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The Out of town Killers

With the arrest and possible extradition of Ping Lacson’s flunkies – Cesar Mancao II and Glenn Dumlao – we might be coming closer to finally closing the book on Bubby Dacer’s and Emmanuel Corbito’s murders. ‘Course, the Lacson connection will be the subject of much discussion – or at least I hope so.

Y’see, people who find it difficult to believe that Bolante acted without the President’s knowledge (including me), will have to accept that it is equally difficult to accept that Lacson’s hands are pristine in the killing executions of Dacer and Corbito.

The logic in the case of Bolante is that the expenditure of 700+ million pesos is so out of the ordinary that the President could not have possibly been NOT interested; well, liquidating two people – one of them very highly placed – could not have been such a run-of-the-mill event either that the Chief of the PAOCTF would not have been at least consulted. And besides, if the President is presumed guilty to some degree because she is a known micro-manager, what does that make Ping Lacson?

In any case, the first switch has been thrown. I, for one, will be very interested to see how this Rube Goldberg contraption we call the Philippine justice system will run with the case. And, naturally, I’ve started taking bets on when Ping Lacson will start wailing “POLITICAL PERSECUTION!”


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5 Responses

  1. Mike H says:

    BrianB: hindi ba dapat, magsuot ka ng custome? Tipid mo naman!! 😀

  2. Jeg says:

    And, naturally, I’ve started taking bets on when Ping Lacson will start wailing “POLITICAL PERSECUTION!”

    That’s almost a lock. And what are the odds that it’ll go all the way up to Erap? “Nalaman kasi nilang tatakbo ako sa pagkapangulo. Pulitika lang yan.”

  3. Ah, Lacson is a wily fox. Even if those two got extradited back to the Philippines, he could still survive. He still have some ace in his sleeve, like joining forces with PGMA.

  4. Glenn M Dumlao says:

    Will the PRESS and MEDIA kindly be RESPONSIBLE and complete the name of the subject in question?

    The COMPLETE NAME of the former Police Senior Superintendent is “GLENN GALAPON DUMLAO”. Even simply stating “GLENN G. DUMLAO” would be sufficient to disambiguate the person from others, like myself, who are similarly named.

    This ambiguity has caused SEVERE difficulties for me and it has been and still is an absolute nightmare having to live and deal with this– all the way back from the Kuratong Baleleng case then this, the Dacer/Corbito case.

    Thank you for maintaining the high standards of PROFESSIONALISM I have come to expect from you through all these years.

    Yours truly,

    Glenn M Dumlao

    http colon slash slash www dot gmanews dot tv/story/153499/New-York-judge-stops-Glenn-Dumlaos-extradition-to-RP

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