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Dogs are friends, not food

GODDAMNIT! Stop eating dogs!

The majority of dogeaters aren’t even hungry when they tie up a dog by the neck with wire, club it over the head repeatedly till the dog dies, or cook the poor animal. They just want something to go with their stupid alcohol. I remember once, on the way from home school, I passed by this house where they were twisting a piece of wire around the dog’s neck. The pooch – a mongrel – had no fight left in it and just lay there whimpering. 

I ran to the house, got out my dad’s pistol and ran back to where they were about to club the dog over the head. Tears streaming down my face, I march right in there ten different kinds of hysterical, waving the pistol around. In hindsight, I was lucky that I knew the people who lived there and so they laughingly untied the dog and let me take it. I was, I don’t know, around sixteen or something.

The dog lived another year before it just up and disappeared. I imagine that it got unlucky again and ended up barchow. 

So, GODDAMNIT! Stop eating dogs!

Someone ought to give these cops a medal for rescuing over 70 dogs that were prolly being hauled off to Baguio to be eaten.

God! I swear. I have not met a Baguio person who hasn’t eaten dog at one point or another. Izzat a cultural thing? Prolly. Seems they like it with their liquor up there. Now I’ve got no quarrel with Baguio-types, but come on, folks. Some cultural artefacts we can live without, right? Please???

I mean, even the Chinese were able to give it up. Can’t we?  Hell, it’s even against the law. Eating dogs has been illegal since 1998 when RA 8485 (the Philippine Animal Welfare Act) was enacted.  According to

 Although the vast majority of Filipinos don’t consume dogs, the lucrative trade in dog meat is becoming more prevalent, especially in the Philippine region surrounding Baguio City. Here dogs are treated as nothing more than objects. Crammed so tightly into wire cages they cannot move, struggling for every breath in the stifling heat with their mouths tied shut, dogs have their throats cut while still conscious.


And, although I seriously don’t believe that these on-line petitions are actually capable of achieving anything, sign up anyway. Dogs are friends. Not food.


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5 Responses

  1. BrianB says:

    “So, GODDAMNIT! Stop eating dogs!”

    Ha ha. Great post. I prefer hare myself. But the poor bunnies.

    “Fragrant meat”! Hot damn and the chick is cute, too. I’ve r=written a short story recently that included a massive massacre of pedigreed dogs for eating. I’ll be sending it out soon. I didn’t have the heart to describe the dogs hanging on iron hooks in “realist” detail.

    Btw, I try not to judge people and actions based on sikmura.

  2. REX says:

    Same here. I’ve always been a dog person myself. I cannot imagine myself eating dog meat. It’s like eating a friend’s meat.

  3. Bencard says:

    if i could ever kill a person other than in self-defense, it would be a person harming or killing a helpless dog. i feel for our family dog (a shelty) as though he came from my own body.

  4. niki says:

    I might have pulled the pistol’s trigger if I were you at that time.

  5. BrianB says:


    Why not just bomb Korea while you’re at it.

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