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All apologies

I wish I was like you easily amused
Find my nest of salt, everything’s your fault
I’ll take all the blame, opposite from shame
Sunburn, freezerburn, choking on the ashes of her enemy

– Kurt Cobain

The once venerable Corazon Aquino – now called Sorry Aquino by Dick Gordon because she apologized to Joseph Estrada for being one of the movers behind his ouster in 2001 – ought to apologize to the Filipino as well.

She should apologize for helping take the nation into what she now considers a disastrous detour. Following her logic, she’s at least partly responsible for all the shit we’ve been through since 2001. Following her logic, if she hadn’t decided to play God with the country’s fortunes – if she hadn’t decided to completely take a crap on the millions who voted for Joseph Estrada – then we wouldn’t be in the cesspool we are now.

By extension – still adhering to her logic – what reason could we possibly have for believing her whining now? If she failed so miserably to forecast what was good for the nation then – and in the process irreparably weakened the foundations of our democracy – why should we believe that she is right this time about doing the exact same thing all over again? Thus, she should also apologize to the Filipino people for ceaselessly trying these past four years, to railroad us into the same detour which, by her own admission, led to our disastrous present circumstances.

Of course, in the aftermath of her apology, her spinners have tried to pass it off as a joke. Right. Tell that to her kumadres and sycophants in the Black & White movement. Maybe they’ll be as forgiving towards her as they were towards Jess Dureza. 

And speaking of her comrades in arms, maybe she should apologize as well to those who took to the streets in 2001 for turning their sacrifice into a sham. I mean, Estrada was convicted of plunder. He is a criminal in the eyes of the law and, swallowing the affront to the Constitution in 2001 as a fait accompli, that conviction amounted to something like a saving grace: they may have trampled all over the Constitution but at least they got that crook sent to prison. Now, those 2001 putschists don’t even have that anymore. And they have Cory Aquino to thank for that.

And after she’s done with all her apologies, she should pick up the phone. GMA has been calling her since the news of her apology hit the newsrooms. Seems like GMA wants to invite Sorry Cory to join the Honest Mistake Club.




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