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Anyone surprised?

We got bupkiss in the Beijing Olympics. But seriously, is anyone surprised?

Now, we’ve got a politician promising to give a privilege speech on the subject. Again, is anyone surprised?

And the athletes who will come back empty-handed won’t really be asked to account for themselves. We will instead welcome them home and praise them to high-heavens for trying their best. Anyone surprised?

In the meantime, what’s happened to Tibet? We seem to have forgotten all about that, haven’t we? That ain’t no surprise.


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  1. UP n student says:

    And one should not be surprised if next month or the month after some people begin to say that Pinas needs a much much more authoritarian Malacanang and that Pinas doing a China over its people will be worth it for the economic progress that will follow.

    Having only one state-approved religion, having an internet firewall over Pinas and needing government approval before being able to migrate from province to city will be a small enough inconvenience.

    And coaches and athletes who did not win an Olympic medal will have to explain themselves.

  2. rom says:

    UP n: do i detect a note of sarcasm, uncle? LOL! I think the small inconvenience of having to wait two years before you can choose your employer is nowhere near the same situation as being locked down in an authoritarian state.

    As for coaches and athletes who don’t win Olympic medals, they can ‘account for themselves’ by simply quitting; instead of blaming the loss on this or that and retaining their cushy jobs.

  3. Noel says:

    So here comes the 2012 Olympics, and already we are alerted by the Brits not to expect unanimous patriotism nor a cooperative media people. Their TELEGRAPH says :
    Britain’s eight-minute window of opportunity to invite the world to London 2012 as the breathless BBC commentators put it. And guess what? We blew it spectacularly.
    . . . .
    the horror of the raddled, sweat-drenched face of Led Zeppelin lead guitarist Jimmy Page, his snow-white hair unwisely tied back in a horrid little pigtail as he thrashed out the celebrated riff of Whole Lotta Love.

    . . . both he and Leona were virtually inaudible and all the palaver about toning down the song’s famously filthy lyrics was unnecessary because you couldn’t hear them anyway. The sound resembled a badly tuned transistor radio in a tin bucket.

    So doesn’t it look like the UK could have used some censorship so the inane commentary from the Telegraph could have been stopped in its tracks?

  4. Jay says:

    Its so sad that we got “butata” Zip” nada, zeror, ziltch! from the Beijing Olympics. I hope i live to see the day that day we would get that elusive gold! how is it possible with so much pool of people, that we cannot get this one person who can win our first GOLD?? its so mind buggling!

    Im tired of blaming the government , our sports programme ( they really suck ) at this point….i just want God to give us that special person who will win that GOLD straight up , with pure talent. ( dont tell me Pacquiao..we need more than Pacquiao. ) Pls LORD let us see the day.

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