I write better when I smoke. Don’t ask me to reduce it to a science.

Memo from the edge

I guess everyone knows that i’ve been dying to put up a self-hosted blog. The trouble was, I couldn’t bring myself to justify the expense of webhosting. So every now and then, I’d troll the web for free hosting. It was a shot in the dark, of course. There is no such thing as a free lunch after all. 

Anyway, after being woken up in the wee hours of the morning by some horrendous nightmare, I padded to my computer, fired ‘er up and typed in my pet search parameters. Lo and behold, I stumbled across a free web host that seemed to offer everything I wanted. Translation: Fantastico.

I eagerly signed up and in less time than it takes to say it, I was the proud owner of what looks like a TLD:

Digging into the cPanel, I immediately installed WP, and started tinkering around with themes and plugins and things. Unfortunately, my PC chose last night of all nights to imitate a tortoise, so I didn’t get much done. FTP transfers proceeded at a coma-inducing rate, and alot of files got lost along the way. Still, as the sun broke over the hills, I had a workable theme, a working side-blog, and the memory of the nightmare was slowly fading.  Work truly is the salve of the soul. I went off to bed with a sense of accomplishment. 

I woke up with mixed emotions. First, a sense of foreboding – a feeling of protracted indeterminacy – that the nightmare was far from over; and second, a defiant optimism as I looked forward to spending the day fiddling with my new blog. As I lay in bed, I wondered which one would rise to the fore during the day. Needless to say, I hoped that optimism would win out. 

Back to the PC I flew and hunkered down to the work of customizing the new blog. At first I just assumed that I would still call it smoke, but then I realized that I’d done that. From that cute little free-blogging site that I started on, and onto, I’d done SMOKE and didn’t fare too bad. I was ready to try something else.  And so Memo from the edge was born, being as how the last few months of my life had been devoted to memos which routinely drove me to the edge of reason, I imagined it was a perfect title for how I’ve been feeling lately.

I think of Memo as an experiment of sorts. And for the first few months, I’ll prolly be casting around for something to write about, apart from chronicling my entropy. Those of you who read me here are, of course, welcome to snoop around (LOL!) Memo. See you there. And here. And in the mall when you’re not looking. 😀 

Do I contradict myself? Very well, I contradict myself. I am large. I contain multitudes.

– Walt Whitman


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2 Responses

  1. beearl says:

    What do you think are the benefits of self-hosting? Just curiousl

  2. rom says:

    beearl: i was just thinking about that. hmmm. for one thing, self-hosted wordpress let’s you put all sorts of javascript on the page. strips javascript and you either have to make do with very simple and not so functional versions of certain widgets, or you go without.

    now that i’m thinking about it, the biggest come-on is really the ability to customize. Blogger has that, but my experience has been that it requires a lot of coding knowledge. With self-hosted wordpress, there are alot of shortcuts that still allow alot of customization without having to be extremely fluent with HTML or PHP.

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