from a “ringing voice as big as the sea from high above the trees” that his little lamb asked him to listen to.

He was also quoted as saying, “It was the night wind that told the little lamb.” 

Expert psychologists have been brought in and, failing an insanity plea, investigators are considering fraud and embezzlement as potential motives.

The Warm Mighty King has yet to apologize to people everywhere for wrongfully calling them into unjustified action.

I just had to get this out of the way because it’s getting exponentially time inappropriate.



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  1. BrianB says:

    A little incoherent and for literary panderers, quite Kafkaesque. Why not read something. Over at jessicarules, she’s inviting people to read Gatsby, as a group.

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