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Crazy taxi driver

In Australia, an insane man can drive a cab.

A criminally insane man convicted of killing his wife should be allowed drive a taxi, a court has ruled.

The man killed his wife, but escaped a murder conviction on the grounds of insanity.

Australia’s Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal says he should be allowed to drive taxis, local media reported.

Crazy, eh? Or oxymoronic.

Apparently, insanity wasn’t one of the grounds for stripping a cab driver of his license. And so the court did it’s job: it looked at the circumstances of the case, looked at the law, determined that the interaction of the two – the circumstances and the law – gave rise to a certain result, and made the appropriate ruling despite the absurdity of the outcome.

The absurdity was then left to the rule-making authority – who made the rules that allowed the absurdity to occur in the first place – to solve. Thus:

But, the state’s public transport minister, Lynne Kosky, says the law will be changed to stop people with similar backgrounds getting taxi licences.

She told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation: “The assurance that I can give to the public is that we will ensure that out taxi industry is safe, we will take all measures and we’re doing that to make sure that our taxi industry is safe, we’ve currently got audits in place, and we will take every step possible to appeal this decision.”

Now if this case had taken place in the Philippines …

The Supreme Court would have looked at the circumstances of the case, looked at the law, determined that the interaction of the two – the circumstances and the law – gave rise to a certain result, would have gotten outraged at the outcome, issued a temporary restraining order against the LTFRB, and let the case simmer for awhile. In the meantime, the media would have gotten hold of the story from a press-con of the Chief Justice, the Senate would call for an investigation, the LTFRB secretary would be summoned and forced to admit that GMA personally approved of the rules that allowed the questionable outcome, and Harry Roque would have prepared a new impeachment complaint (just in case GMA survived til after 2010) accusing the Prez of betraying public trust by letting crazies drive cabs. When things are nicely boiling, the SC would then issue a ruling that would effectively change the operation of the existing rules. 

Talk about having a dysfunctional system.


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