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McCain pWnd!

Hello! John McCain cancelled an appearance on Letterman at the very last minute, only to be found doing an interview with Katie Couric instead of ‘racing back to Washington’ like he told Dave. Pissed, Letterman ripped McCain a new one! LOL! 

Like Letterman said, the road to the Whitehouse runs right through him! With the kind of credibility the Clown Prince has, that sure wasn’t an idle joke.


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  1. B.E. Earl says:

    I watched this last night and he just kept getting more and more pissed as the show wore on.

    Too bad Obama wasn’t around to step in instead of Keith Olbermann.

  2. rom says:

    b.e. earl: i would be too, if anyone had done that to me. hahaha. and yeah, too bad obama wasn’t there, but olbermann sure played straight-guy perfectly!

  3. UP n grad says:

    From last night’s David Letterman show:
    “Here’s how it works: you don’t come to see me? You don’t come to see me? Well, we might not see you on Inauguration Day,” Letterman said.

    And this one :
    Letterman said McCain taking Palin to meet world leaders at the United Nations was like “take-your-daughter-to-work day.”

  4. Bencard says:

    it couldn’t have happened to a better joker. letterman has become too big for his britches and he is beginning to believe on his own political “power” or that he has it to begin with. who do these people think they are? are they convinced every american seeking office are at their beck and call only to be embarassed on their show? good for mccain and palin for not giving nbc the time of day. if this network knows what is good for it, it should get rid of the ultra lefist loonies in its payroll to whom “fair and balance” reporting and punditry, and, yes, even dry humor, are alien standards.

  5. UP n grad says:

    That was hilarious, though, the scene where make-up being put on ex-Navy flier and war hero John McCain (about to be interviewed by Katie Kouric) and David Letterman asking “Hey, John…. do you need a ride to the airport?”

    Yup…. the hero lied to the comedian comedian-late-night-host so he can instead be interviewed by the prettier Katie Kouric.

  6. BrianB says:

    Letterman is CBS and so is Katie Couric.

  7. Bencard says:

    i know that brian but i observe that all 3 “mainstream networks, led by nbc, along with ny times, wash post, l.a times, etc, are generally left-dominated. msnbc takes the cake among the cable networks.

  8. cousinavi says:


    The point has nothing to do with Letterman thinking he holds any great degree of power (well, except for within the CBS organization) regarding politics in America. You might recognize that Dave makes his living telling jokes…you know, being funny.
    In any case, the POINT, is that McCain’s stated reason for ditching the scheduled appearance (and allegedly suspending his campaign) was that he HAD to RUSH IMMEDIATELY back to Washington – the economic crisis needed his expertise; McCain was putting country first!
    What a load of total horseshit.
    First of all, McCain has NOTHING to do with ANY of the relevant committees concerned with the economy, OR with hammering out the terms of the bailout.
    By his own admission on more than one occasion, McCain knows little or nothing about the details of how the damn economy even works – “I need to be educated.” One wonders what expertise or assistance old Senator McMumblefuck might bring to the table in the first place.
    But to find out that the lying fucker is sitting in an interview across the hall with Katie Couric? Well…I guess getting the fuck back to DC wasn’t quite as urgent as McCain CLAIMED, now was it?
    As for your take on the MSM being a nest of liberal bias, that’s a favoured GOP bit of bullshit. IF the MSM were anything of the sort, they would have stopped presenting McCain’s lies, distortions and sleazy bullshit as merely something on the order of, “The McCain campaign asserts…”, or, “John McCain takes a contrary view…” and start calling his lies what they are: LIES.
    Nevertheless, since fucking NIXON, we’ve been hearing this bullshit that “the media” is somehow biased against the neocon, ultra-right administration…we hear it despite the fact that they have degenerated into little more than a fucking propaganda wing of the BushCo government.
    Were they remotely as you cast them, the lies foisted on the public to justify the war in Iraq would have been exposed long before it was a fait accompli.
    Go chug some more Karl Rove milkshake…and while you’re at it, haul your stupid, myopic head out of your ass.

  9. Bencard says:

    your should be writing for matthews, oberman or maddow. if only your could be a little more original. or, if you are a male, you could try joining “the view” for gender diversity. i’m sure they will all like your language and choice of obscenities.

  10. Solly says:

    to cousinanvi: Your sentiments are ill-conformed. Senator McCain also showed great appreciation for what America — as a result of this latest crisis for opportunity to change it. We don’t have to second-guess obsessive partisanship and I would hope that’s the case.

  11. […] himself, McCain will? Posted on 13 October 2008 by rom After being pWnd by Dave, who caught him so totally red-handed, US Presidential candidate John McCain gets what most […]

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