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Redeem himself, McCain will?

After being pWnd by Dave, who caught him so totally red-handed, US Presidential candidate John McCain gets what most of us never do: a second chance. While the overarching question is whether McCain will be able to redeem himself – if not in Dave’s eyes, then at least in the voters’ – it’ll be very interesting to watch what sort of excuse he can offer up for ditching Dave in favor of Katie.

What makes this sidelight of the campaign so riveting for me is the fact that you don’t see this happening in our politics. I mean, can you imagine Manuel Villar being interviewed by any of our local hosts.

Boy Abunda: “So, Senator, do you think you’re sexy?”

Korina Sanchez: “Naku! Don’t try to criticize me, ever. I’m not afraid of you. And leave Mar out of this.”

Kris Aquino: “Uh-huh! In fairness, maganda ang skin ni Senator Villar. Parang kay nag Facial Centre! Bwahahahaha!”

Ted Failon: “So, ang sinsasabi nyo, kumita kayo sa pag-divert nung C-5 thank you Senator! Bye *klik!*”


I think one of the problems is that politcal humor  – or just humor in general – has never really progressed beyond slapstick hereabouts. We revel in stupidity and delight in grotesquerie. But do we ever use humor to force socratic honesty? When SNL scored media for their continuing lovefest with Barack Obama, media was embarassed into not fawning over him as much. Do we see that on local teevee? Hell no. That sort of thing takes a certain level of intelligence and chutzpah that our local funnymen just don’t have.


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2 Responses

  1. beearl says:

    McCain is grasping at straws. He knows his campaign is losing badly right now so he has had to reverse position on a few public image gaffes he has made recently.

    First was his condemnation of the racist and hateful comments coming from the crowds that he has worked up with his rhetoric of fear and hate. And second will be his appearance on Letterman. I hope Dave doesn’t grant him a free pass. The men have been friends in the past.

  2. rom says:

    beearl: let’s hope so. mesself, I’m really dying to see how dave will skewer him before he eases off. heh. remember how he owned paris hilton? LOL

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