I write better when I smoke. Don’t ask me to reduce it to a science.


I can take whatever he dishes out with a fair amount of equanimity. After all, I’ve never been a rabid anti-GMA-type. Like I’ve said before, I’m more the anti-Stupid type. So, in a sense, I do get where he’s coming from. But GODDAMNIT, this HPoS is turning smoking into an effing cliche, and that, I cannot stand.

On a post over at FV, the HPoS keeps on equating the number of cigarettes smoked with the difficulty level of engaging the FV writers in debate. I mean, am I the only one who finds that trite?

At one point, I wrote that his arrogance would overshadow the validity of some of his points. I still believe that, but now, I’ve got other traits of his to add to the list of turn-offs.

First up, the triteness of course. It’s so caricaturish that I suspect he’s not even really a smoker at all. And what about that business with the Slims? Seems like he thinks smoking slims makes him sophisticated or even decadent. Shades of compensation, eh? And I bet he drives a big-ass SUV too; make him feel better about other … ehem … inadequacies.

Secondly, his horrendous language – the misspellings, the bad grammar, the malaprops! I’m used to reading papers by foreigners who boast about having english as their seventh language, but those papers contained less errors than this guy. Now I know that bad grammar is not supposed to detract from the validity of arguments, but that works only when the arguments are sound to begin with. His aren’t, and his bad use of the language only points to sloppiness. Eww.

And third, his incessant posturing. “I just got my copy of the Economist?” WTF? Are we supposed to be impressed that he knows how to read a magazine? It’s like they say, the loudest drum is the one thhat is empty. Methinks for all his bluster – which benign0 mistakes for intelligent opinion – the HPoS is just another empty drum that likes the sound of his own booming. 

But beyond all of these things, the biggest turn-off is that apparently, the HPoS is a COWARD.

Over at the FV post, the HPoS’ last response was timestamped 12:04 pm, at which point the coward said he was willing to debate Marocharim, but that he was going to eat (first).

Less than 15 minutes later, at 12:18, the Jester-in-Exile announced that Marocharim had fired the first shot. More than 2 hours later, still no word from the coward, although to be perfectly realistic about it, a two-hour lunch is pretty likely for government types.

Still, I don’t hesitate to call this person a COWARD. I don’t know yet about his mettle – all i’ve read from him so far doesn’t even measure up to the skills of the undergraduate debating teams I’ve jousted with – but about his character, I’ve very little doubt left.

Coming up to three hours now, and still no word. 

Haha. My guess is, he’ll start spouting around eight p.m., when everyone’s moved on to other things and fill the blogosphere with the sound of his chest-thumping. And he’ll be laughing his head off that people actually waited for him to show up in Dodge for the duel that never was.


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18 Responses

  1. be fair, rom… the thread’s still open.

  2. DJB Rizalist says:

    Hehe. No wonder they have a crush on you, girl! Wanna go for a ride on my Harley? We could go get rowdy at the Opus Dei convention GMA is attending. There’s a nice selection of cilices-mit-razor-vire on display.

  3. Marocharim says:

    I’m thinking no ropes 200-volt double hair double barbed wire double land mine glass-crush falls count anywhere death match now…

    the thread’s still open.

  4. Jen says:

    Hala, DJB!

    Line up first! LOL. The line’s getting pretty long already.

    Jester’s in charge of the queuing system 😀

  5. Jeg says:

    If memory serves, MLQ3 was first in line.

  6. Karl Garcia says:

    HP is back at FV,
    accomodating DJB,sumulpot ba sa debate.?

    (I will check myself)

  7. Karl Garcia says:

    Di na lang daw ,nasa blog na lang nya ang sagot ni kay Marck

  8. cvj says:

    I corrected him on the spelling of Jedi which to his credit he did, but then he comes back with “my fine young Paduas…”. Cringeworthy.

  9. now i do. his first reply was not even on the debate page.

    damn. there should be an easier way of getting them in the same thread.

  10. brianbro says:

    Ha ha ha. Give smoking a bad name, eh?

  11. Jen says:

    LOL cvj. I noticed that too. Marck even googled “Padua” and found St. Anthony de Padua LOLOLOL! Padawan pala.
    That guy from the Ateneo is a big phail.

  12. Jen says:

    btw, why do i always get the purple angry icon? ehehe

  13. my 7pm still moderated. hmph.

  14. midfield says:

    The ‘deployment’ of that huffing- and- puffing piece- of- s..t at FV is nothing but a testimony to the shallow bench GMA has Wonder what Press Secretary Dureza and Sec. Dodi Limcaoco think? Next thing you know they send in a back up in the form of this Liam character from the OP official correspondence office. You now have a totally pathetic pair of apologists. Mantakin mo, isang drafter ng letters, supplements and such. And these lapdogs are the types walking the corridors of Malacanang. We are really in deep shit.

  15. alced says:

    I speak as a student of the health sciences here, please quit smoking. That way, we’ll enjoy watching him die slowly of lung cancer or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease years from now.

    Oh, wait… He’s an elected official. He’ll have his fingers in the public coffers that can pay for decent pulmonologists and oncologists.

    Damn it all.

    Another stimulant then?

  16. rom says:

    jen: WP assigns wavatars at random. But once assigned, it follows you throughout various blogs on wordpress. 😀

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