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Take a dump

This latest round of the Dump Wars has truly got me shaking my head – to shoo off the flies that have been buzzing around our street because of uncollected garbage. And it’s resurrected an idea I had when I was a wee bit younger.

Tomorrow, I’m going to petition our barangay to start a recycling center. It’s not that difficult and there are a bunch of kids hanging around the basketball court all day doing squat, so they might as well earn a little living.

So, just in case anyone out there is interested in starting up a recycling project in their neighborhood, this is what I’m going to do.

First off, I’m going to go talk to the junk shop not too far from my neighborhood and ask them:

  • what sort of stuff they take;
  • when the best time is to bring stuff to them; and
  • how much they’re going to pay me.

This’ll prolly take me a day, considering that there’s other stuff I need to do. Once I get the details, I can set collection targets that’ll allow me to share the money from the junk shop with the people I’m gonna get the recyclables from.

Second, I’m going to start on a door-knocking campaign. A simple and straightforward announcement to my neighbors that I’m gonna start a recyclables collection route; Tell ’em what I’m after – paper, aluminum cans, and PET bottles. I’m going to stay away from metals.

Third, I’m going to talk to the out-of-school kids in the neighborhood to help me in exchange for a bit of cash. I’m gonna call them eco-warriors, so its fun. I don’t wanna violate child labor laws, so it’s prolly better if I do this through the barangay or SK in my area. But the idea is, the kids can knock on doors and collect the recyclables. If there are too many recyclables, they can come to the collection point and get help from the bigger kids and their bicycles. Kids who bring in recyclables can have the recyclables traded for cash. Share efforts equals shared pay-offs.

Fourth, I’m going to set-up a collection point where my eco-warriors can bring their recyclables. That’s where my one and only vehicle will be waiting to chug off and bring stuff to the junkshop. The recyclables get traded for cash, and the money goes to the payment of my eco-warriors the following day.


Sounds all sunny, doesn’t it. LOL! I suppose it does, and I know I’m gonna run into all sorts of trouble trying to make it happen. But I’ll do the SWOT analysis later. With this, as with all things, it’s important above all else to just get started doing it.


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