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Sell the Philippines

While on the road today, I ran into some roadside banners of Dick Gordon and various people he had helped with his WOW Philippines Campaign back when he was still the Big Dick over at Tourism. The sight made me cringe. Apart from the irony of the fact that Gordon positively flays presidential wannabes who engage in blatant self-promotion, I was taken aback by how incredibly lame the WOW campaign actually was. Compared with its contemporaries – like Malaysia’s ‘Truly Asia’ campaign, and Thailand’s ‘Amazing Thailand’ pitch – WOW just seemed underwhelming.

Fast forward to Ace Durano: I can’t even identify what sort of come-hither campaign he’s running; assuming he’s doing anything at all. Gordon, at least, impacted on my consciousness. Durano? Nada. 

All this cogitation led me to thinking how I would sell the Philippines if I got the chance. And – attention all wisecrackers – when I say ‘sell,’ I don’t mean down the river, ayt? How would I promote the Philippines and get the quality tourists to come? What slogan would be good, f’rinstance. “Feel at home in the Philippines“?

Seriously. I have no idea. And I suspect those folks at Tourism don’t either. Which would prolly explain why we’re still primarily known for sex tours and matrimonial flea markets.




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5 Responses

  1. Jeg says:

    How about ‘We promise we won’t rob you’ ?

  2. Bencard says:

    jen, that’s a red flag right there. maybe i should cancel my reservation for a christmas visit.

  3. UP n grad says:

    jeg: the word is already out. Among metro-Manila, Bangkok, Beijing, Hongkong, Singapore and Bali, metro-Manila has the worst crime-rate. Also the worst traffic and the worst pollution.

  4. Jeg says:

    Bencard, Christmas is probably the worst time for a visit, but who’s going to check out the brand new condo you just bought? 😉

    But if youre coming back home this Christmas, have some relative drive you around. Taxi drivers tend to mutate into their evil selves this time of year.

  5. mackyramirez says:

    i know jdv would say, “welcome to d philippines, where everything’s for sale”

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