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A technicality?

I can imagine benign0 as he wrote this comment, carefully ensuring the word ‘technicality’ is snuck in there. What that does is create the impression that I nitpicked without really meeting his arguments head-on. I beg to differ.

But again, to give benign0 his due, he does say:

Fortunately I make a bigger point regardless — that there are legitimate processes in place for GMA to pull the proverbial rabbit out of the hat, whatever the Law may be.

Why fortunately? Well, fortunately because if he didn’t “make a bigger point,” his entire argument would have fallen flat. UNfortunately for him, tho, the bigger point he says he made wasn’t even … well, the point.

Benign0 must have forgotten that I wrote:

It’s not so much the process that is objectionable, benign0, as it is the intended  beneficiary of the process that is so problematic.

Not the process. We all concede that Charter Change can be done legitimately. My problem with it is when charter change is used to extend GMA’s term. Well, actually benign0 does eventually get around to addressing that.

And the even bigger point I make is that, hey, why the fixation on GMA when there is no convincing evidence of a strong correlation between a sitting president and the prospect of ever seeing a prosperous Philippines?

I’ve said it before. The time has come to accept that an extended GMA presidency will just bring more opposition and undermine her capacity to get anything done. Her supporters can argue that she’s an excellent President until they’re told to back off (LOL!), but that doesn’t change the fact that far too many have been poisoned against her; it is no longer the popular position to be pro-GMA. And since our politicians are nothing if not totally slavish to popular opinion, you can predict with a high degree of certainty that an extended presidency for GMA will be pretty much paralyzed. I mean, just take a look at the past few years, fer crying out loud.

So, forget that the extension can be done legally, and just move on. Leave it alone. Let her finish her term and then begone with her! So, you see, benign0? It’s really not about a prosperous Philippines. It’s about a working government: one that isn’t bogged down by unrelenting attempts to unseat the President, by unceasing grandstanding, and by tireless sniping. Of course we all hope that with a government like that, prosperity will follow. But at this point, I’d be grateful for even just a little forward movement.

As for your repeated reference to FilChi, I wonder how that fits into this context. Are you saying that there’s nothing wrong with a crappy government? Hahaha.

How simple.

As an aside, here’s how arguing with benign0 works. Think of it as a field guide to Really Simple Argumentation.

Step 1: He sounds off with some outrageous motherhood statement about how crappy Filipinos are.

Step 2: Someone tries to engage him.

Step 3: He finds one or two passages in the response that he can respond to with more simplifications and motherhood statements. Ideally, he will also sneak in a plug for his website and then quote himself on some supposedly brilliant insight he says he had. But over-all, he ignores the points he cannot defend against. In fact, instead of meeting the argument head on, he often begins to slide into a different argument altogether.

Step 4: The same person tries to engage him again. 

Step 5: Repeat Step 3.



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6 Responses

  1. brianbro says:

    From troll to an FV celebrity. Enjoying your new status Benigs? You deserve it (no kidding).

  2. brianbro says:

    Sorry, the new handle is still me BrianB.

    I can be found here:

    Hope this personal blog lasts. I never have a thing for “online journals.”

  3. Bencard says:

    rom, i think i can relate to your observations about benigno’s argumentation techniques. i can point to a few other bloggers who use the same artifice but they are not that hard to see.

    that said, i think whether it is gma, de castro, villar, lacson, legarda or what not, there will always be “unceasing grandstanding” and “tireless sniping”
    by those who are on the outside looking in, and from bitter losers who just cannot accept that they are not the malacanang occupant. in the philippines, almost no election is ever conceded, every loser has been “cheated”, not defeated. i think political intrigue is a 24-hour pre-occupation of most filipino politicians and ideologues, using the weak and the ignorant as pawns and instruments to advance their nefarious cause.

  4. rom says:

    bencard: just because the next president might – in all likelihood – be subjected to the same crap, is no reason to hang on to someone who has – to be frank about it – had her chance. In fact she’s had one-and-a-half chances to make a difference.

    Now I agree with the concept of re-election, and would support an amendment to the constitution to make that happen. But I am leery of giving GMA another go. Among other things, I don’t think it would be worth the trouble.

  5. Karl Garcia says:

    No more Mr. Niceguy,
    GMA has to go at 2010!
    Bakit kailangan pang pagdebatihan,pero bakit nga ba nag indian si Highpriest.
    I have read most of the arguments,that remains unanswered,like.
    Why chacha now na?
    If it is not gma,would you still push for chacha,or something like that.

    Hey Rom,
    Ang dami palang me crush sa iyo.
    di na ako sasali baka makita ni misis ang comment ko,mahirap na.
    But from the pictures (of you)available, I say they all have good taste.

  6. Karl Garcia says:

    I stand corrected about the unanswered questions/claims;
    nasagot na pala ni HP dun sa isang post ni DJB.

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