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And that’s how you get a Committee Chairmanship … or three

After all the hulabaloo about Villar being sacked – yep, he was sacked. that canard about resigning was a face-saving measure, make no mistake about it – because of his highway robbery, it should now be abundantly clear that the true value of the Senate coup – and perhaps the prime motivation – was the divvying up of the spoils. And who gets the lion’s share is really no surprise: the gunslinger Ping Lacson. Yep. He gets Ways and Means, Ethics, and Accounts.

What do these Committees do?

Accounts has jurisdiction over all matters relating to the auditing and adjustment of all accounts chargeable against the funds for the expenses and activities of the Senate. Rule X, Section 13 (3); Ways and Means deals with All matters relating to revenue generally; taxes and fees; tariffs; loans and other sources and forms of revenue. Rule X, Section 13 (5); and the Ethics Committee deals with all matters relating to the conduct, rights, privileges, safety, dignity, integrity and reputation of the Senate and its members. Rule X, Section 13 (2).

So basically, Ping gets to handle nearly everything related to money – including how the Senate uses its funds and he gets to sit in judgment over how other Senators conduct themselves. This is a funny position for someone who – while sitting in the Bicameral Conference Committee that was supposed to vet the 2008 budget – totally let the alleged double-entry slip through unchallenged, only to later use it to bushwhacka rival for the Presidency of the country. 

Don’t get me wrong. If there was something anomalous about that entry, then yeah, Villar should get the boot. But then again, shouldn’t Lacson also be penalized for letting it slip through? I mean, letting-the-crime-happen-because-you’re-going-to-use-it-as-a-political-bludgeon-later isn’t in the approved list of mitigating or extenuating circumstances yet, is it? More to the point, Lacson shouldn’t be allowed to profit by his nonfeasance.

Aside from all that, why is Ping getting the money and ethics committees anyway? He’s a cop for cryin’ out loud! Couldn’t he have been given Public Order and Illegal Drugs? That seems right up his alley. I mean, the crooks already know to fear this guy’s trigger, right? Or how about Urban Planning and Development? As a cop, he must have first hand knowledge of how the city lay-out works and what would be the best way to adjust those lay-outs to help fight criminality. Come to that, why not Local Government – then he can flog all the de la Pazs of the world.

Oh. Wait. Maybe Enrile was playing a joke on us. Give money to the Cop and trust him to have ethics. Haha. There must be an oxymoron there somewhere. Or at least a moron. LOL!


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