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How much am I making today?

Not to sound too mercenary, but the question of how much money we’re going to make by coming to work today – National Heroes Day – has been causing some confusion around the office. So, here’s what I know:

The Department of Labor and Employment’s MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. 01(8 March 2004) says that “For regular holidays as provided for under EO 203, as amended by RA 9177 (which includes: New Year’s Day – January 1; Maundy Thursday – Movable Date; Good Friday – Movable Date; Araw ng Kagitingan – April 9;
Labor Day – May 1; Independence Day – June 12; National Heroes Day- Last Sunday of August; Bonifacio Day – November 30; Eidul Fitr – Movable Date; Christmas Day – December 25; and Rizal Day – December 30) the following rules will apply:

If it is an employee’s regular workday – and the employee doesn’t come to work, she gets 100% of her pay. If she comes to work, however, she gets 200% of her pay for the first 8 hours, and in excess of that, she gets plus 30% of her hourly rate for that day (which means, as adjusted by the 200% modifier).

On the other hand, if it is an employee’s rest day – and the employee doesn’t come to work, she still gets 100% of her regular pay. But if she comes to work anyway, she gets plus 30% of 200% (the plus 30% on top of the 200% premium being a kind of ‘reward’ for being such a brown-noser. LOL!). Any work done on top of the first eight hours gets her an additional plus 30% of her hourly rate for that day! That’s a lot of money.


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