I write better when I smoke. Don’t ask me to reduce it to a science.


And speaking of Cristy Fermin … did anyone catch her spilling the beans on Nadia Montenegro? Fermin claims that at some point, Montenegro got with child with no one noticing, not even her lover (wtf?).  She gives birth – Fermin gives the time and place … well, sorta – and leaves the neonate with a close relative. Two days later, the baby is returned to her, she goes home with it, and voila! presents it as an adopted child. 

Whoa. True or not, this made my afternoon.


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  1. cvj says:

    I can imagine Nadia Montenegro being one of the few who can pull that off.

  2. Bencard says:

    this fermin woman. who calls herself “journalist” is, among others, giving the “profession” a bad name. a libel convict, she has been found to make a living out of telling lies. the true professionals must found a legal way to stop this purveyor of falsehood, including not believing anything she says or writes and boycotting any t.v. “show” she participates in.

  3. pinoy4eva says:

    I for one agree with Bencard…
    Cristy Fermin is very unprofessional, you could totally see that she is cornered and just had to say something lowbackhanded awful thing to get out of it.

    I really do not like her .. They should bring back
    Kris Aquino, although very maarte, she is very professional and straight to the point.

    Not unlike Cristy, very shady person..

  4. JC says:

    Buong Pilipinas sinusuka na si Cristy Fermin. Di naman nakapagtataka. Mismong Lyceum of the Philippines, kung saan siya graduate, eh dinisown siya, nakalagay sa biography niya sa (pero may nag-edit out na yata nung info na yun sa site). Bakit ABS-CBN eh tanggap pa rin siya? Di siya matanggal dahil kay Willie Revillame?

  5. buzzfan says:

    cristy fermin should learn her lesson, everybody should join ms monetenegro on fighting for thee truth…CRISTY FERMIN BIG LIAR on abs

  6. bornagain says:

    Cristy Fermin seems to have a safety deposit box where she saves celebrities’ dark secrets and which she deviously uses to blackmail people. Yun ang puhunan niya sa trabaho niya. Makita niyo bang she is beaming with pride pag binubulgar niya ang mga eskandalo/problema ng mga artista? Tama si JC sa taas sa pagsabi na ang PROTECTION niya si Willie Revillame. Isa pa itong si Willie, image niya matulungin siya. Yes to some extent nakatulong din. Pero most likely dahil ito ang pumatok na image niya, na kumita. Power trip siya like Cristy. Nagpapatanggal ng katrabaho niya gaya ni Lara Q. He’s possessive sa mga female dancers at hosts. Kailangan binobola siya at sisipsip sa kanya. ABS CBN tolerate people like them because of the money they bring in

  7. honey says:

    itong si cristy fermin, hindi ko alam bakit hindi matanggal tanggal sa abs siguro nga kapit ni willie, pero marami ng nagagalit sa kanya, sana tanggalin na sya sa the buzz kasi mukhang cheap na talaga ito, unlike before nung nandun pa si kris aquino, who is very vocal and honest kahit na magiging pangit ang tingin sa kanya ng tao pero nagpaka honest pa din sya – remember her affair with joey marquez

  8. […] Borkum Riff Makes me want to quitChariceCristyAbout […]

  9. arlene says:

    Lahat ng nakausap kong pinoy dito sa Vancouver na nanunuod ng “the buzz” ay ayaw kay cristy fermin. Hindi ako fan ni nadia at hindi rin ako fan ni cristy. I just watch tfc every weekend..but we were so shocked cristy’s revelation about nadia…And wether it’s true or not, lahat ng nakapanuod nung interview na yon naawa kay nadia at sa mga anak nya…
    And we chorushed, “wala nga talagang budhi si cristy fermin!”

  10. arlene says:

    sabi ng kaibigan ko(tfc subscriber) kung ibabalik si cristy sa the buzz, hindi na sya manunuod nito…Sabi ko, ipoforward nalang natin kapag si cristy na ang magsasalita hehehe

  11. rom says:

    arlene: welcome to the smoking room! 🙂 kahit dito, marami rin ang sawa na sa ugali ni Cristy. Kaya siguro di nahirapan ang ABSCBN na isuspend sya.

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