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I understand school spirit, ok? 

But there are very few things that annoy me more than people who try to use their school as a short-cut to either credibility or respectability.

Granted, the bigger schools have an edge. If you come from UP, Ateneo, La Salle, or UST, people do tend to expect a little more from you. And rightly so. Access to good teachers (for the most part anyway), access to good facilities, and access to a more worldly learning atmosphere … all these things contribute immensely to the quality of the outcome.

However, no matter how good the school is, it really all boils down to the individual. 

I’ve seen a girl from what used to be called the Harvardian College of Laguna take apart someone from UP, by the sheer clarity of her argumentation. The guy from UP was reduced to a blubbering mass of idiot – I’m from UP, so you don’t know anything! – who ended up walking away. I’ve seen a girl from some obscure school I’d never even heard of before deliver a presentation so fucking stellar, everyone asked her if she was from Ateneo. On the other hand, I’ve a friend from UST who’s so ditzy, people routinely assume she’s from … well, you know.

So please. We’re all proud of the schools we come from. But don’t – especially here – for a moment think that your alma mater is gonna substitute forwhat you – as an individual – can bring to the conversation. 

It won’t.


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7 Responses

  1. UP n grad says:

    But having a school pedigree has its privileges!!! On average, and even at the extremes.

  2. BrianB says:

    Yep, best technical writer I know came from PLM. She could teach an entire army of pinoy technical writers to rule the world of technical writing if they only give her a chance. Hope they do.

  3. rom says:

    UP n: Not in this blog, it doesn’t.

  4. hee hee. i’ve written posts related to this before. 😀

  5. rom says:

    jester: yeah I know, right? I’ve been getting this commenter who keeps on tagging himself as a UP film student. sheesh. what a loser.

  6. Bencard says:

    i think i can say, without fear of contradiction, that ALL schools have each their share of bright students and certifiable morons (yes even some who talk and write beautifully but moronic just the same). some schools, however, have more of the latter than others, i think.

  7. Jeg says:

    When I was growing up, the guys I used to run with used ‘taga-UP’ in a peculiar way: it is at the same time an acknowledgment of evidence of some sort of ‘good education’ — and by extension, I suppose, intelligence — on the one hand, and utter uselessness on the other. The things they were concerned with were more mundane things like graduating and getting a job, perhaps going overseas, and helping their families, and anyone who professes a kind of intelligence that doesnt have any use in the pursuit of these goals merited the usual ,”Wow. Taga-UP ka siguro, no.”

    The choice of UP is interesting. I never heard them mention Ateneo. “Wow. Taga-Ateneo ka ‘no” was never heard from them. Perhaps because Ateneo is a private school and UP is a government school, therefore the assumption is that a fella from UP is supposed to be one of them, or at least for them, which gives the taga-UP tag more than a veneer of sarcasm.

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