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Crazy 8s

Get rid of the ‘8’ plates?

Not on your life!

If we got rid of the 8’s, how do we know if the big-ass SUV pulling into the motel driveway isn’t some Congressman on his way to a night of fornication?

If we got rid of the 8’s, how do we know if the red light running Jag isn’t the Lawmaker from some  impoverished district totally ignoring the Law?

If we got rid of the 8’s, how do we know if the reckless sonuvabitch we’re itching to flip the bird at isn’t some trigger happy congressman’s relative?

All in all, I’d rather see the 8’s because it lets us know who the villain is that’s annoying the crap out of us. The 8 in flagrante delicto provides me a focus for my anger, and adds another notch to the running total of offenses perpetrated by elected officials. More to the point, it lets me know which vehicles to watch out for – both to catch them in some malfeasance, and also to avoid them.These creepy Congressmen – and their creepier spawn – do tend to think that they are God’s gift to women. Ewewewewewewewew.

On a less jocular note, what will abolishing the 8’s actually achieve anyway? As a noted blogger recently pointed out, the motorcycle escorts will still be there; the chase vehicles will still be hovering like flies on poop; and the attitude will be as rancid as ever.

The sense of entitlement – and the arrogance that goes with it – doesn’t originate from the plate. It comes from the natural predisposition of the person behind the plate, and the position of power he occupies, no matter how vicarious.


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