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MYTH: Some mothers just can’t produce breastmilk. 
THAT’S BULLSHIT / MOSTLY FALSE / MOSTLY TRUE / GOSPEL-TRUTH: Almost all mothers can produce enough milk as long as they feed the baby as often as needed. The baby’s frequent suckling will stimulate further the production of breastmilk. The mother should use both breasts during feeding. They should also eat a balanced diet and get enough rest and sleep.

MYTH: Breastfeeding will cause the breast to sag.
THAT’S BULLSHIT / MOSTLY FALSEMOSTLY TRUE / GOSPEL-TRUTH: Breasts sag because of poor physical support during pregnancy and lactation. To prevent breasts from sagging, mothers can do breast exercises, and use a firm but comfortable brassiere. A nursing brassiere can be used during breastfeeding. 

MYTH: Small breasts produce less milk.
THAT’S BULLSHIT / MOSTLY FALSEMOSTLY TRUE / GOSPEL-TRUTH: The size of breast does not determine the quantity of milk. A mother can store enough milk, even if she has small breasts. Frequent suckling of the baby stimulates milk production. 

MYTH: The mother should not breastfeed when she is sick or tired.
THAT’S BULLSHIT / MOSTLY FALSEMOSTLY TRUE / GOSPEL-TRUTH: The baby will not suckle her sickness or tiredness. Whenever the mother is exposed to an illness or infection, her body makes the antibodies, and her milk contains antibodies to protect the baby.


Famous women who have breast fed


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  1. westmama says:

    I am a huge advocate of breastfeeding… but I do know that women can have SERIOUS problems producing enough milk for their children. I exclusively breastfed my son for 7 months and am still breastfeeding him and giving him some solid foods at almost 11 months. I plan on continuing to breastfeed him until 2 (or longer).

    I was fine until around 4 months, my supply took a nose dive, and it wasn’t just the normal fluctuations that happen when your milk supply goes from being hormone driven to supply/demand driven. I ended up with some severe postpartum hypothyroidism and anemia. My body stopped producing enough milk. I had a very fussy baby because I did not want to give formula or start on solids early. I did acupuncture and got on thyroid meds, both really helped. Now at 11 months postpartum I still have a very strong and healthy nursing relationship.

  2. cvj says:

    I’m not even going to ask.

  3. UP n grad says:

    There are many more issues with breast-feeding — e.g., arranging for a surrogate breast ( from another woman (can be one’s sister or cousin) ) to provide the breast milk to one’s child.

  4. rom says:

    cvj: the answer is yes.

  5. rom says:

    cvj: whoa! hold up. what was the question again? I might’ve answered the wrong one. LOL! Just to clarify, I put that picture up solely for purposes of solidarity with my sex. 😀

  6. Lana says:

    i never thought i’d see elle mcpherson, eleanor roosevelt and joan rivers in the same sentence (almost!)… but what the heck! LOL. pretty interesting post!

  7. cvj says:

    ok rom, thanks for the clarification. btw, i agree that your post above, i.e. promoting breastfeeding is a worthy-cause.

  8. midfield says:


    My own 2 kids. Felice, now 16, and Luis, 12 were both breast fed by their lovely mom. While she’s remarried, we’ve gone back to our best stage, being the best, very best, of friends. Mother’s milk, hands down, is tops. Pilyo is cvj, no 🙂 Good that you clarified in time, your admiers at FV, Marck plus Jester, were kidding each other night about that same pic lol. Stay well. 🙂

  9. Nice photo….What’s the issue again? Oh, breast-feeding. Okey.

    That’s relevant especially when tainted milk are being sold like candies. however, many people, some I personally know, are too busy with their careers that they forget being moms. yes, is there a mother’s milk bank that they can go to?

  10. rom says:

    Ding: what can I say? Boys will be boys, y’know. 😀

    Pat: Glad you liked it … the advocacy, I mean. 😉

  11. ding, you’re selling me out on an untruth 😀

  12. midfield says:


    There’s actually a method to madness the boys are displaying. I almost have the guys taking bets as to who will be able to finally make you surface when the FV guys eyeball. So far Jen alone has been joining us for Pat’s barbecue dinners at Gateway. But all in good fun given the common denominator, the other supposed smoker who first called you Mr. Smoke. Engot ba 🙂

  13. hehehe. well, thanks. i like the breast, err, feeding, if you mean. 🙂

    you did’nt answer my query though…do we have a breast milk bank? that would be helpful, especially for working moms….its also a potential business for those who have extra strong boobies with extra milk.

  14. cvj says:

    For us guys, we have a different kind of bank. Maybe we can put up an ‘FV’ brand.

  15. rom says:

    Pat: sorry I forgot to answer your question. I’m afraid we don’t have a milk bank. Mmmm. At least none that I’ve ever heard about. But I do know that some women are getting together to start one up.

    The group doesn’t have a name yet, but they’ve already rejected some of my suggestions, including “Udders for Humanity.”


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