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And so abs-cbn starts to reap the fruits of the kidnapping.

ABS-CBN aired the videos late Sunday in a documentary titled “Kidnap,” partly to help police on Jolo island identify the kidnappers of news anchor Ces Drilon and two cameramen, who were released last month after ransom amounting to millions of pesos was paid.

Excuse me? They aired the videos to help the police? What the hell kind of bullshit is that? They aired the video because it helps their bottom line to do so. Please. How could airing the video help the cops? Were they supposed to tape the airing – complete with commercial breaks – so they could have something to go on in their hunt for the kidnappers? I’m willing to give abs-cbn the benefit of the doubt and assume that they showed this footage to the cops as soon as possible. And they should’ve stopped there. But in their arrogance, the abs-cbn bosses just had to claim noble motives to mask the mercenary underpinnings of this airing, didn’t they? What a load of crock.


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  1. glenville says:

    which makes me wonder – what kind of thought process allows one to continue taking ‘secret footages’ during a terrifying captivity? bravery, nobility or journalistic greed?

  2. Bencard says:

    one of my bigget beef against abs-cbn is its propensity to make itself “the news” more so than to tell the news. thus, a usually glorified and dramatized account of the exploits of its personnel (with a token mention of the latter’s indiscretions), e.g., wowowee stampede, manila pen debacle, the querubin misadventure at camp aguinaldo, and now this.

  3. jack says:

    Poor Isnaji’s. They’ve been victimized by Abs-Cbn to get media profits. Obviously they are innocent but Ces was told to implicate them to repay the ransom money the ABS-CBN paid for her release…or was it Loren who paid all the ransoms? If it was Loren, then the ABS-CBN got only profits…they dont really care about Ces’s life….But worst of all…they bit the hands that save them ( Isnaji’s )….shame on us filipino…

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