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The politics of outrage

Panfilo Lacson is just taking a page out of McCain’s playbook. That’s all it is, really. He’s capitalizing on outrage because outrage lands him on the front page of newspapers; it gives him the kind of free air-time that Manny Villar needs to buy; and it hood-winks the Filipino voter into thinking he is some sort of moral crusader out on a mission to clean government up.

But not only that. He is also capitalizing on the outrageous. I mean, what could be more outrageous than two appropriations for what seems to be the same project? In a country already convinced that all government officials are out to steal money, the implication is plenty obvious. Lacson just connected the dots. Too bad, tho’ that he didn’t wait until Lehman folded.

Imagine that. On the same morning that our headlines are blaring the news about the demise of Lehman and the inevitable repercussions on our already limping economy, Lacson reveals the double-appropriation. OMFG! The double appropriation becomes infinitely more sinister as it is juxtaposed against the country’s dire financial straits!

Never mind that he had every opportunity to catch this double-appropriation before the budget was passed. It’s kinda like knowingly leaving the window open and then complaining that someone forgot to close it. Lucky for Lacson, that sort of intellectual dishonesty isn’t nearly as outrageous as the idea of a road being built.

Oh well. Lacson got what he wanted anyway, didn’t he?


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2 Responses

  1. Bencard says:

    why the comparison of lacson with mccain? when and how did the latter ever capitalize on “outrage”?
    if you are referring to obama’s association with the likes of ayers, dorn, farrakhian, resko and, of course, revs. wright & pleger, this outrage has a life of itself and mccain has nothing to do with that.

    i think mccain has maintained and is maintaining a high level campaign. if at times he is forced to be negative, it is in self–defense.

    on the other hand, i don’t think lacson can ever become president simply by pointing out that everyone else is evil. he would be judged on his own quality, integrity, competence or the lack of them.

  2. rom says:

    bencard: uncle, McCain’s campaign made a big deal about the supposed mistreatment of Palin, painting the Obama campaign as being outrageously sexist. After that, McCain lambasted Obama for allegedly supporting moves to teach kindergarten kids about sex and for supposedly calling Palin a pig with lipstick. Both attacks are clearly calculated to cause outrage among the voters – outrage against Obama – because an objective look at both attacks show obvious misrepresentation.

    The sex-ed Obama was supporting was for age-appropriate instruction, meaning that kindergarten kids would obviously not be taught about sex in its salacious sense. And as for calling Palin a pig with lipstick, Obama wasn’t even talking about Palin (and her lipstick joke) when he said those words.

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