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Rats don’t turn the other cheek

So the Ilaga are back, eh? Now everyone is in a tizzy – scared shitless at what a group of people, operating on the same rules as the MILF, can accomplish. That’s the key concept there, y’see: “operating on the same rules as the MILF.”

For too long, the MILF have been handled with kid gloves by the authorities. On the one hand, the politicians have bungled the game and the armed forces have been bound by the rules of civilized warfare.  On the other hand, the bandits of the MILF have pretty much operated as they saw fit: killing indiscriminately when the mood takes them, snatching up people for ransom, beheading people they  don’t like. It begs the question, why the fuck is the military bringing knives to a gunfight?

The answer is simple: they’ve got no choice. The MILF operate beyond the pale of the law; to pursue them into that territory (thereby going extralegal themselves) will deprive our regular forces of moral authority. This adherence to form is very important in this world where a single misstep by the army is touted endlessly as a mortal offense against human rights, the law, and common decency by the very same people who keep as quiet as mice against the MILF.

The MILF , naturally enough, make full use of this necessary restraint. They kill and loot and burn with impunity, secure in the knowledge that if one of them kills a kid, it’s called the misfortune of war; but that if one of them is killed, it’s a human rights violation.

Hopefully, the Ilaga – or even just the threat of their resurgence – will make these bandits think twice. Sure, it’s the Christian thing to turn the other cheek, but when both cheeks are bruised and bleeding, where else do you turn? You turn to yourself; you help yourself; you defend yourself.

This is how we all feel, isn’t it? That’s why we say things like sobra na, tama na. Is it surprising then that some people in Mindanao will feel the same way? We don’t lift a finger as they are being victimized, and yet we howl with outrage when they refuse to be victimized. … the hell is that?


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4 Responses

  1. BrianB says:

    They may not be as crazed and as effective as before. REFORME Ilagas? What are they, on a diet?

  2. Noel says:

    The MILF has been pleading with Malaysia to keep the Monitoring Team for an obvious reason. The MILF leadership knows that it can not defeat the troops of the Republic of the Philippines. The MILF can even double the number of troops under its command and still, the MILF can not defeat the troops of the govt-Pinas. MILF can cause havoc and destruction as Bravo and Kato have already done, but still, the MILF can not defeat the troops of the govt-Pinas.

    And if, tomorrow, the tables get topsy-turvy and MILF becomes the military that is in charge of keeping the peace in Mindanao, then the MILF will be besieged by RATS in a war that the MILF can not win.

    Interestingly, the MILF is already defeated All-out-war is an option that the MILF would not want to pursue.

  3. Who will protect the Filipino if the govt is weak? The MILF will not. The Ilaga will. There are no rules for survial when there is an attack by dogs.

  4. anti_M says:

    Ilaga is the the medicine to MILF mindless acts. MILF are a bunch of cowards. They can’t even fight a mere hand to hand combat. Bayot!!!

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