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Election fever

Everybody has a gimmick.

I really only noticed the gimmickry when I first started seeing Manny Villar’s teevee ads about bringing OFWs home. It was pretty ironic because earlier that week, Villar had filed a bill – or something – calling for a revamp of premature campaigning laws. I mean, how was that for hypocrisy? LOL! Apparently, the fish-monger wanted to get his licks in before what he ws doing became illegal. That would give him a leg up on other candidates, fer sure!

Gordon, in turn, wasn’t content with capitalizing on the typhoon victims, he made a mountain out of a molehill with the automation of the elections in the ARMM. At least in his own mind. LOL! His slack-lipped face was slobbering every camera that strayed in his direction, virtually french-kissing the lens in his effort to project himself as the Daddy of automation. Trailing in his wake – the way little scum sucking fish trail after big fat whales – was Etta Rosales, so desperate to establish herself as a serious Senatorial contender, she was practically begging media to listen to her talk. Now, Gordon never really impressed me, so his piggy-backing antics on election automation wasn’t all that disappointing. But Etta, come ON, ma’am! This politicking is so beneath you. Or at least it was beneath the firebrand I used to be so enthralled by.

Now, it’s Ping Lacson‘s turn. However, while Ping’s issue is legit enough, the inescapable conclusion is that he is merely politicking. Notwithstanding the loser Lito Banayo’s relentless spinning of this issue, the fact remains that this would have been a non-issue had it not been for Ping cashing it in. 

And quick as quick, Korina Sanchez wades into the fray – a proxy for her groom-in-waiting. Looking at it all with a critical eye, this ‘road to nowhere’ mess is starting to look like a feeding frenzy with the erstwhile leading potential presidential candidate as the chum. If I said ‘chump,’ well, that wouldn’t be too far off the mark either.

It’s election fever, folks. That’s all it is.


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