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Next Prez

Everybody’s got a countdown clock in their heads set to 2010. Especially them politicians. Us, on the other hand, we worry about who’s gonna outlast everyone on Survivor; we obsess about Cristy Fermin and Nadia Montenegro; and we agonize over vertical stripes versus horizontal. Well, alright, maybe the last one is just me.

Still, the point is that when I talk to people, it doesn’t seem like 2010 is anything more than a speck on the horizon. Myself, it’s a constant effort to stay interested. But I believe the effort is worth it. If I stay interested, I will look at all these Prez-wannabees and try to figure out which among them deserves my vote. I do that enough, and I stand a good chance of making an informed choice. On the other hand, if I lose interest – or if I’m not interested at all – I’ll prolly end up coasting along til 2010 and then be too overwhelmed by all that campaign jazz that I won’t be able to make an intelligent decision come election day. If I’m like that, then it serves me right to end up with a moron for president.

Now there are two ways of making sure that my vote is intelligent and – hopefully – well reasoned. I can, as FV invites us, indicate who I want to be president in 2010. What this does is to establish a baseline of expectations. If we know who the most popular candidates are, we can get a pretty good idea of what voters (including ourselves) will be looking for in 2010. If we know that, then we can start our own thought processes going: do i agree with the apparent priorities being set by other voters? If I don’t then what are my priorities? If I do, is this candidate the right one to champion me? That sort of thing.

The other method is to list down who I do NOT want to be president. On many levels, this is an easier undertaking, because given the way our politicians behave nowadays, disgust has become almost a knee-jerk reaction. But nevertheless, the list of candidates you do not want to win is valuable as it can act as a filter of sorts. But ultimately, the goal remains the same: to stimulate thought; to make us think about our options in 2010, and how we’re going to choose.

Unfortunately, FV doesn’t have the second poll. I’m sure it’s in the works, tho. Still, I am very curious about who people don’t want to be president. So, here’s a poll: WHO DO YOU NOT WANT TO BE PREZ IN 2010?

So, after doing the FV poll – or before – do this poll. The results ought to be pretty interesting.

BTW! You can click as many names as you want!


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