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Miss Universe

“Actually, God made men and women different. But the big difference between women and men–it doesn’t matter what kind of life they live–is that men think that the faster way to go to a point is to go straight. Women, no. The faster way to go to a point is to go through curves and fixing every curve,”

Oh wow. That’s what won her the Miss Universe crown. It makes me sad to think that this Universe is represented by such pseudo-profundity (Still, credit where credit is due, she’s waaay better than that Ms. Carolina chick, and she didn’t bomb like our very own beauty-queen-what’s-her-name). I swear, the other Universes must be laughing at us. Ah, but then, what do I know, having myself never strayed far from this little blue-and-white marble.

Corny universe jokes aside, tho’ my main complaint about the Miss Universe pageant – and what makes it so hypocritical – is that it pretends to celebrate women when in fact it is nothing more than a physical contest: a BEAUTY pageant (stop rolling your eyeballs, gentlemen). You can talk all you want about scholarships and charities and what not. The fact is, the whole thing still revolves around how one woman looks, how hot her body is, and how good she is at flirting with the judges and the audience. Hell, they threw that question-and-answer portion in there just to mollify the feminists. But a token nod to the importance of intelligence is just as bad as totally ignoring it altogether. Ignoring intelligence as a factor would, in fact, be more preferable for being more honest.

Don’t misunderstand me. I mean, the way I see it, if it were treated strictly as a contest of looks, there’s really nothing wrong with that. Humans are competitive – we constantly strive to outdo each other – have for centuries. Physical perfection is, to be frank about it, just another field we can compete in.

The problem is, we don’t exactly live in equal-opportunity times. Like it or not, women are disadvantaged today and in so many ways, the most insidious of which is that women are judged by their looks alone. Beautiful women don’t need to be smart, so the conventional idiocy goes, therefore beautiful women need not be considered or thought of as intelligent; Ugly women are smart, but who wants to talk to a homely bitch?

The pageant simply reinforces this troglodytish concept of the value of a woman being inextricably linked with her physical appearance. A woman, according to the Miss Universe pageant, has to be extremely beautiful, very sexy in skimpy clothing – and by necessary implication, naked – graciously mannered and able to make everyone else feel smart. The sad part is, you go to Makati on any given day, and 8 out of 10 women you meet there will prolly agree with you – very certainly not in any explicit way, but in the way they actually live their corporate lives.

I seriously think we traded down. Blame it on my asian bias or whatev, but I think Riyo Mori is hotter’n hell while Dayana Mendoz just looks like a trophy wife gone lush.

Having said all that, do I want the Miss U pageant abolished? Hell no!

Like I said, physical competitions are healthy and they are a part of human nature. So my thought is, either return the Miss U to it’s old concept of being strictly a BEAUTY pageant – in which case there’ll be nothing to distinguish it from wet t-shirt contests – or maybe change the criteria around so that meaningful service to community or country gets to contribute a significant percentage to the final ranking.


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4 Responses

  1. cvj says:

    I agree with you 1000% on Mori.

  2. Bencard says:

    i guess beauty pageants remind us guys of the halcyon days when women were women and men were men and those in-betweens were in hiding (lol).

  3. jennb16 says:

    As a Filipino woman, how much did I cringe when I saw who was chosen to represent our country? And when I youtubed her horrendous Q&A, this was the first comment I saw:

    “you got the terrible english in the world. i am surprised you won! but i love your outward looks though! i’m still proud of you!”

    Sigh. Epic fail.

  4. christine says:

    just to clarify, you used an image of Korean singer Nam Gyu-Ri instead of Riyo Mori

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