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So much will be written today about the new POTUS, that I figgered I would prefer to write about the First Lady – the FLOTUS.

Who the hell advises her on wardrobe? That black-widow dress she wore in Chicago last night was horrendous. It didn’t flatter her shape at all, and the symbolism of the spider that eats up her mate … well, let’s just say that I wouldn’t want my president to be married to a man-eater. LOL!

I know none of this matters very much, now that Obama is the POTUS. Still, while I know that looks and such shouldn’t matter, at a certain level, the clothes do make a tremendous impact. Being the First Lady of the free world for instance.

Then again, apart from Jackie, which FLOTUS has really been more than just presentable? I mean, of recent memory, Hillary was dowdy; and Laura Bush too understated. Unfortunately, as bad as those two FLOTUSes were, Michelle still makes ’em look like movie stars.

Someone get her Sarah Palin’s wardrobe advisor puh-leeze. Unless shabby chic is the preferred White House theme for the next four years.


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10 Responses

  1. chut says:

    she was trying to be avante-garde, hun 😉

  2. Jen says:

    someone should get her cindy mccain’s wardrobe advisor 😀

  3. cvj says:

    Over at Slate’s twitter, it said “Michelle Obama’s dress: Looks like she got into a cat fight with Palin on the way out”.

  4. Bencard says:

    she definitely has a different aesthetic standard. btw, i bet she has now a much better appreciation of the goodness of america, more than what she said after her husband was nominated in the primaries.

  5. Marck says:

    She looks like Omarosa.

  6. J says:


    Nobody beats Imelda Marcos

  7. Bencard says:

    evidently, she has her own style and standard which she value a lot. for the record, she has announced to all and sundry that she will never change. she will listen only to her own counsel.

  8. Bencard says:

    are my two preceding comments too “subversive” that they are now “awaiting moderation”?

  9. Jeg says:

    Pfsh. Women.

    Heaven help the first woman POTUS lest she earns the ire of fashionistas everywhere. I mean, when was the last time you heard a reporter say of a US President, “The speech was great, but did you see his tie? And what’s the deal with those shoes?”


  10. UP n grad says:

    Here is a cut-and-paste about the dress (and identifies the dress designer —- a Cuban immigrant):
    On television, it was hard to see much beyond the splash of red down the front of the dress, which made Obama look a bit like she’d just lost a grueling paintball battle. In photographs, the red centerpiece had the delicate texture of confetti. On the runway, the entire dress had an airy translucence.

    But for anyone who believes that a first lady can speak volumes with her style or thinks that she ought to champion this country’s garment business from the atelier to the mass marketer, Obama did both Tuesday night. She chose a daring dress by an American designer who is the son of Cuban immigrants. He is widely respected within the industry and is known for creating garments that flatter a woman’s curves. He is not a household name even though he created one of the most famous wedding gowns in recent history: the bias cut silk dress worn by Carolyn Bessette in 1996 when she married John F. Kennedy Jr. Rodriguez’s company is not a financial powerhouse; it is just the opposite.

    Rodriguez said he was “proud and honored” that Obama chose his dress. But her choice has the potential to do more for the designer than simply give him bragging rights. And that’s as it should be. For a first lady, clothing choices are more than flashes of personal expression. They serve as . . . .

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