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Red-eye Nation

renI’ve never been a big fan of call centers. In fact, i kinda remember getting into a fight – or at least a heated argument – with someone over why call centers weren’t good for the economy and for the kids who found work there. But that was almost two years ago and, call centers still being relatively new back then, I was decidedly a minority opinion. It seems, however, that maybe people are now re-evaluating call centers. Many more are seeing it as a crappy ad hoc solution that, in the long run, does more harm than good.

But don’t take my word for it. Macky does an excellent job of explaining at least one aspect of call center crappiness, and points to an eloquent albeit MissUnderstood denizen of the growing red-eye nation in our midst.


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  1. BrianB says:

    Call centers have improved my lifestyle and saved me money. Before, I would go out and spend money I can’t afford in hip bars and coffee shops… usually coffee in a hotel is all there is to be had. No McDo’s KFCs and all sorts of restaurants and cheap bars open till morning… everywhere.

    The big picture depressing. BPO in general is not so bad. You’re from Negros or Iloilo? Imagine what people your age there are doing for a job right now.

    The evil thing in Arroyo’s plan is that she expects 50 million Filipino workers to put all their berries in one basket, expects them to feel reassured doing so. Many of us will end up reassured but what does that do to our minds? It makes us stupid, weak and ultimately inferior.

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