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Popularity shouldn’t cut the cheese

A lot of people rhapsodize over the losses sustained by artistas in the last election; pundits – even those who ought to know better – were quick to praise the ‘maturity’ of the Filipino voter.


The Filipino voter merely traded one kind of celebrity – the showbiz kind – for another – the political kind. And even that was only possible because the political celebrities deliberately used showbiz-esque tactics to make an impact on the masses.

If the Filipino voter were truly mature, people like Chiz Escudero would never have won. Or Sonny Trillanes. After all, what doe these people bring to the table aside from their tried and tested ability to orate in mellifluous monotones and throw tantrums?

And now Escudero is contemplating a run at the presidency in 2010? Come ON.

His is one of the blankest records in Congress; he made Senator solely on the strength of his anti-Gloria posturing; and now, before he has even done anything significant in the Senate – apart from introducing slim fit jeans into the plenary session hall – he’s gunning for the highest office in the land? On what fucking grounds? Quite possibly, the fact that he was number 2 ranked. What a shitty world.

This is proof that even as these politicians masturbate each other – and the civil society types – about how they’re riding the wave of a mature vote, they don’t really believe in what they’re saying. Popularity still counts as the highest good in this political arena, and substance ranks maybe 36th.

Don’t get me wrong, popularity is important. But in a situation – like Chiz’s – where popularity makes up 95 to 99% of the politician’s appeal, isn’t it fair to ask the politician whether he doesn’t feel like he’s shortchanging the nation? It’s kinda like a salesman selling you a vacuum cleaner he knows won’t suck up much dirt but looks good doing it. However way you cut it, it’s a cheat.


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3 Responses

  1. Bencard says:

    rom, it seems that in the philippines, mediocrity and popularity are the essential ingredients of winning elections. leaders with brains seldom attain popularity. voters tend to go for the candidate most like themselves – underachievers.

  2. […] or “The problem with elections is that the electorate elects idiots”, see smoke and Verisimilitude), and reminds me of something I brought up when Adrian Cristobal died: the […]

  3. haykoo says:

    That Cheese be up to no good, i tell ya!
    Ambition fueled by nothing but ambition is very dangerous.
    And this guy stinks of it, pretty much like his namesake.

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