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Ameril Umbra Kato


Umbra Kato is one impressive gnome. 

Beginning at 0:51, Kato denies the status of his unit as a lost command – claiming that his unit has not done anything contrary to his organization’s orders. 

At 2:15, Kato denies that he started the troubles in North Cotabato. He claims that soldiers and CAFGU attacked – unprovoked – MILF cadres in Aleosan (?). The attack, Kato claims, took place on July the first. That ought to be easy enough to verify, eh?

Anyway, Kato goes on to explain that the attack was clearly intended to drive them out. “Where do we go?” he asks. “We can’t go to Luzon or the Visayas.” All in all, he paints his actions as being grounded on a ‘defense of one’s home’ kind of theory. Of the military, he says “You are driving somebody from their own place. Terrorist yun!” Then he asks, how would you like it if we did the same to you?

Starting at 4:53, Kato draws a parallel between himself and the Prophet Muhammad. He says that the 10 million reward for his death or capture is simply an indication that the military has run out of ways to get him. The same thing, he said, happened to Muhammad for whose capture his enemies offered a hundred camels. Shades of a messianic complex?

Asked about the escalation of hostilities in Maguindanao, Kato mumbles something about how that had always been the President’s plan – to ‘invade’ Maguindanao under the guise of preventing the signing of the MOA-AD.

And that’s where part one ended.


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9 Responses

  1. What is disturbing about this video is his incorrigible nonsense of a child upon turning 10 years old is considered an adult according to his interpretation of Islamic faith.

    Then his rationalization that they cannot prevent a child if his father was killed by the military to exact revenge.

    He definitely has verbal communication problem and I am afraid he compensates it with his trigger happy disposition.

  2. Solly says:

    I thought that Commander Kato expressed himself reasonably well. He also used two languages —Tagalog and English — and the english sentences or phrases were well-formed. I dare guess commander kato is college-educated. And surely, he also has a 3rd language (to communicate with his soldiers).

    And notice that he denies that his is a lost command. In other words, he says that all his actions had been approved by MILF-central-command.

  3. Solly says:

    I’m surprised that he carries a 9-mm auto-pistol, though.

  4. rom says:

    GB: I didn’t catch the part about child soldiers.

    Solly: exactly. which makes the milf leadership dishonest. not a big surprise though, is it?

  5. BrianB says:


    Shy people.

  6. maybe you should join in the discussion over at FV.

    (it was this post that led me to put it up, by the way.)

  7. rom says:

    Jester: I’d love to contribute to the fray, but that discussion has been squirreled here there and everywhere that it’s giving me a nosebleed. Can you imagine that?! LOL! Besides, I’m not really inclined to give this Kato any more time than I’ve already given him. 😀

  8. that discussion has been squirreled here there and everywhere that it’s giving me a nosebleed.

    i know. i’m having a fairly hard time trying to engage a specific commenter who’s a fairly good tapdancer and doesn’t take me on head-on with the points i raise.

    i’m an engineer by training. parables go over my head. i’m literal like that 😀

    ah, well. such is the nature of the blogosphere.

  9. rolly says:

    what i have noticed is his karancho bodyguard. what karancho wants to the public to show. he wants to show to PGMA that karancho now is a member of the MILF???? HEHEHEHE

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