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Cristy once more

Well hell. It looks like Cristy Fermin has gotten her comeuppance

During the October 5 episode of the Buzz, Fermin accused Nadia Montenegro – her nemesis du jour – of giving birth to a bastard kid who she later pretended to adopt. Montenegro then filed a complaint with the MTRCB, calling the allegations lies.

ABS-CBN couldn’t wash its hands of the whole affair fast enough. According to ABS-CBN’s statement, Fermin was suspended from both her DZMM talkshow and the Buzz until the end of the year. A slap on the wrist, if you ask me. Especially since the statement itself said:

“It was deemed that Ms. Fermin did not conduct herself with due regard to social conventions and public morals. Her statements went beyond the bounds of decency as they involved innocent children who are not party to their personal dispute. Ms. Fermin’s statements violated the highest standards of professionalism and journalistic integrity.”

For going beyond the bounds of decency, she gets to go on vacation for two months?  How about for abusing her privileged position by using it to besmirch someone’s reputation baselessly – for the sole purpose of escalating their tit-for-tat word war? 

Cristy Fermin is a cretin. She shouldn’t even be given a microphone. But the thing with her, is she prolly has a lot of dirt on a lot of people. Kinda like J. Edgar Hoover did. And so, she is able to get away with these things with something very close to impunity.


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4 Responses

  1. brianbro says:

    (Sorry): life is a small town:

  2. off-white knight says:

    pffft. that’s so ABS-CBN, covering up their ass while they can.

  3. Karl Garcia says:

    Two months!
    What is that?

  4. Karl Garcia says:

    She can still write columns in various tabloids,maybe a libel case is next.
    another slap in the wrist.

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