I write better when I smoke. Don’t ask me to reduce it to a science.

Makes me want to quit

You gotta admire how frank the High Priest of Smokes is, when he says 

we are for the extension of PGMA’s term. We need her to continue what we’ve started and that is, create a society that promotes oligarchies. Plain and simple.

But his kind makes me want to quit smoking, if only to ensure that we have nothing in common.

On background, the High Priest takes pains to make it clear that he is an elected official and that he believes the governed are to be led like sheep by the governors. In the process, he makes no secret of his disdain for the writers over at FV.

Apart from his candor – which should be respected – I totally disagree with the High Priest’s world view. He writes:

You voted for us. You must trust your elected officials of the task that you reposed on us.

Ideally this would be true, except that we are never really 100% sure that the people in office are the ones who were voted for, are we? And isn’t that the root cause of all the shit GMA is currently wallowing in? I may subscribe to the belief that the legitimacy issue should not be allowed to paralyze government, but I am not blind to the consequences of the existence of that issue.

Precisely because GMA’s authority is considered illegitimate by some quarters, there is created a practical need to govern better than just satisfactorily. The leeway that people might be inclined to give to a president whose legitimacy is unquestioned is practically absent in GMA’s case. She must be more transparent, she must be more open to criticism, she must expect zero-tolerance for error, legal brinksmanship, and stupidity.

Elected officials who take refuge in Machiavellian truisms, in blind defiance of this reality, are just being moronic.

In any case, the mere fact that someone is voted into office does not negate the power of the voters to disagree with his decisions. This means that while we may have vested an elected official with the power to act on our behalf, we are not estopped from later on disowning his actions by voting him out of office. We don’t have to trust our elected officials forever; the most these people can expect is that we give them the benefit of the doubt – or come to think of it, that we should give OURSELVES the benefit of the doubt that we didn’t choose the wrong person.

This is what makes the High Priest’s statement

Like this charter change thing. People will never understand why we want PGMA to extend her term. Yes, I’m saying it here with all candor–we are for the extension of PGMA’s term. We need her to continue what we’ve started and that is, create a society that promotes oligarchies. Plain and simple. I don’t want to mince words. 

Come November, we will get what we want and people will just follow us. These ordinary people do not have the strength nor the will to oppose us. 

so heinous. It arrogates unto elected officials the power to select a President – a power that, under our system of government, should always be reserved to the people. 

This arrogance the High Priest manifests is totally unfortunate, since he raises several valid points: that criticism should be founded on something more than just the belief that we are right and the government is wrong; that under certain circumstances, the State is duty-bound to take unpopular actions for the good of the governed; and that government cannot function effectively in a fishbowl.  

The validity of these arguments will always be overshadowed by his megalomania, his contempt for the intelligence of the ‘ordinary people,’ and his apparent hard-on for authoritarianism.


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10 Responses

  1. midfield says:


    HP, whoever he, or she, really is, will be blown out of the water soon enough. The joker’s revelation of the 10-year term extension which Patricio, Jester and I have been discussing may be a trial balloon or in HP’s arrogance may have tipped Malacanang’s hand. Masusunog ito. Am posting a fuller piece in my blog. All the best to you ma’am. And don’t quit smoking, please. Love your writing. Honestly po it’s such a turn on, your intellect.

  2. […] pro-GMA card, much to the chagrin of my fellow FV contributors Pat Mangubat and Ding Gagelonia.  Rom, after reading the High Priest’s blog, almost quit […]

  3. BrianB says:

    This can be an agent provocateur you know.

  4. asus. i’m already tempted to ask nick for him to join in FV as a contributor. 😀

  5. Karl Garcia says:

    I was wondering how you would react with some one with smoke in their handle/alias with views like his..
    Now, I know.

  6. rom says:

    jester: of course you are. and of course he is entitled to his opinion, however extreme and unpopular it might be. as for being a part of FV, why not? After all, it takes all kinds to make a country – even assholes.

    Karl: nice to see you back in the loop. i have to admit, I was mighty pissed when i saw his handle. I mean, kee-rist. He even calls his blog the smoking lounge (as opposed to my smoking room). LOL!
    But this is the ‘net, dammit! and I don’t have a monopoly on the word, the handle, or the concept. So, everything’s cool. 😀

  7. Jeg says:

    jester: i’m already tempted to ask nick for him to join in FV as a contributor.

    What for? FV already has Bencard. Although I have to admit, HP is a lot more fun.

    rom: He even calls his blog the smoking lounge (as opposed to my smoking room).

    Back to the Almighty Muth’fuckin’ Hammer of God? 😀

    (And why are we assuming HP’s male? Sexists!)

  8. rom says:

    Jeg: hell no. I got prior rights! hehe. anyway, I think he’s male because, he wouldn’t be a high PRIEST if he were a female, would he? He’d be a priestESS. 😉

  9. alced says:

    I think he’s being ironic here, except he does not have an audience for whatever it is he is trying to start.

  10. […] did the right thing and afforded HPS a more dignified and rigourously-crafted, well-thought-out response. Ironically in smoke’s response comes a bit more clarity around what merit actually lies in […]

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