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I have nothing against Muslims. I do not think that they are any worse or any better than any Christian. But I do have something against many Muslim politicians from Mindanao. 

I’ve been there and most of the politicians I’ve met were either blatantly corrupt or sneakily so. Invariably, however, they evidenced incredible arrogance and an unmistakeable disdain for everyone else. They considered themselves gods and the rest of us, little ants that they can easily trample underfoot when we give them any kind of slight – whether real or imagined.

And so I feel for Decidido.

Yesterday, she recounted in harrowing detail how Nasser Pangandaman Jr. – the Mayor of Masiu in Lanao del Sur – and his band of goons beat up her father after a run-in on the golf course.

My brother and I were playing golf at the South Course of Valley. We were on the 3rd hole, and we see two golf carts going past us, overtaking our flight, and setting up to tee off on the next hole. My dad goes up to them and asks them why they would do that, why they would overtake us without even asking for our permission. Golf etiquette 101. One of the guys says that they’re with the flight in front of us. (So what? That doesn’t give them the right to just pass us WITHOUT asking.)

The mayor of Masiu City, Lanao del Sur talks with my dad. Things get heated up. Voices were raised. But never, in my wildest dreams, did I ever imagine that someone would pull out a punch. Apparently not. He attacks my father. His flightmates, maybe 2 or 3 of them, rush to his aid and beat up my father. My 56-year-old father. My younger brother and I could not just watch. We rushed to break the fight. My younger brother pleads to the mayor to please stop it. To not hurt my dad. To just stop. His words still ring through my head…”Sorry na po, sorry na po…tama na…tama na po…” With his hands in front of his chest in a praying position. PLEADING. The mayor socks him in the face. My brother defended himself. My dad is still on the ground getting clobbered. My brother is the same way. I try to stop the fight, but all I can do is stop one person. There were 4 or 5 of them attacking now.

Someone breaks up the fight. I thought it was all over. The mayor shouts to his caddy: “Hindi nila kami kilala! Sabihin mo nga sa kanila kung sino ako!” 

My mom and my older brother come. I tell her (my brother’s) right ear is bleeding (from the beating). They both look like they could kill. My dad holds my brother off, I hold off my mom. When I finally got my mom under control, my older brother gets away and I hold him off. Two of the mayor’s bodyguards pull out guns. I embraced my brother from the back, just holding him back, crying. The receptionists came to us, crying, hugging me, my dad, and my mom, whispering to us to just leave. “Maam, umalis na po kayo, may mga baril sila…Maam…umalis na po kayo please…”

So there you have it. In Mindanao – or at least in Masiu – a thug sits as Chief Executive. A man who – in a fit of rage at not being recognized and kow-towed to – attacks an old man and his young son.

This brute insults Islam with his every breath.


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8 Responses

  1. cvj says:

    “Hindi nila kami kilala! Sabihin mo nga sa kanila kung sino ako!” …strikes me as a typical Filipino ‘malakas’ and not a Muslim trait.

  2. rom says:

    cvj: As i said, this Muslim is an insult to Islam

  3. BrianB says:

    Mybe he’s saying he’s a peace operator and should be treated as a VVIP. Logical, isn’t it?

  4. rom says:

    BrianB: oh please. being a vip doesn’t mean you can go around beating people up.

  5. cvj says:

    Which is why i think the emphasis on his Muslim-ness is out of place.

  6. Rom says:

    cvj: on the contrary. His being a muslim is an important point recisely because people like him – avowed adherents to a religion of peace who routinely portray themselves as victims of persecution because of their religion – make a sham out of the religion they profess. oh and do not think for a second that the arrogance is just filipino machismo. with people like him, pride is considered a distinctly – if sociologically erroneous – muslim ‘virtue.’

  7. brianbro says:

    So you know a Muslim who is worth his Islam?

  8. rom says:

    brianbro: yes

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