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Well, hell. Binay’s folk think he’s the Filipino Obama, do they? Boy, are they waaaay off the mark. Still, as far the Filipino’s penchant for labels is concerned, the tag isn’t much of a surprise. In fact, it might have been inevitable even, the only question being who would do it first.

Still, I don’t think he’ll insist on the tag; Bayani Fernando might, if it were ever applied to him – his ego is big enough. Sure, Binay’s got a monster ego of his own, but I don’t think it’s big enough that he could actually convince himself that he can be compared to Obama. 

For starters, their approaches to politics are different. F’rinstance: Obama was steady enough not to pounce on the economic crisis the way McCain did. Binay, on the other hand, is precisely the type who goes for theatrical grand gestures – just like McCain. I mean remember him running around in military gear, brandishing a gun? 

Another example: As much as people hated George Bush, Obama never resorted to name calling and advocating insurrection. Binay? Heh. At one point, it seemed like every other day he was calling on people to rise up and oust GMA. Seriously. How can you vote for someone who has such disregard for the electoral process? Granted, he’s one of those who has never accepted GMA’s 2004 win as legitimate, still, elected officials – more than any other people – should be careful not to tear down public faith in elections because they’re all just one step away from the same accusation being levelled at them, and being ousted for the exact same reason, right or wrong.

And Binay certainly doesn’t have Obama’s charisma. We can disagree on everything else, but I don’t think anyone would seriously otherwise.


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  1. ecoslva1 says:

    Shhhhhh. Quiet! Here’s a secret, BARAK O Binay is not really running for President. The announcement is for his PRESYOdential bid. He wants to sell the votes of Makati to the highedt Presidentiable bidder. BUYERS BEWARE!

    It’s his last term in Makati as Mayor and he is just looking for another job. Wants to be a cabinet secretary. ABAY LUKU NO! All the hype on this is from his BINAYaran Media Group.

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