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An alternative Alternative

Don’t get me wrong. I think Filipino Voices is rocking, and I will keep on posting there too. But there are just some things that don’t fit in that arena.

“ is a collaborative blog of Filipino bloggers. Focusing on politics and society, especially in areas of human rights and civil rights.”

See what I mean? Filipinos don’t just talk about politics and society (at least not the kind of ‘society’ implied by having the word tagged on to ‘politics,’ if you catch my drift). We talk about food too, and concerts, and gadgets and our lives.

One could argue that that’s what personal blogs are for. True enough. But FV does something else besides aggregating political blog posts: it gives people who don’t otherwise blog the opportunity to be heard in the blogosphere. Take benign0 for instance. Sure he had a website, but that’s not exactly a blog, and he mostly just commented on other people’s blogs. Being on FV has made a blogger out of him, and now people comment on his posts as well. The same is true of Bencard. And I’m sure even cvj watches movies from time to time.

Given my recent fey mood, I got it into my head that it’d be nice to have a blog that lets other people be bloggers as well – without making them feel that they need to write about politics. Hence, speed blogging.

Of course, those who already blog will be welcome, and maybe this can be like a more expansive kind of Twitter for them; or as Forrester would have put it (in that movie Finding Forrester?) “Blogging is the main course. This is dessert.” Or even maybe something like a break from ‘serious’ blogging – kinda like ‘The Road to Gandolfo‘ was for Robert Ludlum.

BTW, the name speed blogging comes from ‘speed dating‘ – which basically involves a girl and a guy ‘dating’ for about five minutes before moving on to another partner, all within the same venue. The idea is to get as wide a sampling as possible of what’s available, and then to decide which ones have potential. In the same way, the mini-posts on this blog will allow you to sample what the various authors (assuming other people decide to join this little kibbutz of mine) have to offer the reader. Naturally, the mini-posts can also be conversations between and among authors.

So, if you want to join, get a wordpress account, then send me your email address. Just fire-off an e-mail to romsedona(at)yahoo(dot)com, tell me what you want your username and password to be, and I’ll hook you up.



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2 Responses

  1. J says:

    Wow. I love Ludlums’s Gandolfo and Omaha 😀

  2. marocharim says:


    I write long entries in an hour, is that speed blogging? 🙂

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