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Good God

Good god. I couldn’t believe it when I heard the news that Rufus Rodriguez wanted to pass a bill to prevent Manny Pacquiao from fighting Oscar de la Hoya. But apparently, it’s true. Egads. What a moron this Rufus be.

According to Rodriguez, the bigger de la Hoya would ‘kill’ Pacquiao, and that we had to ‘protect’ Pacquiao because he was a national treasure. So, he’s been leaning on the Games and Amusements Board’s Eric Buhain to cancel Pacquiao’s licence. In a sense, this hulking moron from Cagayan de Oro, wants to throw in the towel before the first bell has even sounded. Sheesh. Someone tell this loser he’s not even in Pacquiao’s corner.


Good god. Paul Newman is dead. One of the first grownup movies I ever watched was Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. I’ve had a crush on Newman ever since. With Butch Cassidy dead, and Rufus Rodriguez still around, i guess the morons now have a crushing numerical superiority over the non-morons.


God god. When we talk of people who’ve never fucked, we call ’em virgins. But once they lose their virginity, we call them non-virgins. Or not virgins. Methinks there should be a one-word antonym for ‘virgin.’ 

Some of the candidates that have been suggested so far: Torn (technically accurate for women only, so, I’m not sold); and Used (too politically incorrect). If you have better ideas, don’t be afraid to post ’em in the comments.


Good god. Tagalized versions of pop songs. Who the eff started this annoying trend. I remember one tagalized song from before – Sumpa Ko – that almost killed me the first time I heard it. I thought the fad had faded, but – as Niki – points out, things seem to have just gotten worse. On the other (perverse) hand, I truly loved the visaya version – Botete!

I mean, if we’re tagalizing to spoof, I really don’t have a problem with that. What really irks me is when the people who make these versions take themselves so fucking seriously that they actually try to pass it off as a real song. Still, I’d love to hear a tagalized version of ‘My Way!’ LOLZ

Good god. This melamine crap is getting out of hand, isn’t it? I mean, with products from China finding their way into nearly everything else all over the world, it’s easy to get paranoid. Seriously, this is like what? the third health-risk issue involving Chinese products? What the hell kind of oversight is operating over there? This is prolly one of the more insidious evils of free-trade. Sure, stuff gets moved around more easily, but so do health-risks like this. 

At the very least, if there’s anything good that can come out of this latest clusterfuck, it’s that maybe now, mothers will take a serious second-look at breastfeeding. Jen says breastfeeding is best for babies. I agree.


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15 Responses

  1. cvj says:

    There is no one word antonym for ‘virgin’ for the same reason that there is no one word antonym for ‘violence’. Both embody ethical concepts the opposite of which are seen as somehow threatening by the dominant segments of society. Nonvirgins are seen as a threat. Nonviolence is likewise seen in the same way.

    Haji Alejandro had some good tagalized songs during the 70’s. In fact i did not know there was an English version.

  2. rom says:

    cvj: since there isn’t a one-word antonym, let’s coin one! c’mon uncle! I know you’re up to the task!

    re Hadji – well that was certainly before the homogenization of culture,uncle. And, as you pointed out, you dint even know about the existence of the english version. but today, most everyone knows about the english versions and hearing the tagalog versions … well, it can be grating.

  3. Edrie says:

    I believe that this is a secret plan by the Chinese politburo in their quest for world domination: Flood markets with dirt-cheap goods laden with all of these substances that are going to be harmful in the long-term (such as lowering IQ points through lead) then invading the helpless populace. I may be a conspiracy nut but you’ll stop laughing once our Chinese overlords demand that we bend over.

  4. cvj says:

    Hmmm, not sure about that Rom. My handle is my initials (‘cvj’) precisely because i’m not good with coming up with names. Anyway, i think something along the lines of ‘experienced’ (nakaranas) could be an antonym for virgin.

  5. BrianB says:

    Edrie, that Jessica Zafra motto has run its course the first five minutes after she’s said it on her former talk whos. As if the domestic helpers are going to cooperate with our corrupt government, as if our foreign domestics could actully do such a cruel thing to their charges.

  6. BrianB says:

    ROM: Magdalene.

    Sliced, is good too:

    “My God, you told me you’re sliced but you’re a fucking virgin!”
    “Don’t be a moron, I just told you I’ve been with a man before. I didn’t let him penetrate”

    Conversation between Maggie Q (former Edison Chan GF) and me.

  7. BrianB says:

    For men: fucker.

  8. DJB Rizalist says:

    well here is one in German anyway: bruckenheimen.

    btw, better check out the comments of Primer Pangunuran –a much more comprehensive attack on RH than Paguia’s original.

  9. Marck says:


    I’ve been “translating” lyrics over at my own blog just for kicks. you may want to check em out and shoot me with the pink banana m16 LOLZ

    but would you really love to see a tagalized version of “my way?” i’ll take you up on it. 😀

  10. rom says:

    DJB: haha. first of all, that’s like torn – accurate only for women; second, OMG! that was like a joke that Adam told Eve and she told him it was an old joke! LOLZ

    Marck: hehe. go for ‘my way’, dude. and i’ll sing it!

  11. Solly says:

    Made-by takes second-place to made-in.

    Cadbury chocolate; White Rabbit… better trash those made-in-china packaged food and wait till the coast clears (like maybe two years from now).


    HONG KONG – A Cadbury spokesman says preliminary results show its Chinese-made chocolates contain the industrial chemical melamine.

    The spokesman said Monday it was too early to say how much melamine the chocolates contained.

    He declined to give his name because of company policy.

    Cadbury said earlier the tests “cast doubt” on the safety of its Chinese-made products but didn’t elaborate.

  12. Bencard says:

    rom, in what i think was a more polite society in not-so-distant past, “deflowered” was used as opposite of virginity. but then, it sounds like it also would not do for males. come to think of it “virginity” dosn’t seem, to me, as applicable to males anyway.

  13. rom says:

    bencard: the concept of virginity certainly applies to males, uncle. it’s just not that obvious.

    a friend of mind suggested “devi.” As in …

    “She’s no virgin. She’s a devi.” 😀

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  15. mike says:

    Congressman Rufus Rodriguez is seeking re-election in his district of CDO, Cagayan de Oro, Philippines and a situation has been brought to our attention that we want to inform him of.

    Rufus Rodriguez owns a rental property in CDO that he rents out to a American expatriot of questionable agendas, records and past. I highly doubt Mr. Rodriguez knows of the kind of people his house is harboring so have decided to inform both him and the internet community in hopes of enlightening the situation during this campaigning period.

    The American national currently residing in the house is one Gordon Elletson who goes by Gordy and posts on many internet forums using the name TexKano. Gordon Elletson is of a deffective mental state and is a admitted child abuser and basher of the Filipino populace. Please see link below of how Gordy Elletson , using his TexKano nic, admitted to hitting Xavier Madlangbayan with a cane and then proceeding to call the boys grandfather, Dr. Severino Madlangbayan, (who is seeking a city council seat in Iligan City) a banana eating monkey. Is this kind of elitest American truly the sort of expatriot that a elected Congressman wants to be connected to? Well Gordon Elletson seems to think the congressman loves him and will washover any mess he gets himself into. I find it hard to believe a elected congressman will forsake his constituents , who elected him, in a effort to protect a abusive foreign national.

    The second expatriot, now deceased, is one Randall Chester Goings who goes by Bubba and posted on net under nic Bubbabobbaker. This fellow had a lengthy criminal record which included multiple drug charges. Randall Goings was brought to the Philippines by Gordon Elletson where he lived , together with Gordy, in the proprty owned by Congressman Rufus Rodriguez of CDO, Cagayan de Oro. This property is located on 69 bong bongon street CDO and even before Randall Goings moved to such property he was allready posting perverted things all over the internet. One example of his perversions took place on a internet dating site where he searched for a 4′ tall bi-sexual and stated in his ad “the smaller you are the more I will love you”. Evan smaller than 4′? Yikes, Was he looking for a dwarf or a underaged girl?

    Anyway, I hope this message reaches Congressman Rodriguez and he can see below link for proofs regarding the accutations of the kind of expatriot he is harboring and who states the Congressman is protecting him. I feel the congressman has the right to know the facts in below link.

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