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Hope springs eternal

A noted blogger thinks I was too hasty in dismissing JDV’s beans as being more of the gassy, rather than the exploding kind. And I have to admit, he makes a good point.

JDV’s “revelations” are, in fact, part of a book that I haven’t read yet so – inasmuch as hope springs eternal – maybe there is greater substance yet to be divined from JDV’s words. Perhaps a recipe for Shanghai crabs.


Quite apropos, actually. Considering how JDV’s revelations are a direct consequence of his son getting shut out of what could have been a tremendously profitable deal.


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  1. mlq3 says:

    like edsa 1 was the result of a foiled coup, or how some assert ninoy was shot because he and fm had an agreement to support doy laurel as a transition president

  2. BrianB says:

    “I hope spring is eternal…”

    I wrote a poem with this line in high school. I will try to dig it up, though in early 2000 I got a virus from MLQ3s mailing list that wiped out my hard drive. 🙂

  3. BrianB says:

    I hope spring is eternal,
    and eternal memories of vaginal
    Entries past and present come
    to me in my old age and lonesome…

    Or something like that

  4. Bencard says:

    yeah, right, brianb. if alzhiemer’s doesn’t get you first.

  5. cocoy826 says:

    The moral question for all Filipinos is how much longer are they to put up with a government that doesn’t represent the will of our people? (Or does it?) Is “the Silent Majority” in favor of Gloria’s aims to steal more, or are they just cowards and/or too lazy to demand her removal, along with all of his Neocon henchmen?

    Are Filipino’s silent because they are asleep to the danger the Arroyo regime is creating for them? Or are they silent because the media have confused them to the point they have given up and turned on something more entertaining?

    My question is, What are we going to do about it? Grumble and then go back to watching Pinoy Fear Factor or some other useless fantasy dreamed up by the media to distract us from our duty as free men and women?

    Or have the majority of Filipino resigned themselves to not being free, as long as the 3 kilos NFA keeps rolling along? And the rest of us, who know better, are resigned to being dragged to our fate by the rest?

    Impeachment of Gloria would be a good start. They don’t want to impeach Arroyo and make Noli De Castro President and they don’t want to impeach both and make Juan Ponce Enrile President, either. Reading Enrile’s gushing speech to the Senate and to Filipino people should alert us that he would be even more willing than Arroyo to use his power to restore freedom in our country.I don’t know,Maybe,I was reading Enrile’s speech way back 1986.

    Ideally, most of Congress should also be impeached for tacitly going along with Gloria Arroyo’s election cheating, but that’s not practical. We have bigger fish to fry.

    Cocoy’s Delight

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